There was Never any Reasoning


In a few short hours they had arrived in the Meteo. The place was crawling with thugs of all kinds; thieves, murders, and hackers of the worst were here for protection under Wolf. Hidden within the Meteo Asteroid Belt, the Sargasso Hideout was an old and abandoned space facility that was brought back up to service for those of criminal activity, and retired Venomian army troops, such as Wolf and Leon. It is protected by forcefields and on-board spacecraft, equipment and technology that much resembled Venomian designs. Even though Wolf wasn’t known for the type of guy to help out anyone in need, just for the sake of it, but he did in his own way. ‘Wolf seems like more of a nice guy then he let’s on’ Fox always thought that he was friendly in some way. He also knew Wolf hid that side of him because of their reputation. It’s hard being the bad-est of bad, but at the same time, have a kind heart. He just wished that Wolf would liven up a bit when it was just the two of them.

“Only one of you can come with me, if you plan on walking around.” Wolf spoke all of the sudden. “You should realize that none of my men like any of you.”

Unlike the rest of his crew, Slippy was thankful that he wasn’t the one going down there. Even though he’s pretty good in the dog-fighting they do and a little bit of recon with Fox, but he preferred not to. It’s also just being there in person with no weapons is what freaked him out the most. Peppy, NUS, and Krystal were needed on deck, going through reports, and Lollipops’ file to see if there’s any connection anywhere. Falco, Panther, and Leon will be in their Arwings just outside the hideout, awaiting commands from Fox and Wolf.

Speaking of which, the two of them were on their way to their own Arwings. From there they will land on the on the floating space station.

“I can’t promise that we’ll find her, but I can say that my men will be more than willing to keep an eye out for her.”

“Nice to know” Fox commented.

They landed on the private port in the back, and made their way inside through the back hallways and a few secret shortcuts that were in the buildings’ original plans. The hallway leading to Wolfs’ office was right behind the bar wing; where drinks were served, and loud conversations could be held. It was also the front of the build. Wolf lead Fox to his office so they could speak in peace and without any interruptions.

“We’ll have to think of a plan. She’s just not going to do something without reason.” Fox said. As he stepped foot into the dandy little office, he noticed that it was anything but small.

The interior was completely different from the exterior; It looked like a library type of office than one you’d see in any space or police station. Mouthing a “wow” as he slowly took one step after another, observing all the little things that either sat on his desk or on the shelves. All the shelves went from the floor to the ceiling, and eight to ten feet into the room, not to mention that they were packed with books on every subject. His desk was on the far end of the room. Behind it was two more book shelves, both in which lead from the floor to the ceiling as well, but they were filled with different foreign objects, most of which he couldn’t describe. In between them was a decent sized fire place; all in which were approximately five feet away. In front of the desk were two chairs for any guest. They looked bran-new. ‘Doesn’t really have anyone in here does he?’ Fox thought to himself as he continued to take in the decor of the room. Above the mantle was multiple pictures of various people.

“It’s a lot to take in, I know.” Fox was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Wolf’s voice come up from behind him. A gloved hand rested on his shoulder. Leading up the black clothed arm he saw Wolf looking up at the picture covered wall, before he went to sit at his desk.

“As for the plan, I think I have one that’ll be decent enough to use.” He said.

“Do you think it’ll work is the question you need to be asking yourself” Fox said. He sat down in one of the chairs in front of Wolf.

“That’s the thing,” Wolf began,” We won’t know until we come into contact with her.” Fox and Wolf sat there looking at each other. ‘Wait until we find her to act upon the strategy that he has conjured up in that head of his?’ Fox thought for a moment. He kept wondering why he would come up with a lowly plan like that. Wolf is a smart man, and he highly doubted that he was just making something up because he was lazy, or just didn’t come up with anything smarter at the time.

“I know it sounds stupid, but she’s not going to continuously stick with the same thing.”

“How do you know?” Fox questioned him.

“Simple. We know she’s smarter than the average bear,” Fox puffed a laugh when Wolf compared her to a bear. Bears aren’t all that smart, and frankly they rely on their brute strength more times than not. “and she knows that we’re smart too. So if she’s as smart as we think we know her to be than she knows not to use that same tatic more than once, because she knows that we’ll eventually figure it out and use it to our advantage.” When Wolf finished with a huff of air and dug in the cabinet under his desk. He glanced up at Fox over the desk and stated that he wasn’t going to repeat what he just said. “If you didn’t understand that then too bad ’cuz I am not saying that again, so forget it”.

