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Once Upon A Veela


This is a twist of Harry potter series where Draco is a Veela and needs to find his mate. The plot begins after the war. As Hermione and Draco work on accepting each other and the mate bond, new enemies make themselves known. Enemies are lurking round the corner while a love story blooms. Join the HP characters in a romantic adventure. All characters belong to JK Rowling except for the ones I made. The chapter quality improves and the length of chapter increases with the latest chapters. I hope you give this story a chance!

Fantasy / Romance
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A Hidden Past

Draco’s POV

“Are you playing some sort of a joke mother ?” I questioned hoping she would say yes.

“Draco dear I know , I can understand what you must be going through...”

I cut her in between.

“Really ?! Mother, how can you say you understand? How can you say this after telling me what I thought to be true for seventeen years was all a lie. Explaining and justifying all my wrongdoings with the fact that I am a pure-blood, how can you suddenly come and tell me that I am a ... a Veela.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It seemed like the heavens were plotting against me .

“Draco you have to listen . Everything all the lies, all the secrets were to protect us, to protect you. Yes, you must be overwhelmed but first listen to what I have to say. Do I make make myself clear ?” She said firmly.

I know I am acting like a daft, but, can I be blamed. No, I firmly believe not.

I wipe my forehead which is covered in cold sweat and sweep my gaze through the forlorn walls of the sitting room we were in.

Turning my gaze back to my mother I replied ” Yes, mother. Please, continue. ”

She started ” Back in the ancient times, a Malfoy heir met and fell in love with a Veela girl. Knowing the fact, that if his parents found out about his lover’s true heritage they would never let them be together. So they hid it and stated it in such a way that his parents believed she was actually the sole heir of a long lost bloodline of pure-bloods. They soon married and had a child. Long after when his parents learnt the truth they were horrified and furious, but, there was nothing they could do. The couple had already had a son who was the sole heir to the Malfoy fortune. To save their dignity and maintain the pure-blood status they hid the truth from everyone. The child was half-veela and the Veela trait has been passed through the bloodline. Sometimes it is dormant and skips generations before being activated . In your case I have already started seeing the symptoms. It won’t be be long before your Veela blood gets activated. Yes it is true that Veelas are only women but that is only in the case of pure Veelas, half-veelas can be both male and female.”

I took in the vast amount of information I just learnt. Stupid Malfoy pride.

My mother continued, “I am sure you must have learnt that Veelas have mates . So do half-veelas . You will have heightened senses after you go through your awakening. They will help you find your mate . You are seventeen which means you will have to find her and mark her before the first full moon after your eighteenth birthday. Veelas are an endangered species who are on the verge of extinction. This time limit has always been there, no one knows the real reason, but, normally no Veela has had any problems before because it is their fate to meet their mates well in time. It’s their destiny to live with, and, for their mates. If you don’t then your heart will suffer from actual heart-break not only the literal meaning, she or he might as well. Only pure Veelas can transform, but, half Veelas have fangs which appear whenever they feel is any danger lurking near their mates and, they are also to mark their mates. Hiding the truth and faking the pure-blood status was the only way for us to survive the dark lord’s wrath.” She finishes and looks at me.

" Bloody hell ...?!” Is the only thought going through my mind as I stare back at her.

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