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V is for vampire is about forbidden love. Where a clueless and inexperienced Teenager falls in love with a vampire. What will her fate come to? Will she be able to be with the vampire or not?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: Meeting Him

It was seventy five degrees in Atlanta, the city that had the most crimes and wait for it... Apparently Vampires existed and I had no idea.

I, Mila Grace had been born in Atlanta when I was just a baby but as I grew up I learned that life is not sweet like a box of chocolates. As a matter of fact I learned that even then life is cruel and unworthy and there is so many people in this cruel society that could careless about you. Amazing right, nah not at all.
I was walking down the streets of Atlanta wearing a yellow sundress with yellow wedges and my hair was curled. I bet you guys are wondering why I was walking down the streets of a city that held the most crimes. Well let me tell you then, I had no car as I was only 17 years old in High School so I had to walk to school.
Not safe at all, especially not where I live.
I have been walking for 1 minute and 20 seconds now.
I had my earbuds in listening to 'My Demons' By Starset which was on repeat.
The school I attended was North Atlanta High School. Many students from all over the world went to that school and it didn't take me long at all to make friends even though I had moved cities, it was hard on me because my mom whom was single was a nurse and she got a job here in Atlanta. All of the other hospitals turned her offers down so she moved here with me to settle into her new job. Very fun and risky indeed. Being a nurse took lots of skills... Such as Courtesy, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Empathy but let's not forget the one that is most important which is Patience. Patience can get you anywhere you want in life.
As I walked into the school many students stared me down. Yeah, of course I'm a new student so a lot of people are going to stare at me and make me nervous. I found staring rude because most people don't like being stared at even I didn't. Yet I still managed to cope with being stared at all the way to the first day to the last day of school. Not as easy as I make it sound, it gets very irritating and annoying as someone stares at you.
I sighed as I walked into the office grabbing my schedule, I looked over my schedule and let a sigh leave my mouth.
My classes were hard classes and I so was not ready for this to begin... My classes were Early Childhood, Algebra, Physical Education, Earth Science, Animal Science, and Social Science then I had Reading and Writing but instead of giving me the grade I was in they upped it which only meant it would be harder on me.
Of course.
I sighed as I left the office then walked into my first class which was Early Childhood.
"Good Morning Class, My name is Ariana and I'm your teacher for Early Childhood. Today we will be learning on how to bottle feed a baby and how to make their formula, But first we have a new student. Please come up here and introduce yourself."
Oh brother...
I walked up to the front of the class as I smiled at everyone then bowed.
"Hello guys, nice to meet you all. I'm Mila Grace I hope we can get along and become friends!"
"Welcome to North Atlanta High Ms. Mila."
"Thank you."
"You may now go to your seat which is beside Jungkook. Jungkook please raise your hand."
I looked over into the crowd of the students and saw a very attractive male with dark brown hair, brown doe-like eyes and a built frame. Wow... He himself was like a prince out of a fairy tale but he wasn't.
I smiled as I walked over and sat down next to the boy whom had raised his hand as I pulled out my notebook from my Nike backpack.
The teacher walked around the class passing out the papers that we would fill the answers out on, I smiled as I took the two papers that the teacher had gave me and handed one to Jungkook then placed my paper on my desk and took out a mechanical pencil. When I looked over I saw that Jungkook didn't have a pencil or a notebook, so I offered him one of my notebooks and a pencil, he took it then flashed me a smile. A bunny smile.
Awww cute.
I smiled as I bit on my lip focusing on my work slowly answering the questions on the paper gradually taking my time and thoroughly answering each question.
Once I was finished with my assignment I helped Jungkook with his then took both of our papers up to the teacher as she graded our papers.
100 was our grade. I was so excited too excited that I hugged Jungkook but I realized his body was cold, like ice cold.
Is that normal for a human?
Was he even human?
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