“What are you digging for there, anyway?” Fox looked at Wolf from over the desk. Well his ears since that was the only part of him that he could see.

“This.” He said setting a flat piece of thick metal down on top. “What is it?” Fox observed what it seemed to be. If he was correct, it was supposed to act as a file saver; you could put anything in it, DVD’s, CD’s, voice tapes, visual tapes and even documents. It’s memory was endless. Wolf spoke up and told Fox that this was going to show them what had occurred at the Sargasso hideout this whole day. ” We’re going to watch a some what long video on the hideout today.”

“A video? About here? The entire day?” Fox repeatedly asked. Wolf nodded to confirm his questions. “Something’s off about the idiots in the bar.” Wolf stated. Why would they need to watch whatever happened in the bar? ‘Unless........’ Fox let his thoughts wonder over to Lollipop. ‘Maybe she was here.........Is that where he’s getting at?’ Fox decided to ask him.

“You don’t think she was here, do you?”

“No telling. But, by the way they’re acting, is like they were given a shot at sex with a whore for free.” Wolf turned the machine on and enter the long and many passwords he used to make sure no one can get in and use it for their own selfish needs.

Two see-through screens popped up before them. One faced Wolf and the other faced Fox. The sound began playing through the speaker. It was loud considering there was different music playing, drunk people shouting and Fox could see a few punches being thrown, but no fights occurred. People were sitting at the bar talking and clinging their drinks together as they laughed and asking for more. Woman could also be seen walking here and there. To be honest, Fox didn’t really think that there would be any females here, let alone any that would drink and be just as obnoxious as the men here were. Besides that, there wasn’t much to tell that was out of order.

Fox was trying to keep an eye out the best he could, keeping track of what everyone was doing and with whom. Now he hasn’t been called in for something like this in a while so it could take some time. Wolf on the other hand had been studying this thing like it was a job strategy. Which made it ten times easier for him to spot whatever it was that he was searching for.

“There.” Wolf pointed to a small blob walking through the crowd of people. The figure was short and awfully thin, too thin to be male.

What Fox didn’t know was that Wolf had watched this a thousand times already. He continuously watched every member of the bar and what they were doing at that time. He replayed it, watching different sections at a time until his eye wore weary. That’s when he had to have Panther watch it for him. Panther reported what he observed up until they were called in by the general to meet up with the Star Fox crew.

“So it’s another female that wants a drink. Your point is?” He didn’t think much about it at first before Wolf began listing a few that were off when they got here.

“One things for sure is that they won’t drink so much just to be canned the next day. They have thing they want to get done too pup.” Wolf stated before he started listing the things he’d seen upon entering the building.

“They’re louder than usual, is for one. There happens to be a lot more ‘getting along’ than any of them would have preferred, and that person who just walked through the door in the video,” Wolf took the pen from the side of the object, and circled the person.

“I haven’t seen here before. Adding to the fact that this person is a female and being greeted and or notice by many of the men here, only proves my point that they don’t belong here.”

“You’re loosing me here Wolf. Why do all these little things bother you?” Fox

Now that he pointed all that out, it did make sense. “If you haven’t seen Lolly there before, then it doesn’t make sense.” Fox said. “She’s a criminal just like you and the rest of the people here. Why wouldn’t she have been here before, and be welcomed just the same as any other would?” Fox seemed to thinking aloud rather than asking Wolf.

Wolf wrote down what Fox was asking about as well as writing down a few other questions that needed to be answered, on a note pad he had on his desk. He had been writing down all possible questions that were needed to be answered.

“Not to mention that she’s been on the run for several years now. You’d think she’d come here for protection against you and the R.C.” Wolf said gruffly.

“What if she doesn’t know that this place exist?” Fox asked, meaning for him to answer this time round. Why wouldn’t she know about this place? It’s large enough to notice. Loud enough to notice, thanks to the occupants up front.

“Actually, beyond this asteroid belt is just dead space. Beyond that is where they keep the truly psychotic people. I forget what the subdivision was called...”

Fox flipped out his hologram map of the Lylat system to visually see. Fox zoomed in on the asteroid belt, specifically the Sargasso space hideout. All around them were giant boulders and dead space. Then he went further out; searching through the dead space, looking for something, anything that Wolf was talking about. Then a small whit dot appeared. Getting closer and closer, the white dot wasn’t so small anymore. It was a multilevel building that was surrounded by many other similar looking buildings.

“That’s it.” Wolf stated, looking up at the map.

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