There was Never any Reasoning


The general had asked Fox to pay him a visit so that they could go over some important business. Usually when someone had to physically meet with general Peppers, it means that this was a serious matter. Once Fox arrived, Pepper told him that he was in dire need of him and his team; that he didn’t have anyone else to go to for a thing like this. He informed Fox that he will be hired to go up against a psychopath; a relentless lunatic. He explained that she is willing to sacrifice any amount of innocent souls to get whatever it is that she was after at that point in time. Fox took in every word that passed by the old dogs mouth, and he understood each and every one that made it into his head. Pepper began to describe as well as point out a few things about this criminal that he needed to know. Frankly, and unfortunately everything he told him was everything that he himself knew about this individual. Pepper also told him that when he got back to his team, that they needed to load up and head out as soon as they could.

General Peppers was a old hound dog that fought through the Lylat Wars and became the general of the Corneria Army. Not long after the death of a close friend, he sees to it that his dear friends son is living alright. Since the Star Fox team is only accepting jobs for the greater good, it makes it that much easier to keep an eye on the lad.

“I can not stress enough that time is an essence here, Fox.”

“Roger that General. My team and I will do the best to our abilities sir.”

“I’m counting on you my boy. Do not let me down.” The old hound spoke in a serious and strict tone to express that even though they were good friends, he was not afraid to thrust him and his team into the pit of consequences that lay beneath his feet at all times.

“One more thing before you leave,” He stopped Fox in his tracks. “you will have back up at all times. A small team at your disposal and the R.C. They are lead by Commander Tompson who will be all the more happy to have back up as well.”

Fox nodded indicating that he understood his mission and what was at stake here. He bid the hound a farewell and made his way back to the Great Fox, the space aircraft carrier and battleship that serves as mobile headquarters, launching platform, tactical support, and residence of the elite Star Fox squadron.

It felt like it should have been one of those cheery days, but fate had other plans. Not only did the criminal database had been hacked and crashed but Fox had a case practically thrown at him just this morning. Apparently no one else can do the job. He contacted his team before hand and said, that they were launching off immediately once he arrived, so they could prepare before he got there. Walking into the main command center, he saw everyone at their stations and ready to go. No time was wasted; everyone sat down until they were told that they were good to go.

Fox McCloud was a fox and the leader of the mercenary team Star Fox. Since after his fathers’ passing and Peppy’s’ urgent decision, he was shoved into this leadership role that he was in no way prepared for, he recruited the hot-tempered Falco Lombardi, mechanical genius Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare to make up the new Star Fox team.

Once he learned about his fathers death, he dropped out of the Corneria Defenses Army Academy to avenge his father (CDAA).

Slippy Toad was a short, green, brain-aic of a frog, and was also the son of a research director for the Cornerian Defense Force and a popular scientist for the government, Mr.Toad. He’s the teams mechanic and inventor like his father. His father was the one who created the Arwings during the Lylat wars, which are the very same ones that both Star Fox and Star Wolf use.

Slippy and Fox had known each other since they were children and have flown with each other ever since. Their dads worked together on the arwings, James McCloud, Fox’s father, tested the aircraft while Beltino Toad recorded necessary data to further improve the craft.

Fox alone was the reason why the team name continued to thrive once more after his father had passed. There was very little he remembered about him and even more so about his mother who he can’t even remember what she looked like. His father on the other hand was all to easy to think about. Looking in the mirror every morning was a constant reminder by itself. He tried not to think abut him too much. If he did, he would cry a river.

Fox would find himself wondering, or rather imagine what life would be like if his father lived on. ‘I wouldn’t be alone...’ . The thought continuously plagued his mind.

Krystal was the only one he could think of who would know anything about loss. Her parents and even her planet was destroyed because of Andross. The treacherous monkey had captured her and used her natural born powers to take vengeance on those he deemed his enemy.

That is when Fox invited Her to the team, as a permeant member. As grateful and honored she was by the invite she gracefully accepted. The blue furred vixen is a kind hearted soul, very sincere and has a very welcoming personality. But because she is such as that, her abilities affect her in a different way. Visions would appear out of the blue, creep into her dreams and use her life as an example of what’s to come. Of course it’s not as straight forward as she would like, but it does help from time to time....Especially now.

In fact and unknown to Fox, that Krystal had a vision. One that told her about this criminal that they are supposed to capture. Of course Fox hadn’t known that Krystal already knew about the task at hand, but she listened in anyway, just to see if there was anything that will help her figure out who it is, thus helping out her team in a way.

