Being Different Year 3


Anne has started having strange dreams, she worries Hogwarts may be in danger. Irwin has started acting strangely. Will Anne ever have a normal year at school?

Sofia Corsi
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Anne not for the first time in her life woke up from a nightmare, but this one hadn’t been about Quirrell, it had been different.

Anne still had nightmares about Quirrell every now and again, but they didn’t scare her as much they used to because Remus had explained that they were only dreams, Quirrell was dead and he couldn’t hurt them anymore.

When she had nightmares about Quirrell they were clear, whereas this had been somewhat broken and distorted. All she could remember was a street sign for a place called Lampeter, a full moon, and a wolf.

Anne checked her alarm clock on the bedside table, it was four o’clock in the morning. She couldn’t sleep so she decided to do some reading she read for a few hours and then practiced her wandless magic before breakfast.

She was getting quite good; she could do the most basic spells without having to try too hard. Wandless magic had saved her life a little over a year ago so she didn’t know when it might come in handy again.

“Anne, breakfast!” called Sirius from the doorway.

Anne stopped levitating objects around the room and put everything away again before going down to breakfast.

There was Anne’s usual bowl of fruit waiting for her at the table. She sat down opposite her Uncle Remus, he was looking very tired and had shadows under his eyes, he always looked like that on the lead up to the full moon.

“Morning Remus.”

“Hi sweetheart, you sleep alright?”

“Um not really….”

“Quirrell?” asked Sirius bringing over a rack of toast as Harry came into the room.

“No, it was different, almost broken, it was almost trying to tell me something!”

“I’m sure it was nothing kiddo,” said Sirius tucking into a piece of toast.

Remus looked uncertain though. “Do you remember anything about the dream?”

“There was a place name, a full moon, and a wolf,” she answered.

Remus shifted guiltily in his seat; it was going to be the full moon that night.

“There have been a lot of attacks recently, you’re probably just worried about that, the prophet full of them,” said Sirius, “bloody Greyback!” he muttered as he cleared away the breakfast things.

“Sirius can we go flying today?” asked Harry excitedly.

“Sure!” said Sirius eagerly, “you two go and get dressed then.”

Anne went upstairs and got dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a sky-blue top. Her hair ribbons turned blue today.

She was just heading downstairs to fetch a book to read when she heard an argument. She sat down on the edge of the stairs to listen.

“She’s having bloody nightmares again!” sobbed Remus.

“She’s always having nightmares, she’s a sensitive kid!” said Sirius.

“Yeah but usually about Quirrell, I can handle that, but now she’s started having them about me!”

“It’s not about you Moony!” said Sirius placing an arm around his best friends’ shoulders.

“There was a wolf and a full moon, she had a nightmare about me!! She’s terrified of me because I’m a bloody monster!”

“No mate she’s not, it’s just that the prophet keeps writing about Greyback and his attacks.”

“She’s terrified of me!”

“Remus look at me!” Sirius said looking at his friend, “Anne loves you! You would never hurt her, you are safe in that cellar and you are not going to hurt anyone!”


“No buts Remus!” said Sirius firmly, “now sort yourself out before the kids see you.”

But it was too late, Sirius started on his way upstairs to grab something when he found Anne sobbing quietly on the stairs. She ran up to her room before he had a chance to try and talk to her.

“Shit!” he muttered under his breath.

“Moony, we’ve got a problem here!”

“What?” asked Remus getting up from the sofa.

“Anne heard everything!”

“Oh Merlin!” said Remus starting his way upstairs to Anne’s room.

He knocked on the door but there was no answer. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. Anne never locked her door!

“Anne,” Remus called gently, “Anne sweetheart please open the door.”

There was no answer.

“Anne, I need to talk to you!”

There was still no answer but there was the soft click of a door unlocking.

Remus opened the door and found Anne curled up under her duvet sobbing.

“Anne sweetheart,” said Remus as he sat down on the end of the bed, “I’m sorry I said that, it’s just you having a nightmare about a werewolf…”

“It wasn’t really a nightmare,” Anne struggled to explain. “I think it was trying to tell me something, there was a signpost.”

