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Moon Lovers ~ 🐰💜🐯


~Ongoing~ This is my 7th Book! Sorry guys, don't expect me to any updates for this book until I finish my rest of ongoing books!

Romance / Fantasy
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📢 I have not even complete this drama yet, tbh I didn’t even finish watching episode 2 but this story leads me to write Alpha and Omega story in our taekook ft! Special thanks to SalmaanKhan731 who suggested me to watch his series, this drama intro and few scenes takes me to this level! And don’t expect me to update, definitely I won’t because already many books in pending list, so sorry my dears. Then why I’m release this story now, because I don’t want to forget this script eeeeeeeeeeeee. My all time favorite plat is Alpha and Omega, so I want to make this book with so much special and little bit unique 🤗

About the cover picture I’m very bad at morphing, I tried to replace JK and V picture but couldn’t make. So bear with Lee Joongi (JK) and IU (V); they are not related to this story as any character except that beautiful picture.

~ Sin 💜


Tae P.O.V:

Hello My name is Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.

Who is living in the center of the busy city, Seoul; alone. Yes, I’m living alone in the fairest apartment. I’m a normal person who is studying in normal school with a part time job. Like other normal teenage guys I’m also enjoying my 18th years life living happily. My single life with kpop world!.

Yes, I’m addicted to kpop, especially my idol. Everyone will go crazy for his single glance, so i’m not exempt from that. He is so so so hot, his stage performance will be like fire, he will kill every fan with his mind blowing performance. And he is not like other idols, who will act cute and use their charm to attract the fandom. He is totally different, he never ever smiled for the camera. It is very very rare to find his smiling lips. We were most of the time seeing his dominant attitude and some kind of sadness filled eyes, like he is missing someone for years! His songs, 80 out of 100 percent he wrote only sad songs, 10 percent to whoever judging his character, and other 10 percent still we don’t know to whom he is telling that he is loving and no matter what how many years he is waiting! As a crazy fanboy I don’t know how to react, to be happy about my first idol crush’s secret love or whatever it be, or to comfort my broken heart like it will only happen in fanfiction to love your idol!

His name is JK!

We still don’t know his real name, It’s crazy to hear right? But that’s true! We don’t know why he is keeping his name secretly either for damn 7 years! Since the day he entered into the kpop industry he is the one ruling that field worldwide.

Normally in every group somehow we found some of their secret or personal matters, but in JK’s life it is very very complicated. We don’t know how he is managing to keep every single news very closed door. Sometimes I’m so glad about his living style, like the way he wants to live but at the same time as a crazy fanboy I’m disappointed about his overrrrrrrrr closed door life. At least he should come to variety shows or self log or vlive whatever, but he didn’t even post a single selca in these whole damn years!!

As a JK’s fanboy or fangirl is not an easy job! We are struggling more to gather his details or pictures or videos!! Sometimes we wonder why he chose to be an IDOL, if he didn’t want to show himself like other idols, to whom he had chosen this path, to whom he is trying everything!!!

Today is my 18th birthday and more than my birthday I could say today is a huge day, which I have to record in history, because today is JK’s 3rd fanmeeting. In the past 7 years, their company called BigHit Entertainment conducted fanmeeting only twice. We don’t know it because of JK’s decision or what, because the company also almost looks like working fully under his control.

Do you believe if I say this is my 36th attempt to meet him in person?!

Yes, 35 times I failed to meet him as a crazy fan. I really don’t know how it is happening in every attempt. 33 concerts and live broadcast, 2 fanmeeting. Many times the online booking crashed my dream, but I had found a way to pay more and get the tickets to meet him. The sad thing is something would come from somewhere to crash my every plan. Those 33 attempts at least I would go to 90 percent of the process, but fanmeetings 0%. I have attended many other groups concerts, broadcasting and fanmeeting, since I’m a big fan of kpop. But, my wonder is why it is happening only on JK’s program!

Somehow I can accept 33 missed concerts with half hearted but those 2 fanmeeting, where I can see and interact with him directly never! And the excitement was his first fanmeeting planned exactly on my 15th year birthday, is it not crazy?

