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I'll take a beer, and your number


″hide,″ he whispers to Kate. kate hides behind the bar and stays there. kate remembers a show called supernatural that she had watched, she stopped watching it once it was over. she had a major crush on dean. and as the years progressed the show faded. but now it all came rushing back to her. like a sack of bricks hit her chest, but it couldnt be him.

″its not him,″ she mutters hiding. ''just a cop under cover or something.''

meanwhile with the mystery man fighting the vamps.

″you stupid sons a bitches!″ he mutters. then dean gets thrown to the ground. he lands on his right wrist and feels something pop inside of his wrist. ″sonofabitch,″ the vamp grabs him by the collar of his leather jacket. he was punched in the right shoulder which knocked it out of place. ″sh*t!″ then vamp disappears. literally ″what the holy h*ll?!″

dean hears kate say ″c-can i come out?″

″yeah,″ he’s says, leaning against a wall, cradling his whole arm. his eyes squeezed shut in pain.

″oh my god,″ kate says and runs over, ″what hurts?!″

″my arm,″ he says tears breaking through his closed eyes, ″my shoulders out of place and my wrist is jacked up.″

″let me see,″ says kate. he slowly took his hand off his shoulder.

″okay i need to set it,″ said kate.

″ya know how?″ he asked pain tracing his face and voice.

″my mom was a doctor,″ said kate quietly. kate gently took his shoulder in her hands. ″on 3. 1........2........3″ and sets his shoulder.

he doubles over clutching his shoulder letting out a painful groan, and a long string of curses.

″sorry,″ said kate.

″nah, dont be sorry,″ said dean his eyes squeezed shut, ″you did good.″ he stands up leaning against the wall, and looks at his bruised and swollen wrist, ″sh*t,″ kate hears him mutter.

kate walks over and looks at his wrist. ″its only sprained,″

he looks up at kate, ″how’d you know?″

″i told you my mom was a doctor,″ said kate.

″oh yeah,″ says the young man, ″my names dean by the way.″

kate stares at him, ''what?''

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