My Secret Cinderella


Sometimes our outer image often conflicts with our inner characteristics. An introvert, shy and silent person doesn’t need to always have a conventional mind where an exuberant, hail-fellow-well-met person definitely keeps a vibrant head. On the contrary, quite people have the loudest mind and the tattlers often sigh in their solitude. This story is about two opposite personas. However, the twist is they are actually quite opposite in their minds too. Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy. Both are in their incognito mood. Will they be able to discover each other’s real self or it will be in disguised forever? To know this, unfurl the pages of their life and accompany with their journey.

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Dedicate: I am dedicating this story to my two sisters @mahaenterprises and @jasmine_r22 . I don’t know why have I dedicated this story to them but I can’t imagine any other expect them while wrote the Nandini’s character. I am sorry sis if I have done any mistake by imagining this. However, for me, you two are my secret princess. Love you both.

Some important advice & request:

1. Don’t copy my creation.......

Plagiarism will be strictly handled. Be inspired not an imitator. If you like any particular thought you may add it in your story by mentioning my name.

2. No bashing......

Every writer should have his/her freedom to imagine or fantasize. If you don’t like the plot, characters or dialogues simply quit reading. No bashing or bad words will be entertained.

3. Keep voting & commenting........

If you genuinely like my work please do vote and comment. I will genuinely appreciate my readers’ advice. It will keep me motivated.

4. Please don’t keep on requesting for updates……..

Creativity needs time, however, I will try to not let my readers wait for long.

5. Original fan fiction........

It is entirely my imagination and doesn’t have any connection to any living or dead or any other stories. If it does, it’s completely unintentional.

Happy reading ...........

Author’s note: So, this is another short story of Manan. Like I mentioned earlier its chapters will be limited to 1000 words only. Hope you all will like it like my other stories. So, keep reading and sharing your views because that is very important...Love you all...😘😘😘❤❤❤

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