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"She is crazy" "He is crazy!!" "Oh please! He is crazy!!" "Shut up you pizza heads we all are crazy!!!"

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(Ignore the mistakes as English is not my first language )

I don't know who's POV~

"YAAH WAKE UP YOU SLEEPIE HEAD BEFORE I BREAK YOUR HEAD!!!!!" The shouting hits the sleeping beauty's ear disturbing her precious sleep.

Gritting her pearl white teeth she sits up and the first thing that was done after that was placing her foot Infront of the person who woke her up who is none other than her elder sister and saying "Can you see this??This will be coming in your dreams if you will break my precious sleep againnnnnn!!!!!!!"

Ignoring her idiot warnings her sister rolls her eyes and leaves but NOT before saying "Bish...what a loopy mind you have...forgot what today is"

She sticks her tongue out at her and again layed down to continue her so called precious sleep.....but!! As soon as she closed her eyes it opened wide again..."HOLY SHIT" that was all left her mouth before running towards the washroom not before hitting her foot to side table and cursing under her breath.

The washroom door banged open in just 1 minute 5 seconds showing the girl standing , brushing her teeth with right hand , applying her face wash with left hand outfits on both of her shoulders slipper in one foot and socks on the other

In the same condition she rushed out of her room to downstairs in the kitchen where her mom and irritating sister is.

As soon she entered the kitchen the first that is heard was "Oh Gosh!! What are you trying? To give a heart attack to me?! What are you doing idiot!!" Her mother shouted at her while holding her hand to her chest and eyes wide as if she just saw a ghost walk into her kichten spilling the water she was holding

Ignoring her mom's shocked questions and expression she asked in a hurry "Which dress?? The one on my right shoulder or the one on my left shoulder?? Hurry!!" She asked speeding up her pace in brushing. Poor teeths.

"Eww don't talk while brushing you unmannered brat!! And the right shoulder one "Her mom says scrunching her nose at her beloved idiot daughter"

" Okie!!" She was about to leave when her sister commented "You are uglyyyy" while scrunching her nose at her bratty sister.

"Yahh you bish my hair straightener is hotter than you!!" She says tilting her waist and showing the hair straightener which was in her PJ's pocket.

Her sister gasped and pouted before stomping out of the kitchen with her Chocolate bar.

"Yahh Bella you ungrateful best!! She is your elder sister not younger!!" Her mother shoutes while pointing her spatula at her daughter.

Yes you heard right! It's

Bella. 17 years old. Is a sleepie head and the one to arrive late. Sweet but sour girl. She will hit you with her mascara tube if you say that she is not looking good. Will always be the one busy with her own world but will beat you up and make you a tomato ketchup if she finds out that someone interrupts her precious sleep.

( This was the first chapter hope you all enjoy especially you miss Bella )

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Love you all~

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