Future boy past problem


2 years after getting rid of Ultron the next Avengers start building the city however some of them are missing the Young Avengers have looked Trout the city but couldn't find their friends they didn't expect their friends to be in a whole new timeline all together.

Mystery / Adventure
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"Do you understand what you need to do?" A metallic voice asked the young boy standing in the middle of the dark room.
"Yes," He replied, his voice monotone, void of any emotion.
"Your mission?" the same voice asked as metalic footsteps sounded, appearing to be circing the boy.
"Make sure Ultron is built stonger than before and destroy the avengers."
"Starting with," the metallic voice coached as it pulled a lever, causing a machine to power up. The light emitted from the machine allowed the boy to finally be seen. he had red hair with bangs that were styled to go to the left side off his face in an almost spiky way. His eyes were a dark red as opposed to their normal blue. He wore a pair of black pants the looked like they'd be made for a spy or something and a black cross jacket with red down the middle of it. Red boots and gloves adorned his feet and hands. One had a black metal device that covered part of it. He appeared to be looking at a 7 foot tall silver robot with red eyes and red light inside it's mouth that showed when it spoke. His left hand balled up in a fist and his right eyelid twitched, showing the fist sign of emotion.
"Captain America," His voice was just as monotone as before, but it still wavered. The robot typed something in on it's arm and his fist uncurled as he relaxed, emotion leaving both his eyes and posture.
"Good. Remember your training and go fulfill your mission," It ordered, stepping to the side to allow the boy access to what looked to be a portal. He simply nodded and pulled on what looked to be a black helmet which ended bellow the eyes with holes cut in it so he could see. A white R as painted on top of the helmet before walking forwards. As he entered the portal, he spoke only two words.
"Yes Ultron."
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