“Have you had dreams like this before?”

“No,” said Anne, “never like this, it was all broken and distorted.”

“I’m not scared of you Uncle Remus,” she said climbing out from under the duvet, “I never could be I love you!”

“I know that,” said Remus gently pulling Anne in closer. “I just sometimes still think of myself as a monster, I don’t feel like I deserve to be loved.”

“Don’t be silly Remus! I know you’d never hurt me, and it’s not your fault!”

“Anne darling, do you remember the place name from your dream at all?” asked Remus carefully.

“I think it was somewhere called Lampeter.”

Remus and Anne spent the morning checking maps for the place from Anne’s dream, they eventually found it on a map. It was small university town in rural Wales in a county called Ceredigion.

Finding the place on the map made Anne feel slightly better.

Anne and Remus spent the afternoon in the garden because it was such a nice day, evening came, and as usual Harry and Anne ran upstairs to their rooms before sunset, and Sirius guarded the door down to the cellar just in case anything went wrong.

Anne had the same dream the next night, but she managed to get back to sleep.

Remus looked exhausted as he drank his cup of tea whilst Sirius cooked the breakfast.

“Hi Remus,” called Anne giving her godfather a hug before sitting down opposite him.

“Morning darling,” he replied tiredly.

At that moment the Daily Prophet was brought in through the window by an owl. After paying the owl Remus opened the paper.

After a few moments, Remus looked at Anne nervously. He passed the paper to Anne.

On the front page, it said in clear letters-


Fenrir Greyback last night attacked a wizarding family the Davies’ in the rural town of Lampeter in Ceredigion Wales. Mr. Morgan Davies and Mrs. Mary Davies tried to protect their six-year-old son David but Greyback, unfortunately, managed to bite their son. The Davies family is currently in St Mungos, having their son looked at.

Anne stared at the front page for a moment trying to take this in until she was disturbed by Sirius placing a bowl of grapes and raspberries in front of her.

“What’s up with you lot?” asked Harry as he came into the kitchen and started loading up his plate.

“That weird dream Anne had the other night” Remus stammered, confused, “it’s just come true,” he explained passing Sirius the paper.

“Merlin!” gasped Sirius staring at the paper.

Anne stared down at her feet and pulled at the ends of her plaits.

“I need to do some research into prophetic dreams!” exclaimed Remus after he had eaten his fill, “you want to help Anne?”

Anne nodded enthusiastically.

’Not today you don’t!” said Sirius firmly, “bed!” Sirius ordered pointing upstairs.

Remus groaned tiredly as he got up from his chair. Remus struggled his way upstairs his joints aching like mad.

“Sirius, can I go ask the Lovegood’s if they know anything about dreams?”

“Yes, but just don’t tell anyone else,” said Sirius as he put away the breakfast things.

Anne pulled on a purple floral print summer dress and did her hair, the ribbons turned lilac today.

“Be back in time for dinner!” called Sirius as she ran out the door.

Anne started down the road and half an hour later arrived at the Lovegood’s house. The washing line was full of pages of paper their ink drying in the summer sunshine. The door was wide open but there was no one in sight!

“Mr. Lovegood!” called Anne from the doorway, “Mr. Lovegood?”

“Anne is that you child?” asked Mr. Lovegood his head popping around the door from the printing room. “Come in, come in!”

“I’m sorry to disturb you, I’ll come back later if you’re busy,” said Anne turning to head home.

“Oh, don’t worry that’s alright, I just finished this batch!” said Mr. Lovegood coming out of the printing room with a stack of paper before going outside to hang the paper to dry.

“Luna has gone out for the day with Ginny Weasley, Luna is helping Ginny with their potions homework,” said Mr. Lovegood coming in from the garden.

“That’s alright Sir, it’s you I need to talk to.”

Mr. Lovegood was busy preparing a pot of tea in the kitchen.

