"The Week Before Halloween."


A story of a girl who had a rough life. She moves frequently due to her parents having jobs that prevent them to stay in one place for long. Which in turn, made her an awful student who lacked the power to get good grades. In the town and neighborhood that they recently moved in, lives an old ancient tale of a family that once ruled the quaint quiet place hundreds of years ago. This was a town known for it's long and popular celebration of Halloween. Rumor has it that the mansion on the hill was haunted by the 7 Brother's spirits. Another rumor says that the family never died and they still reside in the prolific, old, run-down, Gothic abode as demons. Some say they were murdered by their own parents. But who knows if the rumors are true? The girl moves here in hopes to finally have a more permanent home and school life.

Fantasy / Drama
Amy Williams
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: A New Start

[Warning: MAY CONTAIN CONTENT CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL READERS. Language, blood, fantasy violence, and thematic elements]

A/n: The depiction of idols are works of fiction strictly for your entertainment purposes only. The contents of the story and depictions of real people are not an accurate representation of my views of their personality, character, and likeness in real life. It is just for fun.

[Author's p.o.v.]

October 23th

You sigh heavily. Moving was never fun for you. You have gotten so numb to it, that it is just second nature now. That's why you don't have any friends... because you don't bother with it. Your parents have busy jobs, crazy work schedules, and always on the go. It makes it impossible. It seems like every time you finally try to settle down, your grades begin to slip, or your parents have to move locations for their separate businesses. You have lived in so many different countries, in so many parts of the world, as well as your home country, America. But thanks to living in New Zealand, Japan, China, and just recently Korea, you've managed to further your knowledge in learning other languages. Well, against your own free will, anyway.

Now, due to your parents jobs, you flew back to America where an open opportunity for your parents have risen. It was a 3-year guarantee stay, where they will be settled down and grounded in one place. That was much longer of a time frame than any other move had been. If this was for real, than you could put your High school bullshit behind you and start college! Because of all the moving and changing of schools, you could never finish your senior year of high school. You had to turn in a crap ton of extra credit, and complete so much summer school just to pass. When you heard the news from your parents for the first time, you didn't believe them. You wanted to, but it's happened before in the past, and that trust and overuse of "promises" always failed. Moving in the middle of October didn't appeal to you either. It was way too close to Halloween, which was your favorite Holiday, and you basically had to think of a costume from scratch once again, since your parents told you that you couldn't bring the huge duffel bag of miscellaneous Halloween costumes and props with you. Saying that the: "airport security" wouldn't allow it. You had to roll your eyes.

After landing at your final destination, from having to take 3 different airplanes, and 1 private jet, you finally arrived in the town you were going to be spending the next 3 years of your life in. But just what kind of town was it anyway? You thought to yourself. The last place you were at was a big city filled with art galleries, coffee shops, bowling alleys, and malls. What did this place have to offer?

It was no bigger than the size of a fucking village. You frowned.

"So how big did you say this town was, Dad? And why did we come here?" You grumbled, obvious frustration showed on your face. Your Dad looked into the rear-view mirror of the car to look at you and grimaced at your stubbornness.

"You know very much why we're here, Y/N. I've told you this. We're here because of me and your mother's jobs. We aren't entrepreneurs for nothing," He sighed, shaking his head. "And to answer your other question, this town has about 8,000 people. It is smaller than we are used to, but if we can get a good flow going into this town, I think we might be in business. If you'd sit in at my meetings, you would understand all of this."

You just stop and stare at him, one ear bud hanging off your body as the other pumps loud music into your head. You sigh.
"Yeah, yeah father, I know." You roll your eyes as you pull up your knees to your chest to look out the window of the back seat. Your father kept talking.
"--and you'll also do better at the new school you will be going to. You are going to try harder, and get better grades!" He said, using his angry father tone. "No more slacking, okay? This was a once in a life time opportunity that we were given. This contract is a long lasting one so, I expect you to put just a wee bit more effort into your schooling this time around. You're almost 21, Y/N, you need to start thinking about your future."

I let out an exasperated sigh, hoping he would shut up soon.
"Yes, Dad. I get it, okay? I'll work harder. Geez." You growled softly, not in the mood at all for this. Your mother turned in her seat to face you with a gentle smile and reached a hand over to pat your knee. She was always your light in the darkness. She understood you more.

"It'll be okay, honey. Once we get to the house and get settled in, it will go a lot smoother. We'll be closer together."

You looked at her and nodded once, then turned your head back to the window and put your other earbud in to drown out the world.

