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My best friend Kobe told me he couldn’t see me on my bday because of corona but he was really surprise if me.

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Chapter 1

Hi my name is Aliyah and I live alone in a 2 bedroom flat I’m 17 and my birthday is coming up, my parents pasted away about 8 years ago I was living with my best friend Kobe until I was legally aloud to move out, Kobe is behest from we did everything together I loved this boy so much he helped me throat much, he’s probably the reason why i’m still here but anyways.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday and I was on face time with Kobe

K- Ali
A- yeah?
K- I’m so sorry but I can’t be there for your birthday I’m sorry ma
A- no no no it’s okay I understand I just wish u could be here
K- I know but corona is a bitch
A- yeah I know
K- hey I got to go I’ll call u later okay ma bye
A- ok bye bye

We hung up and I went to get popcorn,
I watched a movie and ate my popcorn once the movie ended I got up and chucked my rubbish then I go back to my room I was getting bored so I decided to take a bath I used one of my bath bombs and some bubble bath as well I just wanted to treat myself, by now it was 11:40 so 20 mins until my bday, Kobe FaceTimed me while I just got into the bath

K- hey
A- hi
K- what u doin
A- I’m taking a bath lol
K- oh I can call u back later if u want
A- nah nah it’s alright
K- okay

We talked for a while, the water was getting cold so I turned off my camera and got out

K- hey turn your camera back on
A- I’m getting changed calm down ahaha
K- ohh ok soz
A- it’s alright
K-hey 5 mins till your bday
A- shiii ima be 18
K- yeahh we’ll finally be the same age
A-your old
K- okay thanks
A- ahahahadont get cut babes
K- shut up

I finished getting ready and went straight to my bed

K-2 mins
A- fuckkk mee ima be an old fart like you
K- stopppp
A- hahahahahaaha love you toooo
K- mhmmm
A- say it back bitch
K- no
A- wowww be like that
K- I’m JOKINGG.... I love you to

I was just laying in my bed singing very quietly but somehow Kobe heard me

K- damn ma I didn’t know you could sing like that shiii
A-ahah stopp it’s not good
K- nah your right... it amazing
A- ah stop
K- no I’ll never stop hypeing my bestie up
A-alright then

Tbh I’ve liked Kobe since we were like 5 bro he’s hot but obviously I couldn’t tell him coz that would fuck up our friendship forever coz Ik Kobe don’t like me back

K- hey guess what
A- what
K- your 18
A-wait it 12..... shii I’m old as fuck bro yuck
K- come on your not that old like your still not legal age to do anything ahha
A- yeah well your not either
K- yeah I know

We talked for like a half hour but now I was really tired

A- hey listen I’ll call you tomorrow ok I’m really tired and I want sleep
K- okay ma I’ll talk to u later
A- bye
K- bye bye ma

I went to sleep


I woke up to see that the time was 8am I woke up and went straight to the bathroom to use the toilet then I washed my face and did some makeup I don’t normally put on makeup but it’s my bday so why not, then I went back to grab my phone and see a million missed calls from Kobe so I FaceTime him back

A- thanks boo
K- so what you doing today ?
A- I’m going to have lunch with Lucy and that’s about it
K- Aw ok I really wish I could be there :(
A- hey it’s okay corona is a bitch I get it
K- I know but it’s not far
A- god this is why your my bestieee

I blew him a kiss, but he covered his face

A- show me your face stupid
K- don’t call me stupid stupid

We laughed and talked until I had to leave

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