“And what can I help you with today Anne?” he asked as he poured her a cup of tea.

“What do you know about prophetic dreams Mr. Lovegood?”

“What makes you ask?”

Anne explained about the dream and then Greyback’s attack.

“Hmmm,” he said curiously, “and the images you say were blurred?”


“I was wondering if you might come asking questions after the events of last year,” muttered Mr Lovegood taking a sip of his tea.

“You know that being good at divination is a very rare ability?” he asked.

Anne nodded.

“Well you have always had a good eye, been good at reading the tea leaves and seeing in the crystal ball,” he began.

Anne nodded again, Luna and Anne had often helped Mr. Lovegood with reading the tea leaves and other things for the Quibbler.

“It is rumored, that if someone encounters a near-death experience it will increase their talent at divination, it is extremely rare, as not many people have the seeing eye and even less have a near-death experience.”

Anne nodded again, “why do you think this has started now?” she asked.

“Because of you being petrified last year, I think you should start a dream diary,” said Mr. Lovegood finishing his cup of tea. “It is likely you will have more dreams like this, it could prove to be a very useful talent.”

“Thank you for your help, Sir,” stammered Anne.

“Now I’m sorry dear,” said Mr. Lovegood clearing the table, “but I have to get on with the printing for the next issue!”

“That’s alright Mr. Lovegood, thank you again!” said Anne as she left the house.

When she got home, Anne explained everything to Sirius whilst she ate a chicken and spinach sandwich.

“So, you are one of the lucky chosen ones,” chortled Sirius “I was never great shakes at Divination myself, but you never know it could be pretty handy!”

After lunch, Anne managed to find a notebook in which to keep track of her dreams. She then finished off writing her potions essay before turning on her record player.

She lay back on her bed and let the music wash over her occasionally getting up to change the record.

“Don Maclean, American Pie,” muttered Remus from the doorway after a while.

Anne opened her eyes and looked over at him. He was looking much better now that he had had a good sleep.

“Your Mum used to like this song a lot, your Dad was more of a fan of the Beatles,” he said sitting down on the bed.

“Have you ever listened to the Seekers?” asked Remus

“No, I’ve been trying to work my way through the records but it’s taking me a while, I didn’t want to disturb anyone with the music when I was at school”

“Ah I see!” said Remus going through one of her boxes of records, “ah here we are!” he said pulling out several records from the box.

“Your mum and I used to listen to these together a lot, they were an Australian group that were popular in the ’60s, I think you might like them.”

He put the record on and a song called I’ll Never Find Another You began to play. The music was fairly gentle, there was no electric guitars or drums like in the music that Sirius enjoyed such as Queen.

The tune was really catchy she quite liked it, after that a song came on that was slightly melancholic and was called The Carnival is Over. She shut her eyes and listened to the beautiful voice of the main singer and the harmonizing of the men from the group.

After listening to a couple more sings including a particularly catchy song called Georgy Girl Remus paused the record.

“So you like them do you?” asked Remus beaming.

Anne nodded enthusiastically “they were amazing, that woman’s voice is beautiful!”

Remus nodded, “I thought you might,” he chuckled.

“Sirius told me about what Mr. Lovegood said, have you found a book to write down your dreams in?”

Anne nodded.

“Come on then, dinners ready,” he said getting off the bed.

They all tucked into Spaghetti Bolognese and Harry told them about what had happened at the Weasley’s that day.

“You mean,” cackled Sirius, “Mrs. Weasley opened the door to change the bed and got covered in dung bombs!”

“Yeah, they were meant for Percy. Fred and George were trying to prank his room, she was fuming!” laughed Harry.

Anne went upstairs to take a bath and listened to a few more records with Remus before going to bed.

“You got your notebook to write them down in the morning?”

“Yes,” she said pointing towards the notebook and pen on the bedside table.

“Goodnight sweetheart!” said Remus kissing her on the forehead and leaving.

Anne had another dream that night it was broken and distorted images again; a rock in the middle of the English Chanel, Dementors, and what she thought might be a rat.

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