The kidnapping pt 1


This story is about a 17 year old girl making her way home until a gang pulled up on her and kidnapped her

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 The kidnapping

I was walking home from the store.It felt like I was there for ages.It took me forever to get to the front of the line.Anyways...Chile when I was walking home I wanted to go another way that I found that was shorter from the last time I came to the store.When I was taking the short cut there were gang members having a big block party from the front to the back of the street.I didn’t wanna be noticed so I started walking faster.When all of a sudden I heard a deep voice a distance away from me.Which made me jump.I just kept walking faster and faster until I could barely hear him anymore.I felt relieve.I could finally walk home without stress.After I cooled down I was half way home.All of a sudden a black van pulled up in front of me.I only had a split second to see who it was ...

It was a gang member from the block party.I’m guessing it was the one who tried talking to me.After I seen his face I ran as fast as I could.All I could hear was laughing behind me and the car picking up the pace.I ran around the corner and behind a house behind some bushes where I thought they wouldn’t find me.After about 10 to 20 minutes of hiding,I check to see if anyone is there.I don’t see anyone it’s quite. I look around the corner to see if I see anyone.There is no one there.I start to walk on the darkest side of the street I could...when I start to hear rattling I look around and it was just a cat.Wheew thank god.Before I could fully turn around or understand who was in front of me there was a cloth put to my nose and mouth.Everything faded......
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