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Sword Art Alt Ctrl


Every gamer’s dream used to be to have the chance to enter into a Video Game world and to be able to experience it firsthand for themselves. I was that way once. Sixteen, a gamer in the dawn of a new age of video gaming. Virtual Reality gaming. Too bad none of us knew the consequences that were soon to follow.

Like I said, in 2022, I was sixteen. Had an older sister that was Seventeen, two parents, a dog in the backyard. A typical family of the times I guess. Me being the obsessive gamer that I am, I found my way into the closed beta of a revolutionary VRMMO game. SWORD ART ONLINE. There were only a thousand of us. Anymore though, the details of the beta is of no importance. I’m writing my story down like so many of us did in those dark days. Nearly all of us kept some sort of electronic journal of our adventures, our fears, our losses. It was a way to keep from going insane. Being so young and suddenly being forced into a life or death situation, and to make matters even worse, in an environment where it used to be okay to die. Nothing can quite compare to the despair you feel in a moment like that. Some cracked and lost their minds. Others decided not to take part in the game and try to live a somewhat normal life in the early floors’ towns. Others still decided to tempt fate and try to be the saviors of all the other 10,000 players.

My name? Oh… you see… it has been so long since I have used my… “normal” name. The only name I know myself by anymore is the name I created for myself on that fateful day. My name is Ronnin. Here is my story.

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