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The Mafia King and The Idol

Chapter 2- Jungkook

I was sitting at my desk when suddenly one of my workers came into my office, sweating and breathing heavily.

He was exactly 30 minutes late.

I smirked as I looked at him, putting my pen down as I glared at him.

"Do you have any idea how late you arrived Kang-Min?!"

"No sir." He said as he gulped, I smirked again as I took my gun off of my glass desk aiming it at him.

"I'm debating whether to kill you or let you survive, because one shot of this bullet and you're oh so gone, but I will let this slide because I'm a forgiving man that only gives two chances. If this ever so much happens again, I said as I pointed to his messy hair and messed up clothes along with his sweat.

Then I will kill you with no excuses or exceptions, so if you want to live long enough to see your family that your girlfriend is gonna have then I definitely suggest you to up your game and follow along my rules and my guidelines or so help me god Kang-Min I will hurt you if it's the last thing that I do." I finished off as he looked at me petrified.

I smirked again as I signaled him to give me the file which he handed me it as I looked in it.

"So she's an Idol eh? Oh my, she's gonna be fun." I said aloud as I chuckled darkly to myself.

File info:

My worker read off as he looked at everything of her.

"Let's see..." He began.

"Her name is Ahn Ara, she is 19 years old, she lives alone because both of her parents passed away. She is from the company called Stardome, her fans are called 'Stars' She recently released a single hit that is called Moon."

"Whoa.." I said as he looked through more of her information.

My worker cleared his throat as he looked over at me.

"Continue Kang-Min."

He nodded as he started reading off more about her.

"She lives in Daegu South Korea, she recently performed in Atlanta, Chicago, Incheon, Busan, Seoul, Daegu, Nevada, Japan, China, and Taiwan, her mother's name was Ahn Luna and her father's name was Ahn Jae."

"Go on.." I said as I let him know that he could continue.

"She has a younger sister named Ahn Mina and she is Korean with a mix of taiwanese and chinese in her. She's only 16 and she attends the arts school in Seoul."

"Is that it?" I asked as I was growing impatient, I wanted her, and I would get her one way or the other.

"Yes Sir, that's it."

"Bring her to me Kang-Min, but blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back, do not hurt her or I will put you on death row, do you understand?"

"Yes Boss, I understand."

"Good, now you may go." I said telling him politely to leave.

He bowed in front of me taking his leave.

Ahn Ara.. I will have you, and I will be your first and your last, My princess.

I smiled as I ran my hand across her photo in the file.

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