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I'll take a beer, and your number


He walks over and basically collapses down on the stool closest to Kate. he looked up at Kate and smirked. ‘where have i seen this guy?’ Kate wonders.

″what would you like?″ asks Kate.

″I’ll take a beer, and your number,″ he said. his voice sounded insanely familiar, but she brushed it off.

″alright,″ said Kate she grabbed the beer not even bothering to ask his age even though he looked like he was at least 21, she thought for a flying second that maybe she made a mistake by not asking, but then again...….. she was hiding lots of things. more than she’d like to admit. she slid the beer over to the man. then she wrote down her number, and gave it to him.

″i’ll text you,″ he said and winked.

kate blushed she looked down and appeared to be in deep thought. she looked up, ″where have i seen you before?″

the man froze. his beer raised about to take a drink. he stared at kate, ″uh.... no where,″ he said then, took the last swig of his beer. he sat it on the table. he ran his fingers through his light brown hair. he looked down looking deep in thought. then he abruptly turned around said ″i gotta go,″ he stands up but kate notices he winces and mumbles ″son of a bitch,″ he falls back down on the stool.

‘okay that sounds WAY TO familiar’ thought kate.

″hey dude? ya ok?″ kate asks and frowns.

he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. but kate can still see the tears breaking through his closed eyes. ″yep,″ the guy wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. ″i’m fine,″ he takes another deep breath, ″just. uh.... give me a minute,″ his right leg was stretched out in front of him. he reached down and started rubbing his knee. ″ow,″ he says and grimaces.

″dude, ya sure?″ asks kate.

″I swear the next person who asks me if I’m okay, I’m going to start throwing punches!″ he exclaims and punches the table.

Kate had just realized something ″oh my god,″ kate mumble and the door flies open.

″shit,″ kate hears him mumble. kate looks at them and sees them flash teeth, a bunch of sharp teeth.

″vamps,″ kate hears him mutter.

‘wait....... vamps...?’ kate thinks. ‘oh.... he’s....dean.....winchester!’

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