“Alright everyone.” He gathered each of their individual attention.

“General Peppers has a special task for us to do. It’s extremely important that we stick to it.”

Falco felt like this wasn’t going to be a normal mission. It usual wasn’t and it was something he didn’t really mind.

Falco Lombardi was a tall blue bird who is a member of an avian race as well as an ace pilot of the Star Fox team. He was taller han the rest of the crew. Falco had enlisted in the Corneria Flight Academy but dropped out and became a rouge pilot. He’s had his fair share of recklessness but since joining the Star Fox team, he’s honestly had more fun times than not. Unlike the rest of the crew, he was also the only one to be very blunt and arrogant.

“Cut the crap Fox and get to the point already.” He knew Fox was delaying. Fox simply gave Falco a glare, him praying that the intense look in his eyes would bore holes into his fat head, but he continued on.

“As I was saying, General Peppers’ has an important task for us and only us to handle. Our task is seemingly simple; track down and arrest a lunatic that’s escaped from the A.A..” He says it as if the they had already completed the mission.

Slippy, Falco and even Peppy didn’t understand the concept. Why are they being sent out to capture an ex-convict? Maybe someone from Wolfs’ Domain, but that was becoming rare only because most of them had settled when they appointed Wolf their lord. Maybe they won’t even get to see Wolf and his team for a change. That was something Falco hoped for. Running into them would be like asking for someone to give you the plague.

Wolf O’Donnell was a whole new concept. He was like for in a few ways such as their both leaders of mercenary teams. They both lived through the Lylat Wars, only Wolf got the short end of the stick, or in his case, the wrong end of a blaster-giants gun.

Peppy Hare was the remaining Star Fox member from the original team after he survived the battle against Andross and limped home to the son of James McCloud, in which he insisted that the junior McCloud should take the place of leadership after his father.

It wasn’t until Fox was in the CDAA that he learned of his fathers death at the hands of Andross and a wingman of his own team, Pigma Dengar whom lead the senior McCloud into a deadly trap in which he will not be able to escape from.

But for a price, this justified group will only accept jobs that serve to uphold the law.

“I don’t get what’s so important about locking up a criminal? Isn’t that for the police to handle?” Fox turned to Slippy to answer his question.

“Yeah. Why are we the ones chasing after an ex-convict?” Falco and Slippy had a good question, but then again he didn’t know what he knew. Fox was trying to think of a way to say this with answering as many questions that may come to mind. Peppy, given the chance, spoke up.

“I’ll admit that Falco has a point-” “Damn straight.” Falco interrupted. “But...”

“But what Peppy?”

Peppy didn’t believe that the general wouldn’t just send them out on a wild goose chase, no he knew he wouldn’t do such a thing. If he ever had a need for the Star Fox team, then it was more than likely that whatever it was, was important and dangerous.

“General Pepper would never send us out on a pointless goose chase.” Falco hummed that thought for a moment. Peppy was right and he understood that, but a convict? It didn’t make any sense.

“Right. So all of a sudden he needs us to capture some crook because his guys are big babies and don’t know what the hell they’re doing?” Sometimes that blue birds sarcasm really does irritate the old rabbit. Krystal decided to butt this time; get them to be quite so she can listen to what Fox was saying.

“Would you two please knock it off and let Fox finish what he was going to say!” Her british like accent soothed over the two of them. Both of them settled back into their seats awaiting for Fox to continue.

“That is a good point. I didn’t quite understand at first either when he told me. But apparently this person has evaded capture for nearly eight years now.” ‘Eight years? That is certainly a long time’ Krystal wondered to herself. ‘But how in the great Lylat galaxy was a person to survive on their own for that long, being a wanted criminal and all’ Krystal asked Fox if General Pepper knew how they lasted this long without confrontation.

“Does he know how the convict lasted this long without running into a government official or any law-bidding citizen?” Fox looked over at Krystal and said

“He personally hasn’t seen her in person yet. As for anyone who guards security facilities, or anything of the sort then they have most likely seen her. Maybe as close as you and I are right now” He gestured the distance between him and Krystal, which was approximately fifteen feet at most.

Falco paused for a moment to itch his ear to make sure he had heard Fox correctly. ’.....Did he just say her?′ He asked Fox just to be sure he heard him right.

“You did say her right? Like as in female.” Fox nodded, folding his arms across his chest. “That’s new. Don’t really hear anything about female crook activity.” Falco leaned forward on his knees with his elbows supporting him.

