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La douleur exquise (don't worry not in french) Imagine having the man you are in love with actually want to be with you. It can be a wonderful feeling, but now imagine having to learn it was a lie.

Romance / Drama
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Imagine having the man you are in love with actually want to be with you. It can be a wonderful feeling, but now imagine having to learn it was a lie.


This story will contain mature content. This story contains vulgar language, troubling themes, substance abuse, violence, self destructive thoughts and actions. Another important warning is that some of the book won't be in English, but I will provide translations.

Some of the chapters will have explicit sex scenes. If they make you uncomfortable this story isn't for you. This is the only warning when it comes to sex in my story.

Majority of my chapters will be edited before being posted but if you see an error or want to give me your opinion I welcome it. This book is meant to be a fun experiment so if you want to leave comments or personally message me I'm all here for it.

Lastly have fun with it!


Rovena (ghostwriter):
Josephine Langford

Olivia (little vixen):
Blake Lively

Austin (producer):
Mark Wahlberg

Niall (blue eyes):
Niall Horan

Timothée (timmy turner/assistant):
Timothée Chalamet

Luke (Goldie Locks):
Luke Hemmings

Harry (mi Zemër):
Harry Styles


Basically the whole story is loosely based on the Fine Line album. The main songs that are going to play an important part in the story are To Be So Lonely, Falling, and of course, SHE. If at any point I think you should listen to a song while reading, I will give you the option but again thats just a personal preference.


Hope you guys can enjoy.

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