When I aggressively tried to attempt I had an extreme accident which made me stick on bed for more than 15 days. My dearest best friend, more like my soulmate Jimin, Park Jimin, he never stopped scolding me for more than 3 months I think, for being these much crazy on mere IDOL. But my heart is always feeling something something whenever I see him through pictures or videos or whatever. I don’t know it because of his being unique in IDOL, or his dominant power, or his handsome face, or hot performance or waiting to see his very small curved smile for years, I don’t know where I had fallen, and it is only happening to me or other crazy fans like me!

And when BigHit planned their 2nd fanmeeting on JK’s birthday last year of 2019, I was so so so excited to meet him, I had even prepared a huge and very special gift for him. But fate did the job as usual by standing against me and clashed in with their perfect plan. Still I don’t know or remember how I felt like someone squeezing my heart alive, it was very very close to meeting JK. And it happened in the same building, I was standing on the same place with JK, I was about to breathe the same air with JK, but before it all happened I was lost my conscious!

Thankfully that day Jimin came along with me, so he took me to the hospital immediately. But still we wonder about the result, the doctors said I was perfectly fine! How? How is it possible? I really felt like I had a heart attack at a young age!! But the report said I was perfect!!!

Something is wrong with me or my body or my life!!!

“Aishhhhh, you won’t stop going there? I really don’t feel good..” I stopped the complaining person who is trying to stop going fanmeeting since the day I told him “You know very well how I’m crazy about him, Jimin. So please just let me go” I pleaded with him.

“Whenever you are planning to meet him something is happening to you tae, you don’t feel something odd?” he asks while settling himself on the bed.

I exhale very deeply, of course I’m well aware of the very odd feeling always happening only on JK’s plans. Sometimes I wonder if fate is indirectly trying to tell me to stop meeting JK?! But why? What is the reason? I knew I could never be his anything, it is just a fan and idol interaction. It is every fan’s dream to see their idol in person at least once in their life.

“First stop talking like an uncle, Jimin. It was my mistake when I had an accident” I take the blame.

“Okay, then the second meeting? You didn’t see what the Doctors said? You were freaking fine when I literally see in the pain”

“That was my acting skill and you fell into that so don’t blame JK” again I stand to protect my idol.

“JK, JK, JK, I don’t know why you are being sooooo crazy over the freaking Alpha” he yells, I chuckles silently.

Yes, JK’s other name is Alpha, we are the one given this name. Because most of his songs replicate some kind of werewolf fantasy story. We still don’t know why he is writing those kinds of songs but we still love him for whatever he does. And he had a tattoo on his full right arm, they didn’t reveal it yet, but our costly cameras caught a few of things which included that Alpha and Omega tattoo with Moon?!!

“Don’t call him Alpha, you know my JK will be mad if he hears”

“First of all, he is not your JK..” I sigh and roll my eyes “I know” I said between my exhale mouth he continues “..Second of all, he is really a fucking true alpha”

I laughs loudly and fall over him to squeeze “OMG Jiminssieee, those are freaking fantasy stories, you are believing it?”

He pushed me away “I’m not either, but in real life if someone can be True Alpha like those freaking fantasy stories described then it could be one and only your JK” I don’t know why my face turned hot with something warm feeling inside.

“Then, who, who can be his Omega?” I asked him like talking to myself with very low tone, looking somewhere than the glaring person “In your dreams only it will happen, taetae”

My all happiness vanished by his reality words, with lowered head and cracked voice coming out with heavy sad sigh “I know, at least you can say that for my birthday”

He immediately jumps on me to give a tight hug “I’m so so so sorry baby, I know even a small JK’s talk would hurt you badly. But please accept this fact. We are normal people, your dreams are very high..” I immediately cut him “I just want to meet him in person, is that wrong?” I literally yell with my heavy heart.