When Fox gave an example of just how close they have gotten to her, it made Krystal even more so curious about this whole thing. From what her vision showed her and from what she could gather from hearing this from Fox, it really isn’t easy to come up with a decent summary of this person. It’s actually confusing her more than anything. Hopefully this will clear up as they go along. It shouldn’t be too hard to catch her. Right?

Slippy was quick to add something that would cause even more confusion for her.

“Yeah! Since she’s wanted all over the galaxy there wouldn’t be much of anywhere to hide out at. Or not for very long, at least.” Fox nodded in agreement. He listened to each of their comments and concerns while trying his best to cover as much of the topic as he could.

“That’s what Pepper and I thought at first too.” Fox said and began to explain what he meant. “By looking at her timing of attacks that it’s not as simple as you’d think. A top guard in the first rank discovered the length of time between her attacks were rather long and that even though they’ve alerted every planet about her, that she still had somewhere to go to regroup.” It did seem easy at first, but now it looks like they were going to go through what the R.C. soldiers had too; a difficult game of hide and seek where she’s playing both roles. “To further answer your question Krystal, there wasn’t a whole lot to go with at the beginning of this. All the things I’m telling you are all that me, General Pepper and even the most smartest and most skilled government hacker knows about her.” He stated. Using the examples that he did, emphasizes just how good she really is. It also seems like she’s targeting something, or rather, someone. She couldn’t be too sure just yet, but it’s a hunch that she’ll have to keep to herself for the time being.

“That’s it?” Peppy asked. Disappointment could be detected in his voice. Fox couldn’t blame him, nor any of his teammates. It must seem like they felt as though that’s all they were good for now; catching lowly crooks. Fox can understand how they would think that, he, himself thought the same when Pepper told him what he was called for. Then again Peppy, nor the rest of his crew, should judge a book by it’s cover.

“Other than that, we’re his last hope for a peaceful capture before resulting in a full invasion strategy. Besides that, there is a description of her. We had to travel to many different places, including planets, to get an accurate description of her from people who had the chance to take a look at her.”

Peppy couldn’t believe his big easter bunny ears. ‘A full search invasion? Is he really that desperate that he’ll be forced to do so? For one person?’ In all honesty, Peppy was worried. He didn’t like the idea of it, and apparently neither did General Pepper. Just thinking about how homes and families could be torn apart because of one crazy girl made his stomach turn. Thankfully he was pulled from his thoughts when he heard NUS asking Fox if he could describe the woman so that he can run it through the criminal database, now that it was finally back up and running.

“Would you mind explaining the description in as much detail as possible for an accurate match?” the robot asked. Fox nodded and began describing her.

“Well, from what I’ve been told is that her outfit consists of a small black tube top, long black arm stockings with brown leather belts near her shoulders and a matching black headband.” NUS ran the details through the database as Fox continued to describe her. “She wears small light tan combat boots, and same color shorts with blue and red striped stockings, as well as black and yellow suspenders hanging down from her belt loops. Her hair is blonde, she has bangs that hang in her face, and the full length of her hair goes past her waist. She has many different piercings’, most are located on her ears and one on her stomach. Besides that, we know she’s a light colored wolf.”

It will take a few minutes before NUS will come up with a match. Since she hasn’t been caught on camera clearly, it adds more time to processing the details with known criminals; those with records on file. While NUS was doing that, Fox wanted to make a few points about her, for their safety.

“I want you guys to be careful when go after her or if you have to face her in combat. She’s tricky and clever when it comes down to fist fighting and dirty tricks. Even more so when she has a weapon. But before I get into that I want to explain something else real quick.” Fox said, then added “This is just towards the gentlemen only. It doesn’t involve you Krystal, in any way.” Krystal nodded and waited, still listening in. “The only thing I can really say is that you try not to get too physical with her.” Well that’s a little odd to ask, Peppy thought to himself, Especially since in most missions we have to be physical, what with the dog-fights and all.

“How come Fox?” He thought to himself for a moment, thinking of how he was going to say it without being so blunt or straight forward.

“Uhhh....All I was told was that not only was she known to have buildings explode once she left them, but also that she’ll use her feminae charm against males to arouse them...and she’s not afraid to do it again.” Fox looked the room up and down as he spoke, trying to find the right words to describe it.

