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More than friends


Kenma a new boy in town, wanting a to start a new life after his incident years ago. He's a very different child among others and will be announced as weird at school. At his new school he finds a obsession of a student in his classroom and will eventually fall in love...

Adventure / Romance
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A new Beginning

September 1st 2010..

His name is Kenma Kozume, this is a story about a young boy finding his true love. Kenma was an weird rather odd child according to his parents, he would always refuse to play with the other children at his school. In his mind being alone was the priority he had, and would eat alone when it was lunch time. His birthday was coming up kenma was turning 15 next week his parents had already gotten him gifts but he never noticed. Kenma was up playing games on his nintendo in his room “kenma honey come downstairs” said his mother.

“coming mother” said kenma , he went downstairs to see his family and a birthday cake on the kitchen table “what’s going on” said kenma as he walk closer everyone yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” sorren was startled but he walked to the birthday cake and blew out the candles.

It was about 1:00 in the morning when everyone had been sleep so kenma went upstairs to his room and went to sleep. The next morning was kenmas first day at high school he got up and went into the bathroom to get ready for school. he put on some cargo pants with chains on them and a black turtleneck shirt with stripes then a spike choker and some black boots. He grabbed his backpack and walked to the bus stop when the bus came kenma walk onto the bus and everyone was staring at him particularly the way he’s dressed. Kenma sat at the back of the bus he took out his notepad and started to play on his nintendo switch when a boy came onto the bus and sat next to the seat kenma was in.

Mind you kenma is 5′6 and this boy seemed 6′1 kenma kept looking at the boy, the boy looked up at kenma when he did that kenma looked away. Kenma wanted to ask the boys name but couldn’t when kenma finally got the courage to ask for the boys name the boy said “My name is Kuroo, Kuroo Tetsurō and yours?” kenma said his name and after that they exchanged phone numbers and became friends. Kenma went to the principal’s office to get his books, locker number and find his classes he was quite nervous. When he got to his classroom the teacher said “you will sit back there” she pointed to a seat next to his friend kuroo he walked to his seat and put his books on his desks. At fourth period kenma went to the bathroom and into the bathroom stall 5 minutes has passed someone came into the bathroom. Kenma got out of the stall to see who was there it was kuroo, kenma said “hey kuroo” kuroo mumbled under his breath but kenma couldn’t make out what kuroo said “what did you say” said kenma, before he could finish kuroo kissed him and backed away.

Kenma felt surprised and wonder why’d he kissed him “why’d you kiss me?” asked kenma, Kuroo ran out of the bathroom not answering kenmas question. At the end of school kenma was still thinking about what happened in the bathroom when the bus came kenma forgot about it and on the bus kenma started to resume his game on his nintendo. The bus dropped kenma off and he walked to his house , when he got in kuroo was there in the living room his mother ask them both to go to kenmas room. Kuroo looked at kenma playing his nintendo and says “what are you playing?” kenma looked up “metal gear” he continued playing.

“Can i see?” kuroo asked kenma got up and gave dallas the notepad and says “i’m going to sleep when you’re done with my nintendo place it on my table” kenma nods 10 minutes has passed and kuroo fell asleep next to kenma on his bed. Next morning kenma woke up and fell off the bed “what happen last night” while kenma was getting dressed kuroo woke up and sat on the bed asks “do you have any spare clothes” kenma threw clothes at him “there” said kenma. They went to the bus stop and went to school... another day has passed same stuff kenma and kuroo became more than friends ;). END OF CHAPTER ONE

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