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( Ignore the mistakes as English is not my first language )

I don't know who's POV~

The sound of water running and someone singing can be heard all around the room....well not singing... actually screaming.

"Mom is calling y- what was that??" Here comes a little brother in his sister's room.

"Ahhhhh WHY THE HECK IS THE WATER SO COLD" the little boy's mouth opened so big as he ran out of the room screaming for his life "MOM YOUR DAUGHTER HAS TRANSFORMED INTO A DINOSAURRRRRR!!!! SHE IS GONNA BREAK THE WASHROOM DOOR AND EAT ALL OF USSSS"

Frowning at her brothers yelling the lazy girl stretched her foot towards the running shower for the 26th time....touching the water and then again running to the corner.

"Okie okie I can do this...I can do this....I am the ice queen like Elsa...I can do this!! FIGHTING!! And oh...I am really pretty" She said to herself looking in the mirror and blushing at her own comment.

She closed her eyes , hands in a fist and then finally after 26th attempts she is gonna jump under the cold water.

"1 , 2 and 3!!!" But as soon as she was gonna land at the correct spot someone disturbed her....

"Are you okay my Miss Dinosaur daughter??" Raising her on eyebrow she turned towards the door with a "Wha- OH GOD"

"Nhdjeinbana...eeee...Ahhh...owweee....Ohhhh" There was no animal sound which she didn't say.

"What happened???" Her mom asked worried. "MY BUM BUM...AHHH!!! MY DEAR NOT SO SWEET MOM...I HATE YOUUUUUU"

"Oopsiee" was all her mom said before walking out of the room because now her daughter was actually turning into a dinosaur. She rubbed her poor bum bum hissing in pain and said "I bet it won't hurt this much even if a super hot guy fucks me!! A big dick is better than a hard marble floor!!!!"

Gritting her teeth she finally stood up and showered.

The washroom door finally opened which was locked since 6 in the morning till now 8:45. "Phew finally!!!"

She looked around her room frowning "Where is my outfit??"

She walked towards her large mirror while looking around for her outfit but couldn't find.

Stopping Infront of the mirror she placed one finger at her cheek , one hand on her waist trying to figure out where she left her outfit last night after dancing like crazy monkey.

"Where did I keep ittt~.....uhh.... yesterday I kept it on the couch when I was dancing....then after dancing I went to eat dinner...and then mom shouted at me to iron my dress. I....was ironing the dress when suddenly my alarm ringed for my night skin care routine!! Yeah....uhh and then I ran to my leaving the iron on my beautiful dress and forgot to switch off the iron!!! Yass....I finally remembered!!!! Yayy-wait WHAT?!!???!"

She turned around to run but as she was about to open the door it clicked on her mind that she was still in towel only...

"Fuck me" Was all she said before changing into a t-shirt and sweat pants and rushing downstairs where the poor dress must be.

When she reached the iron table there was no dress to be found.."okie...are my pretty eyes alright?" She said and rubbed her eyes but still there was no dress.

"Mommmmmmmm" She called while checking her nail paint if it was looking perfect or not.

"What happened miss dinosaur?" Her mom said trying her best to not burst out laughing.

She glared at her mom before asking "Have you seen my beautiful dress but not as beautiful as me which was right here?" Her mom rolled her eyes at the her idiot daughter before pushing her daughter out of the house.

The lazy girl frowned when her mom stopped her Infront of the big garbage bin. "What is this?" Her mom asked folding her arms and looking at her dinosaur daughter.

"A garbage bin?? " She said but it sounded more like a question than an answer.

"It's where I threw your 'not as beautiful as you dress' " She answered blinking innocently at her daughter.

"WHAT" Her jaw dropped and eyes looked like it will pop out anytime.

"Don't show me your mouth structure..I am not a dentist... the dress was burned and I don't think I am so jobless that my daughter will wear a burned dress to her special day.." She showed her teeth while explaining her daughter not so sweetly.

The lazy girl's mouth quickly got shut at her mom's comment but said "I was gonna wear it!!" And stomped her foot like a 4 year old kid.

"There is the bin and here are your hands take it out if you wanna wear it~" Her mom said singing.

The lazy girl scrunched her nose at this and received a slap on her bum bum. "Ouch...that hurts mom!!" She said rubbing her poor bum bum for the 5 time today.

"You have a flat ass" Her eyes landed on her bratty brother who was standing enjoying the drama.

"Yeah brat...almost as flat as your chest" She replied rolling her eyes.

"Yahh Olivia he is a boy not a girl you idiot!!" Ignoring her mom she sticked her tongue out at her brother before going inside the house to get ready.

Yup it's

Olivia. 20 years old. Is the laziest person alive on Earth but is the fastest in her beauty work. Sweet and fluffy. Knows so many ways to spend the whole day doing nothing. Always the one to wake early but arrive late. Can be very dangerous if you disturb her beauty care time.

(This was the second chapter. Hope you all like it especially Miss Olivia)

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