Silence filled the room. Krystal on one hand couldn’t believe that she would even consider doing such a thing. ‘If I find out that she had done that to Fox, I’d have her head!’ There was no way that she was ever going to let that whore of a woman do that to him. Krystal likes Fox and Fox secretly likes her back but neither of them know that. That wasn’t going to stop her from preventing that from happening though. Cringing at the images that flashed through her head, she immediately diminished the thought. On the other hand, the others were just as weird-ed out as Fox was. If you thought about it, it was a good strategy, not a decent one but a clever one.

“So she makes guys horny to get what she wants and then blows up the building afterwards.” It was more him restating the response than asking a question. All eyes were now on the blunt mouthed bird. Fox whipped his head in Falco’s direction.

“You didn’t have to be so blunt about it!” A blush crossing over his cheeks.

“You weren’t going to put it any simpler, so someone had to spill the beans” Falco replied more smoothly than Fox did. “Excuse me -” Falco stopped him and said

“You’re excused” before Fox continued

“- If I was trying to be civil in front of a lady” Krystal had a tint of blush upon her cheeks as he gestured to her. It was sweet that he thought before acting. ‘Unlike some people’ She thought irritably, glancing over at Falco.

“But yes...... that’s exactly what I was saying” Fox said sounding defeated. “Back to the other thing I wanted to explain to all of you, this time” No matter; he picked himself back up, straighten his pilots jacket and carried on.

He first told them, that that was just something that happened and weren’t quite sure as to why just yet. Fox also went into explaining how she was when she was carrying a weapon on her. It wasn’t a certain type of weapon in any way, shape, or form just that she was dangerous with or without one.

“When she does have a weapon, she’s not as dangerous as she is with a weapon, right?” Slippy asked. He just couldn’t quite grasp the concept just yet, and discussing over it and over again wasn’t helping.

“Let’s just say it’s a debatable thing.” Krystal commented and they agreed.

Peppy wonder what is it that she wants? Before he could ask, NUS had found a match. “Match detected!” “Pull it up” NUS did as Fox commanded. There, on screen, as the clearest image they could capture.

“Was the image taken from the security camera?” Slippy asked aloud. He angled his head sideways to get a better look at the image.

“ was. It was also the closet thing they could get of her.” Fox stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

“Well...She seems like a cocky little thing huh?” Peppy mumbles to himself. Looking up at the picture you would assume that she was kidding around and acting like she was on a playground of some sort. She hung upside down from where the camera was at; only by a matter a yard and a half away. With squinting eyes, she wore a broad smile proudly as she held onto the rope with one hand and flicking off the camera with the other.

Fox then goes into about where her last location was, ending the briefing and to start them off on the objective.

“From what little information I was manage to get a hold of. I was able to configure that her last known location, or where she was last seen was here.” Next to her picture, a map of the Laylat system was pulled up. A beckon was placed off to the side and over the bold printed name.

Subdivision ; Meteo Asteroid Belt

“Wait...isn’t that where the Star Wolf team hide out all of the time with a load of other criminals?” Slippy asked nervously.

“I’m afraid so Slippy. I token the liberty of contacting Wolf. He knows that there’s a better chance of seeing us more than once. Though I’m not sure he received the message”

“What!?” Falco yelled “Don’t tell me we have to work with those losers! They’ll just slow us down” Falco wasn’t the only who didn’t trust them much. Krystal was just a bit uncomfortable around Panther. Not that she liked him, which she didn’t, but because he flirted with her so much. Panther does this, not only because he finds Krystal attractive, but to also piss off Fox; It worked every time too. ‘I’ll never figure out how he knows that I like her’, Fox once thought to himself.

“Oh. Well actually-” “You must be kidding!” Flaring up out of his seat, Falco already knew what Fox was going to say so he cut him off.

“We can’t trust those bozos! They’re nothing but back stabbers and killers!” He stated harshly. Falco couldn’t believe that Fox would want to do a thing like that. Fox had waited for him to finish before adding the fact was that they had no choice.

“It wasn’t my decision. General Pepper had it arranged before he even informed me about the task at hand” Fox retorted with a hint of sly in his voice, feeling superior to Falco for a change. Falco and Peppy both looked dumbfounded at Fox’s statement as Slippy and Krystal just looked at the other and shrugged. Between the two of them and NUS, orders were orders. Since Peppers had already decided for them, they couldn’t back down, even if they wanted to.

“Now why would the general do that without your consent? ” Peppy asked aloud. “You are the leader of Star Fox. Not to mention, he knows how they are and what they’re wanted for.” He spoke for himself, Falco and partly Slippy.

