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We laughed and talked until I had to leave

A- hey I have to go but I’ll call you later okay
K- okay have fun and be safe okay
A- thanks mom but ok I will hahahaha
K- I’m serious
A- ok ok im gonna be late bye
K- bye

We hung up and I left to meet up with Lucy, we went to her favourite place to eat which was Nobu it was really fucking expensive there but she said she will pay because it’s my bday,

L- happy birthday first of all and here

She hands me a gift

L- well don’t just look at it open is bitchh
A- okay okayy damn

I open it to see an iPhone 12 box

A- holy shit lu you didn’t have to get me this and how did yo- ohh wait nvm
L- yeah that time when I said choose a colour and I’ll buy it yeah that was for you not for me, so now you have a red iPhone 12
A- fucking hell this is one of the reasons why I love you ahhah

We walked inside and ordered our food then sat down

L- so have you told Kobe yet
A- huh told Kobe what ?
L- that you idk like your best friend stupid
A-ohh yeah no I haven’t
L- why not isn’t he here
A- no he said he couldn’t get a flight because of corona
L- oh okay well when you do see him you better tell him or I will
A- fine I will god damn
L- you guys would look so hot together damn
A- shut uppp..... have you found a mans yet
L- actually yes and his name is Mattia and he’s hot look

Shows me a photo

A- damnn sis you did good, treat him good bitch
L- I definitely will
A- and if he hurts you ima hurt him back don’t worry boo I got you
L- ahaha I love you

We ate and the We parted ways,
I went home and payed on my bed took off my makeup coz it was uncomfortable and I went to grab a red bull then I heard my phone go off
I walked over and grabbed it, no surprise it was Kobe again so I called him I hate texted

A- Hey
K- hi what did she get you this time ?
A- brooo she got me a fucking iPhone 12 look

I showed him

K- damn she a good friend keep her
A- ahahah so you can befriend her and get shit off her to lmaooo
K- no I just want you to be happy and have more friends
A- I’m jokingggg damnn ahahahha
K- yeah you better be

A few hours passed

K- hey I got you something but you have to go somewhere to get it
A- oh really where do I have to go then
K- Go to (a random park)
A- okay

(Kobe had his camera off the whole time)

I walked to the park still on the phone with Kobe
When I got there I saw a big ass box a a security Gard standing next to it,
I walked To over to the guy he asked me this

S- are you alyiah?
A- yes
S- okay here

He handed me a key for the box

K- hang up
A- wait why
K- just do it
A- okay fine bye
K- bye

I was nervous but I opened the box andddd Kobe popped out


he said while getting out of the box


I hugged him so tight that we fell to the ground
The I started to cry

K- noo ma don’t cryyy
A- I’m sorry I just missed you and I didn’t think you could make it for my bday
K- you really think I’m gonna miss my best friends birthday !

We walked back to mine

K- so you got a boyfriend yet
A- fuck offffff
K- I’m just askinggg damn
A- no it don’t happy
K- hm
A- come I’m gonna put on a movie
K- okay

We popped popcorn and watched a movie
Then once the movie ended we wanted to do something quirky

K- do you have face masks
A- yeah do you wanna do one with me
K- yessss
A- okkk come with meee

We went in the bathroom and put on the face masks

A- let’s make cupcakes
K- alright only if we can take photos
A- yes yes yesss
K- ok come

I grabbed all of the stuff We needed
But then I remembered we did t take any photos

A- come
K- where
A- to take photos dumby
K- ohh okay

We went to the bathroom and took a few photos
Then posted them on our second accounts

(Just pretend there’s photos there coz I can’t get any in this app)

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Happy birthday I love you ❤️
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My bestie came and surprised me ❤️😌
I love you thanks for everything you’ve done for me Bub 🥰🥰🥰

Random1: omg are they dating ?
Fam1:@random1 no they are beat friends but they would be really cute
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