New Student (YoonMin)


There are two parts to this. Jimin is new to this school and since he went inside he has been looking for the only person he knows. YoonMin how are

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Ver. Two

Park Jimin is the new kid, sanding in front of the school, his first day, and he’s excited and he won’t let his nerves show one bit.

Jimin walks up to the building, taking a deep breath before throwing the door open. The loud sound made everyone turn their heads only to see a boy they have never seen before then again it’s not like everyone knows everyone, okay maybe some students knew everyone.

Jimin ignores the stares, the whispers and just walks to the office, when he got his schedule he asked the lady where his first class was but the woman stayed silent and gave him a piece of paper that was a map of the school. Jimin tried to use the map but it didn’t help and he even got more lost, somehow he found his class but he knew he was 20 minutes late. Jimin knocked on the door and was about to knock again when the teacher opened the door with a small smile on her lips.

Miss Lee:“you must be Jimin, the new student”


Miss Lee:“great, I’m assuming since it’s your first day you got lost and if not, well you get the one-time-pass for being late to my class”

Jimin:“thank you”

Miss Lee:“come in and introduce yourself” She opens the door more and walks away from the door and gets to the front of the room.

Miss Lee:“class we have a new student today” Jimin walks in, standing next to his new teacher.

Jimin:“hey my name is Jimin, I like to read and write when I have nothing to do” Jimin looks around and only sees two empty spots next to each other.

Miss Lee:“It’s nice to meet you and your seat is that one in the back but not the one near the window since it’s taken already” Jimin nods and walks to his shared desk.

1 Hour Later

The bell rings but no one moves which confused him since to his old school the students would just get up and leave, good thing he was planning to leave last.

Miss Lee:“since I already told you everything you may leave” with that everyone gets up, leaving. Since Jimin’s map didn’t seem to do it’s job he just goes where most of the students seem to be going. When he got to the cafeteria he didn’t waste a second on throwing the doors open.

Every table but one got quite, the table where the cheerleaders sit with the basketball players. There Jimin saw him, the one he has been looking for, who has a girl on his lap, so he walks up to the table, no one noticed him until he covered the mint haired one’s eyes with his hands, glancing at the girl on his lap, she frowns but doesn’t say or do anything.

Jimin:“guess who it is”

Yoongi:“hmm I don’t know, maybe Jungkook” he says playfully.

Jimin:“nope, you get two more tries”

Yoongi:’let me see, these hands feel like Jin’s” he says as he puts his hands on Jimin’s.

Jimin:“no, one last try”

Yoongi:“well then, that only leaves my one and only Jimin” Jimin lightly pulls Yoongi’s head back, leans down, and gives him a sweet, short kiss one the lips.

Jimin:“correct” Jimin said as he pulled away, removing his hands, letting Yoongi see him. Without looking away from Yoongi, Jimin pushed the girl off of Yoongi and sat on his lap.

Jimin:“I missed you”

Yoongi:“I missed you too”

Once again they kissed, not caring if the whole cafeteria got silent, not caring if the whole school is looking at them.

Yoongi:“so I guess you’re the new student that took the seat next to mine, you know I was saving that for my boyfriend” he said as soon as the kiss ended.

Jimin:“good thing he got it”

The End

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