“Because he was so gracious as offering to pay off the bounty on my crews head and mine, if we were to go along and help capture this crook” A deep growling voice came from behind Fox. Every last of his bright orange strand of fur standing on end from the sudden presence behind him. Fox twirled around to see none other than the great Wolf O’Donnell standing behind him with a smug grin plastered on his white muzzle. Fox’s heart thumping within his chest as he asked “How did you get in!?”

Wolf and his two man crew, Leon Powalski and Panther Caroso, stood behind him. Wolf with his arms crossed over his chest, Leon with his hands hanging down at his sides, and Panther holding a rose as he takes in its fragrance. All wearing their battle gear.

“Yeah yeah yeah McCloud. Your general was the one to give us access to your ship with this...” He held up a card with the Star Fox insignia on it. All the members of Star Fox widened their eyes with shock. Leon spoke next; Answering a predictable question.

“He gave us this card to come in. Said that this little task needs to start as soon as possible.” his mob-boss voice gave him his sarcastically serious tone as a silly smirk appeared on his face.

“That’s great” Falco retorted, deciding he was in a rather annoyed mood all of a sudden and sat back down. Personally he’d rather rot in prison than to work with them. But seeing as he’s needed to complete their little mission, he would just have to suck it up for now and prey that he doesn’t have to work with one of them one-on-one.

“How long were you three even standing there?” Peppy asked Wolf since he was their leader, but Leon answered for him. Wolf looked to his left and listened to Leon speak for the moment before his attention span was snagged back to Fox.

“When bird brain said we were killers” Fox and Peppy cringed when he said “killers”.

Wolf O’Donnell was an average run of the mut with a bad background. Because of where he and Leon came from only made their futures that much harder to control. The both of them were forced to participate in the Lylat wars if they wanted to survive.

Since he had some type of experience with guns and learning how to aim and shoot with one, he lead a life of crime. Not that he didn’t want to but he couldn’t. After the war ended he was already grown. Wolf was inspired to form his own mercenary team which included Leon, and named it Star Wolf.

Unlike Star Fox, Star Wolf took whatever job they could get, which in terms gave them a bad reputation as a team. And after surviving Andross, an vengeful old monkey that was put to rest by the Star Fox team, Wolf took his squadron and made a base at the abandoned space station that was left to rot in the Meteo Asteroid Belt. Any and all crooks came from far and wide to serve under him. They mainly consisted of Venom solider’s that retired from war and proudly named him Lord O’Donnell.

Before the he met Leon he was on his own for a week after his parents were killed because of a cave in in their house from a ship crashing atop of his home. It was a miracle that he made it out of there alive. Since that day the two of them had been fighting beside each other until help arrived. Thank the gods that the did when they did because a giant four-legged cannon machine that roamed around the destroyed city aimed it’s lasers at Wolf. Leon tried to grab him before it shot, but to no avail. The laser graced Wolf’s left eye, and a red liquid sprayed everywhere.

Leon did his best to fix him up when the original Star Fox crew came. After the medics had bandaged him up along with anyone else who needed it, a tall male fox came up to him and told him to keep his chin up. That same guy looked a lot like Fox. Or was it the other way around?

Leon was mob-monster type of guy. His demeanor and personality match perfectly with his witty comebacks and loyal state of mind. Leon was Wolf’s right hand man whenever he needed something to hold against someone. Since he was a chameleon, that was no problem. His camouflage also helps with assassinating his enemies. He’s been apart of Star Wolf since the end of the Lylat wars. He’s also proud to say he wouldn’t want to work for anyone else.

Then you have Panther. There isn’t much to say other than he’s a black panther with a purple tint, a scar running across his face and that has a fascination with Krystal. And that he joined the Star Wolf team much later after they kicked Pigma Dengar out and replace him with Panther.

Slippy was the only one who took note that General Pepper was calling in through the virtual hologram used for communication, and decided to answer before Fox even noticed.

“If he says so-” Fox mumbled to himself. Frankly General Pepper heard him and replied with an aggravated tone.

“And that I do Fox. Now, down to business gentlemen...and Lady” Of course he wouldn’t forget Krystal. General Pepper told them a few things that they’ll be needing to know, such as different tactics that they haven’t already tried, that might possibly work, weapons, and any more information that he could gather on this being.

“You were informed about the last location that she was last seen at. You will be notified of every location she has gone to, what she’s done and what it seems what she was after.” the old dog stated with a cough at the end.