He was about to argue back but I can see he is holding it for me, for my birthday. He sighed one last time helplessly before taking out the gift?! “Saeng il chughahae, chingu” my eyes widened at the very rare collection of my JK’s signed special edition album, my eyes automatically teared up by the emotion, it is very very costly; my one of dream to buy it. I know very well he is hating my JK but he bought it for me? “Jiminssieeeeeeee” I went into his already opened arm to bury myself “I can’t give that Alpha as your birthday gift, so take this” tightens my hug with happy tears “Thank you so much, jimin. You don’t know how important this is..” he cuts me “I know, I know, that’s why now it is here. Before I change my mind please take this” with soft laughs I accepted his costly gift.

He puts some tickets over the new gifts “Here is my another gift, and your long term dream. I have booked a special tattoo artist who is very famous for JK’s tattoo. So you can get tattooed as you wished on the next week, okay?” I sniffled again in hella happiness “Jiminssieeeeeeeee” words didn’t come out and I went to give an emotional hug.

“You are the bestest friend ever in the world” I says between my happy emotional hug, he pets my back and replies “Yeah, yeah, and you will say the exact opposite words whenever I curse your JK”

I whined at his true words “Jimin” he chuckles and says “Okay okay, are you ready I’m going on the same way at your JK’s fanmeeting, if you are ready I will drop you..” I cut him “If I’m not ready yet?” he replies casually “So simple I would wait until your lazy ass get ready”

I know he won’t leave me, because to him today is a dangerous day to me according to his demon calculation. If he didn’t have that urgent job from his work, he won’t let me go to meet JK alone!

“Just 5 minus, Jimin” he nodded. I rushed to fix my new costly cloth which I bought especially to meet my JK. In front of his sharp handsome eyes I should have at least looked like an average fine person.

“Okay, Jimin let’s go” I came to stand in front of him with a beautiful bouquet and small gift box, which I had prepared for my JK. He didn’t get up just staring at me head to toe.

“Are you going to propose to him or just going to attend the fanmeeting?” my face instantly turned in crimson red, covered my face and whines “Jiminssieeeeeeeee”

“But I know it won’t happen since he is loving someone”

“He has not yet admitted it” I yelled softly in sudden sadness.

“Yeah, at the same time he does not deny it yet, right?”

“That’s his type, he won’t come to the camera for any personal rumors” I argued back more like comforting myself.

“Okay, then who is that lolita?..” that single name comes straightly to stab my heart deeply, Jimin’s arguing tone immediately changed, probably seeing my statue position tears?! “..Okay, Okay, I’m sorry baby. I know I should not bring that name in front of you, you had warned more than thousands of times. I will not in future, I swear” he comes to comfort me, but my unknown feelings never ever get comfort by hearing that name. I don’t know why that name is always triggering my soul.

I should not feel that JK is writing each and every song for me, it is for that someone called lolita. But why the hell am I feeling something else, which will never possibly happen in my life!

I took a few minutes to control my feelings and accept the fact that lolita can never be me!

“It’s okay jimin, however that’s the reality..” he was trying to say something but I cuts him “..I have to accept that Lolita is in a special place in his heart”

“Yes taetae, you can dream of him as much as you want, but at the same time you should be aware of the reality too” I nod at his words silently.

I heard his soft sigh then dragging me out “I don’t know what is going to happen, but don’t forget to update me every 30 minutes okay?”

“Yes, boss. I will” I said and followed him, he shook his head before we both reached his dad’s car.

At his driving I asked, “When do you plan to introduce your boyfriend, Jimin?” I noticed his soft sigh “How many times do I have to tell you taehyung? He is just a good friend” his voice cracked at the last part.

“Friend? Really? Then why are you afraid of introduce him?..” before he gave me another lame excuse I cut him “..Can I tell the truth? Because you are afraid of his background, you are afraid of your heart, you are afraid of your secret love. Trust me Jimin he is also loving you” I squeezed his hand softly to comfort his scaring heart.

