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I'll take a beer, and your number


supernatural oc story. also an au.

Humor / Adventure
Cole Johnson
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September 13, 2029 (aka future) Pennsylvania

″kate, can you cover my shift? i got a sexy date with destiny″ said kates coworker william through the phone. kate tightened the knot on her black and white flannel and pulled up her high waisted dark blue distressed skinny jeans.

she put her phone in between her ear and shoulder, then hung up her black sherpa lined leather jacket on the hook by the door. ″Will thats every week.″ said kate and almost tripped on her shoe lace of her black biker boots, and made a note to tie it when she had a chance. ″but fine, we dont get much people so i can cover your shift Will,″

″ok thank you so much bye!″ said Will through the phone and hung up. kate sighed wished she could have a date with some guy that she loved. but having such high standards. she was a fiction geek and loved fictional guys more than real ones-- excluding Will, he understood her and they would talk about everything under the sun. but now he has dates every week. well more like every DAY. kate walked over to the bar table and stuck her phone in her back pocket then reached down to tie her shoe and when she was done she heard the door swing open. she stood the rest of the way up and saw a guy strut in he had on a black t-shirt and a brown destressed leather jacket. he had on overly distressed blue jeans and biker boots on the bottom.

‘wow thats my kinda guy!’ thought kate, and who said all great guys are fictional?′

to be continued

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