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Different sides


Lia Johnson 17 years old very beautiful and likes girls and boys but her mother doesn’t like that and her dad accepts her but when she moves into her dads house in a small town she meets Billie Billie is not famous G!p

Thriller / Romance
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Coming out

Mia’s POV

It’s a Friday night and today I’m coming out to my mom but I already came out to my dad and he accepted me but my mom I don’t know

But me and my mom are in the kitchen and she cutting vegetables and I blurt out “I like girls and boys” and she stop cutting the vegetables and she turns around and just looks at me disappointed in me I can just see it in her eyes “what did you say and please leave the girl part out” I signed “ and dad said I can move in with him”

She just looks at me with tears in her eyes “what did I do I wrong I’m I not there for you” what the hell is she talking about “ mom-“ she cut me off “don’t call me that and leave you can live with your bother and dad I will not have some fag live in this house” and with that she leaves the kitchen crying and i just sit there looking dumb what the hell and I went to my room crying

I should call my dad but I already packed because I knew she wouldn’t accept me “hello
“Hi dad I told mom and she just i don’t know but she walked out and called me a fag and said that no fag should live in my house” at this point I’m crying and he sighs “ I’m on my way be ready ok Mia”


Time skip

I’m in the car with my dad “ I’m sorry Mia that your mom is like that I don’t know why I married her in the First place” he snickered at his comment and I chuckled “ Yeah but she told me not to call her mom and that broke me” I looked out the car and saw my old child hood home

After dad pulled the car into the driveway we got out and went inside “we got new neighbors” it still looks the same way “-you should go and see if they want to have dinner with us” I nodded at his comment “okay” and I went up stairs to my old bedroom “where’s kia”

“He’s at soccer practice and go see if they want to have dinner Mia” I just got here and now he’s asking me to ask them for dinner but I showered and put on a but graphic T-shirt and boyfriend jeans and white Air Force one’s and I went down stairs to my papa cooking food and I went next door

I knocked on the door and saw and older women open the door “ Hi my dad says your new and he was wondering you all can come over for dinner with us” she looked at me in awe “ of course we should be over in about an hour is that okay with you”

“ of Course” and with that we said our goodbyes
And I went back home “dad when’s dinner gonna be ready” I walked in the kitchen “ in about an hour” and i went upstairs I should maybe unpack

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