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Just read the damn freaking title silly

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Chapter 1 What the Hades

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and Nico Di Angelo was inside his cabin well until someone knocked on his cabin door. "Who is it"Nico asked? "Open up sunshine it's me"said Will. Nico walked over to the door he was wearing a black t shirt with black shorts. "One I told you not to call me that and two come in"said Nico while he crossed his arms. "Oh sunshine your my boyfriend now and if I want to call you sunshine I will"said Will. Nico rolled his eyes but had a small smile on his face. "So why did you come to my cabin my significant annoyance did you need something"said Nico as he raised his eyebrow. "Well it's such a beautiful day and I thought why not see my beautiful and lovely boyfriend Will said with a light up the world smile. Nico blushed then looked away just then Percy and Jason came in saying that they were going on a tiple date and with Nico being embarrassed he agreed.
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