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Once Upon A Veela


Draco's POV

“Veelas are extremely beautiful creatures but even more dangerous. Their beauty can be deadly. They have heightened senses and are very strong, yet sensitive. The Veela can identify his or her mate by sight and smell. The scent of the mate will be exquisite, pure and intoxicating for the Veela. After first skin contact between the Veela and the mate, the Veela can feel the emotions of the mate and help them if they are hurt or in danger. Veelas are extremely overprotective and possessive of their mates. After...”

I stopped reading , closed the only book I could find about Veelas and leaned back in my flat armchair.

How could I be protective about someone whom I don’t even know .

“Ughhh....” I moaned out in pain. I have had a killer headache since this morning and it was only getting worse . I wondered if it was because of the awakening. Suddenly a sharp pain went through my head as I attempted to stand up . Everything before me went white.

Totally dazzled, my hands met with a vase kept on a podium and down it went with a deafening crack shattering into a million, tiny pieces.

“Draco....” Is the last thing I heard before I went unconscious.....


“Ahhhhooowww ...It hurts ” I got up with a dramatic sigh, whimpering at the remains of the pain and, adjusted my eyesight to the light . Everything seemed so defined. It felt as if my sight had went through a crazy magical transformation.

" How are you feeling..?” came a soft voice and I looked up to see my mother standing at the door with a glass of water in her hand. Only then did I realise how parched my throat felt.

She came and sat down beside me, handing me the glass of water which I hurriedly downed to quench my thirst and looked back at her.

“How long....?” I asked knowing she would understand me without the need to complete my question.

" One week almost...You don’t know how hard it was to watch you lying there not being able to do anything to reduce your pain, but now that you are up everything should be fine.” She answered.

" Oh, and your letter from Hogwarts came. I already ordered all your books and other essentials for your return next week. Everything is packed and ready.”

I simply nodded not knowing or more specifically wanting, to say anything. In all honesty, I did not even want to go with everything that’s going on around me. I did not know how to gather enough courage to go to Hogwarts and face the people whom I had severely wronged. I was still seen as a death-eater and hated . True, I had my reasons but were they enough to cover up my past , could I start a new life? I got lost in my own jumble of thoughts.

My mother sensing my distress said, ” I know you are scared but facing one’s own mistakes is a sign of courage rarely seen. You are going to go there and show everyone that you have changed...show them the true Malfoys ... Who Draco Malfoy truly is ...” ” And who knows you might even find your mate ..... I have already written a letter to Minerva telling her about your situation ”

I gulped and nodded, feeling a bit more optimistic. If Hogwarts is allowing me to come back then there surely must be some hope for me.

Mother stood up and started going out the door only to pause and look back at me. She smirked and said, ” Now move yourself Draco, and freshen up ... Oh ! and don’t forget to look at yourself in the mirror.” She winked at me and went out.

“Huh...“was the only intelligible answer I could form.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Before that I stopped and taking a deep breath took a look at the mirror.

“What the bloody hell ..”

I looked like me and yet I did not look like myself.

My eyes had turned a striking silver and my light blonde hair looked even more perfect then ever in ash white color. My jawline looked sharp and my body had become more muscular and firm than before. I had even gotten taller by a good two inches. But the most surprising were the two small but sharp fangs I could see and feel behind my pale lips.

I was quite handsome before, if I do say so myself, but now I was a sight for sore eyes and it didn’t take long for my shocked face to be replaced by the infamous Malfoy smirk.

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