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A 16 year old girl discovers strange things about herself and about her parents learning thing that are way out of this world

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

hey everyone I want to tell a story about a girl which is technically me, I really love imaginating, about thing that do not really exist and also I am a very weird girl.

my name is elena and I have a very wicked stepmother, I used to have a boyfriend but he broke up with me, sometime I ask my self what it feels like to not exist anymore or if I die I wonder if anyone would even care. my real parents died in a fire accident but to be truthful my dad did not die he survived the fire accident and got married again to a very wicked woman, she do not even care if I exist all she want is her little perfect family how insane, I am 16 year old yesterday was my birthday actually but I have been noticing some strange things about me when I was in school I did something crazy like I told the head of the cheerleader that she is crazy and then she started acting crazy well to be truthful it could have been that she was already crazy but I did not knew what was happening but I liked it then I went home I told my mom to leave me alone and normally she starts to shout but she just went away I was so happy I do not know what happened but my hair became pink and I could have swear that I did not touch my hair not even to comb my hair the next day in school I started getting noticed it was very cool I even got invited to a party normally in a movie or anything the main character starts to ignore all her friends but I had no friends to ignore but still happy that night I got into my room and got dressed up for party my dad did not even try to stop me he was kind of happy for me weird well the party was great at the beginning but then I started feeling weird everything started to turn around like really fast then the only the that came to me was to run I ran really really fast when it stop I was in the middle of no where it was like I could hear the bird sing and animals passing around me sometimes to me that felt like a dream but it was not a dream it was all real it was so beautiful and magical then I hard the weirdest sound coming from the trees and the sea the voice sound so familiar when it came closer I could hear it say "they are peace they are all peace, they will try to hunt you down but they will not get you only if you believe" weirdly I saw a something passing through the tree it looked like a man but someone my age the next thing I saw was nothing but a dark road and a huge fire storm and I was the only one in it just like a very lonely dream then I waked up by my mom shouting saying elena you are die today I try to understand the dream or what happen last night but it was not to long my mom came into the room telling me to explain my self I had nothing to say because all that I remember was my head turning around and I know it seem like I drank too much but did not even take anything so I technically have nothing to tell my mom she got so angry and just told me to go to school all I knew was that she was going to tell my dad about everything and try to get me out again then she told me that their was someone at the door for me when I went down I saw this guy that I have never seen before in my life I said hey and he said do I remember anything from yesterday I was shocked thinking maybe I did something with him yesterday so I close the door and walk away the disgrace I tried my best to forget about him or anything that happened between us but it was on my mind all through the way to school when the class started the teacher said we had a new students to my surprise the new student was the guy from yesterday.
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