"So, where are we going to live at? All of these neighborhoods I've seen are, well... A bit-"

Your Dad cuts you off. "Old and rustic? Yes, that's why we were sent here. It's a bit run down, yes, and all of the houses are painted very peculiar colors, however, connecting our shipment business, with their kind of marketing, we can do some good." He nodded. You grimaced at that, hearing your Father's words over your music.
"Um, a town that literally looks like it came out of a Silent Hill video game, mashed with Nightmare Before Christmas?" You raised a brow.
"Seriously, though. All I wanted to know is where our new house was."

"It's just a few more blocks, Y/N. It's a quiet little neighborhood, that has some sort of national monument here. We live just right across from it." She answered.

"What kind of monument?" You ask, pulling out your ear bud. You were intrigued.

"It's an old, Gothic mansion. Was built in the 1800s." Your Father said sternly. "Apparently, there's a lot of absurd, old-wives tales about the house. Saying it's haunted, or inhabits a bunch of Demons." He laughed. "I don't believe in any of it."

You raised your eyebrows. "Oh? Mansion? Demons?" You beamed, scooting to the edge of your seat.

"Don't get any bright ideas, Y/N. If it's a sacred place, you won't be going anywhere near it. It's off bounds." Your Father retorted, eyeing you from the mirror again.

You pouted. He always had to ruin your fun.
"Okay, fine. Whatever. As long as this is worth me leaving Tori and Dane behind." You sighed sadly, laying back. Tori and Dane were your best friends, for as long as you were in Seoul South Korea. They were both foreign exchange students from America like you were. Tori loved writing and photography, whereas Dane loved music. He played guitar, piano, and had a beautiful singing voice. Funnily enough, he wanted to try out to become an idol singer or an actor.

"Trust me, it will be. I know you miss your friends. But, this time, you'll finally have time to go through school and meet new people." Your Father said, trying to make light of the situation.
"Besides, we can go back to Seoul sometime and visit them if you'd like."

Your eyes widened like dinner plates and lunged forward to grab his arm.
"Oh really!? Can we?" You yelled, really excited.
He gasped and gripped hard on the steering wheel, trying to hold the car steady since you made him almost run into another car.

"Y/N! Please! Careful! I'm driving."

You immediately let your Dad go and fall back into your seat.
"Oops. Sorry, Dad." He just shook his head in annoyance at your childishness. Your Mom just giggled at you too.

"Okay, we're here." He smiled, as he steered the car into a driveway of a navy colored two-story house.
"Home sweet home." He turned off the car and got out of the driveway, immediately went around to the back to unlock the trunk of the car and then began lifting the back to start grabbing the bags.

You were too distracted and in your thoughts to help grab your own belongings. You saw the big mansion that your parents were telling you about, reflecting in the rear view mirror. You turned around to see the huge, 3-story looking, black monster of a house. You immediately scrambled out of the car so you could see it better.
"Is that the house you were talking about, Dad?"
You pointed to the Gothic infrastructure that sat catty-corner to your own home. He looked at you and to the house, nodding. "Yes, it is. It's very old." With that, he turned back to the trunk of the car to grab a couple bags of your family's things.

It had a 15-foot, rod-iron black fence that surrounded it, mostly covered by thick trees and privacy bushes in the front lawn. You were in awe. It was exactly like your taste! Black tiles, black paint, black gargoyles situated on either side of the door. (From what you could tell) A handsome man staring out at you on the second floor window.... Wait- WHAT? You blinked, doing a double take as you looked back up at the second floor window where you thought you had seen the man standing in. But...he was gone. Did I just imagine that?

"Hey- Mom? Dad? Did you see that guy in the window of the house just now?" You yelled, running to them and tugging at your Mother's sleeve. She turned around and raised an eyebrow at you like you were a crazy person.
"What? What are you talking about?" She looked up at the house and back at your father, who only shrugged and walked away toward the front door of the house.

"I don't see anything, honey. Are you sure you're not tired?" She laughed softly, patting your back and followed after your father.

"What? You didn't..." Your sentence trailed off as you turned your head once again, back to the mansion. Nothing. You glanced at the window that the light haired man was standing at but ultimately saw nothing. You shook your head. Did I really just imagine it? Truly?

You sighed feeling defeated and walked over to the trunk. You snatched the last few bags and boxes that were your own belongings and closed the car trunk, pushing away the knotted feeling you were already getting in your stomach about that mansion.

"Tonight, I'm going to find out for sure what's in that place." You mumbled to yourself as you entered your house and shut and locked the door behind you.

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