“I can’t face him if..if he says he didn’t look at me like how I look at him taehyung. It..it will be difficult, you know he is a millionaire..” I cut him “In front love money is nothing, Jimin” he let out his usual sad curved smile “Reality is so far away from your fanfiction, taehyung. First, stop reading those, you have to see the world” “First, you have to open your eyes to see your real love, Jimin. Just because he is a millionaire is there any rule to not love him?” he kept silent and looked away to wipe off his tears “Jimin..” he cut me “Please taehyung, I’m really happy to be friends with him forever” “Friend? You don’t really have the balls to say your love Jimin. If I was you, I would shout my love not only to him, the entire world would hear it” he stopped the car and smiles softly “Yeah, yeah, here we have reached your boyfriend’s place now you don’t even have to shout to the world just go to him and simply say hi I’m Kim Taehyung; I’m damn sure you will die when you see him in person” I shook my head and takes a deep breath “Nope, I can say that I love him, at least like him!!” I cracked at my own confidence, he chuckles and gives me a warm hug “Stay safe, baby. I will be back in a few minutes to take you back, okay?” I nod and bite my lips in a sudden nervous and racing heartbeat “Okay, Jimin bye bye” hopped out of the car with my bouquet and small gift box.

Waits until Jimin’s car faded at my sight, then turned and looking at the very grand decoration, closed my eyes and taking deep breath at nth time of the day, when I opened my eyes I was expected my racing heartbeat would calm down but it only increased with lot of nerverounsess 💭 Am I only having these kind of different feelings or others too? 💭 I looked around and saw many fans in excitement or being calm and cool, few only seemed nervous like me?!

Fist my hand with a bouquet and a small gift box 💭 You can do it, taehyung. Fighting 💭 stored the small gift box inside of my new coat before stepping into the very very unique fanmeeting decoration.

Normally fanmeeting they would conduct in public places or their own building, but this almost looks like a personal party place or palace!

Everyone seems busy in their own business, staff are busy in checking and other works, fans are having hard time to speak and share their happiness between the loud music. I just followed the staff instructions to get inside the place which looks like a palace.

When I got in, I didn’t see many people, since many were waiting outside for friends or something. Inside music is playing very louder than outside, which I feel like JK’s sweet voice directly hitting my already racing heart. My lips automatically curved in happiness while my hand petted over my crazy heartbeat with closed eyes 💭 December 30, 2020 was going to be my best day ever in my life 💭 when I opened my eyes to look at the brightening sky, it’s started slowly to turn black clouds 💭 What is happening here? 💭 “Ahhh today the news channel informed about solar eclipse, right!” I looked at others, they are also taking the video or seeing through it!

When I was about take out my mobile, I noticed a baby fell into the swimming pool accidently “Help, helppp, a baby fell into the pool, somebody helpppppppp” I screamed as much I could, but receives no response due to music sound and sudden solar eclipse 💭 Ohhh goddd, what the fuck they are doing without notice the baby 💭 my fist hands and legs shivering at the same time in nervous and fear, because I don’t know fucking how to swim, I’m damn scard of it “Come on tae, it’s a baby. You have to jump” I closed my eyes tightly with gritted teeth to control my fear 💭 You can do it, you can do it, you can do.. 💭 dropped my bouquet and jumped into the pool to save the drowning baby.

I caught the baby and kept up safely while I’m drowning slowly, I don’t know what was happening outside. In a few minutes I felt no weight on my hand 💭 Where is the baby? 💭 my eyes struggling to open under the water, while my breath coming out like a air bubbles, it’s stopping slowly, I can feel my body being less weight like floating in the air. My eyes barely can see the moon engulfing the sun fully, when it’s completed my lips curved in a smile for no reason my last air bubbles comes out with the name of “JK” closed my eyes to give some rest.

⏮️ time skip? No!! Time Travel to 3000 years back ⏭️

With heavy coughs I’m trying to stand on my shaking legs when someone pulled out from the pool, I gripped on the person’s shoulder for support, I can’t help resting my head over his bare chest?! To calm down my breath and fears, I feel like I was born again! Some different kind of smell hits my nasal it instantly calms down my fear. My head is spinning and hurting like hell, tightens my grip over his shoulder and biceps to bear it. But before it calms down the person pulls me out forcibly still I’m in his strong grip; with my blurry vision I’m trying to focus on his voice which I can hear very very barely. I shake my killing head to take a look at the person’s face clearly at least before I die “J..JK?” now I closed my eyes to die peacefully.

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