“Why would we need to know all that. Why not where she’s hit and where it seems like she’s going?” Leon asked the hound The question bugged the General, but he answered in a calmly manner.

“She’s tricky as well as crafty. She just isn’t going to do as you just said. She’s smarter than our highest scientist and technicians.” General Peppers stated with his snout high in the air.

Slippy thought about his father; he was the highest scientist that they had.

“What about my dad?” General Pepper look toward the young amphibian and spoke. “Yes. Well he’s still trying to figure out how she managed to hack and crash the criminal database, now that it’s running again .” A shockwave rushed over Slippy as well as majority of the people in the room. Wolf on the other hand wasn’t as surprised as the others were.

“Yes. She was the one to do such a thing. It actually took a total of nearly six months to repair.” Pepper continued on, “I was just checking in on all of you as well as tell you the information I had given to you earlier. Yes Star Fox and Star Wolf will be working together and I suggest you get use to it and fast. Besides that, there will be a meeting in four weeks tops. Both teams are going, no objections.”

The old hound dog turned his attention to Wolf and his crew. “Now Wolf,” He addressed him like he was a pup in trouble. “you are to follow every single order that Fox gives you, down to the letter. Don’t stray from the objective, or you and your teammates will be sharing a nice cozy cell together. Do I make myself clear?” he awaited for Wolf’s answer.

“Down to the letter eh? No punishment if it’s not what you want and the bounty still gets paid by you?” Wolf in turn asked General Peppers.

“Yes and yes”

“Then aye aye sir” Wolf said, recalling his old space pirate days. Pepper turned back to Fox and spoke briefly

“If any of those three cause trouble concerning the mission at hand, let me know. If they are to wonder about without one of the Star Fox members accompanying them, then they better report every hour of everyday you are separated, and what they do, go and especially who they’re with. Mr.Toad and I wish you all good luck. General Peppers over and out!”

After the general left, they all stood in silence.

Wolf glanced over at Fox as he seemed to be in deep thought. A moment passes before Fox spoke up again.

“What do you think Wolf?” The question actually startled him, to say the least. Though pondering the thought for a moment before he answered.

“You heard the old coot, were under your authority, whatever you say goes.”

Krystal piped in next.

“Well we all heard him say that.” She sweetly spoke, putting a fist on her hip. Then she asked if they had anything on the convict the were after. “Do you have anything on the girl?” Panther was the one to answer her question by holding up a piece of paper.

“As for her...we actually did find out something..... it’s not much” This immediately grabbed Fox’s attention. His ears shot up like a bullets; interested in what Panther had in his hands.

“My team and I did a little research of our own.” Panther pulled out a file, from what seemed to be out of nowhere, and handed it and the piece of paper to Wolf, whom in turn handed it to Fox. He skimmed over the thin pages that seemed to go on with information about each incident that occurred because of her. In very much detail, and Fox did notice that there were quite a few things different colors he might add. Fox looked up at Wolf, only because he was shorter than he was, with a shocked expression. He couldn’t believe that he got this much information when Fox and many other officers who tried to help him, could barely make out of what anyone said.

“How did-”

“We have our ways McCloud.” Wolf interrupted him, and sticking to the problem at hand. “Her name is ‘Lollipop Tycoon’. At least that’s what they call her.” Wolf stopped Falco in his tracks with “And NO, I did not make it up just now either Lombardi.” Wolf saw Falco about to say something, out of the corner of his eye. Leon and Slippy snickered in the background. Leon had asked the same question earlier. Fox handed the file to NUS for further examination.

“All right. Wolf...” Fox spoke clearly. “... We’re heading into your territory, so I’m only going to give you so much freedom. Besides that, you three are the only ones who knows that place better than anyone here.”

Wolf nodded in response. “Of course pup. Don’t worry, if she’s there, we’ll get her in no time.” Thus they were off into deep space, to Wolf’s place of business.

“What was that top sheet for?” Fox asked Wolf. “Entry record sheet for the A.A. Just have the nanny bot of there to remind you to read it.”

“He’s not a nanny bot but a very intelligent robot!” Slippy said annoyingly.

In the corner of the room was a tiny microphone, and it was live-streaming everything they said, straight to Lollipops headset. A Pair of hazel eyes shone in the dark room around herself.

“So...They’re on their way to my favorite playground hmm?...This is going to be fun...” She giggled, preparing herself for what’s to come.

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