There was Never any Reasoning

A Plan in Motion

A orange cascaded across the sky as it turned to night. Not a single creature in sight. Not one that could be seen in the dark, anyway. Lolly was pacing back and forth on the outstretched landscape. The rock layer met the sky, a long distance away. If she wanted to, she could run and run as she would try to go where the land meets the sky.

It is a beautiful sight. Too bad she couldn’t take it in. Letting the cool crisp air brush her skin as she would stand there gazing at the horizon. She wanted to stand there for an eternity, accepting that she’ll there was a chance that she’ll die alone, wondering what she could do with her life if things had occurred in a different manner.

She turned down the thinking knob in her head and listened to the emptiness that surrounded her.

There is not a whole lot that she has. A pillow, blanket, and the clothes on her back. All, of course, is stolen. Anything else that she is abl to get on her hands will most likely be the next stolen object that she’ll need.

Lollipop was in the motion of configuring a plan and anything she could use as a weapon. Her began to race with different senecioses of what were possible outcomes of each act she would use.

Just because she didn’t have a lot of fancy weapons or high tech gear doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a chance with the R.C. troops or the Star Fox team for that matter. She’s rounded them too many times to let them trip her up now. Lolly snatched up a few of their toys the last time she paid them a visit. She loaded the duffle bag with smoke bombs, different guns, a few knives, miniature bombs, knock out gas and a hand held laser or two. They were nice and fun to play with.

“But what’s even more fun than playing with these nice toys, ” she began talking to herself “is being able to play with them with a playmate that can take the heat.” She loaded a shock pistol, filling it with its uniquely made rounds.

She in her makeshift hideout that was made up by wood and rocks. Large bolder’s were formed together and acted as her walls. Ones in that won’t ever come down. A thin peach colored sheet separated a corner of the small place, indicating that, that is where she slept. Tall, thick slacks of wood that she had found on her way here, made her door. A rock wall stood in front of her, pictures covered it. Images of each member of the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams. They, besides Commander Tompson and General Peppers, were the only people whom she was even concerned with.

“Little mister Robin Hood to the rescue,” Lolly twirled a butchers knife in her hand as she walked over towards the pictures. “thinks he can run around on my play ground at tea time, huh?”

Five feet between her and Fox’s picture. She aimed, letting her breathing come to a slow brisk pace as she arched the knife backwards. By time she breathed out, she was letting the handle go. In a matter of seconds the knife hit the black of Fox’s nose. The paper torn as the sharp object struck the thin slice of paper, keeping it wedged in between the rock.

“I don’t think so. Now all I need is a plan. A plan in which I will succeed in. Nothing complicated” As she thought about what she could do, she came to the conclusion that there was too many to just pick one.

“I could pin them against one another. I could kill someone and blame it on one of them. Or I could hide some very delicate information and other important references in one of their rooms to make it look like their trying to help me.”

Each one was perfectly planned out and practically full proof. There was just the one little, bug sized problem. Wolf O’Donnell. She’s met up with him every now and then throughout the years and has proven helpful when it concerned him or his little lizard friend. One of them would be in danger and the other would happen to be in the neighborhood, and at other times it would be the both of them in the same boat. Oh how she wanted to stay by his side, killing people for hundreds of dollars at a time was a delightful idea that often crossed her mind. It would linger there for a while, building its own nest to make sure it will always return. Usually she would toss it aside like it was some sort of rag doll that stitched to scare the common sense out of people, and she switched her focus on more important business.

But she couldn’t help but wonder why she feels something, if anything, for him. He was an extremely handsome man with his rugged good looks and all. Wolf was a very fit man, six pack, biceps, and pecks. Everything a woman would want her dream man to look like on the outside. Not only that, but his deep voice is what drove her mad. When he barked orders and growled in response, to anything, and to Lolly it was inherently sexy. ‘And woman say they love a man in uniform.’ She thought to herself.

Though, Lollipop could only toy around with him for so long. They would make a fabulous team if they were both up for it, but seeing as he was just like any other dirty crum bag out in the world, she went against the idea. After all, he was working with the goody-two-shoes Fox McCloud. His team wouldn’t let a girl like her get away with what’s already happened over the years, even if they’ve just recently heard of her. All she could do it wonder what was going on in their heads. What were they being told and by whom? Questions she knew she would never hear an answer to. It was much like being a rock and stuck in a tough situation.

Lolly told herself the day they dragged to that hell hole, that they will regret ever doing so. For letting that killer go without a word said to him. Why didn’t the believe her? Why did they lock her away for a year? Why didn’t he keep his promise? It was hard to swallow with a big lump in her throat. It was hard to see through blurry eyes. It was even more so difficult to breath when she couldn’t catch a breath that was running away from her. Life isn’t fair. That is what her human step-father always told her and it was true. There was no way around it. But why? It was never good enough. Thinking back to all those times where she’s felt stupid or an outcaste because she was a anthropomorphic, or a “furry”, as what the other kids would call her.

It was rare when she smiled a genuine smile or laughed so hard that her ribs hurt. She couldn’t remember a time where everything was so nice and sweet and everything felt perfect. That it felt the way it should.

Lollipop walked back to the files that were scattered across the ground beneath the pictures. All those times she’s felt sorry for herself, and now thinking back on it, she decided that she doesn’t care. She hasn’t care since the day she turned sixteen. After that, it was like a war had broken out from it’s glass casing and launched itself to the stars where adventure awaited. Lolly wanted to see the fun in everything.

“They say look at the bright side...well I say look at the fun side.” She held up a sheet that spoke of six different deaths concerning a certain individual. “When I get my hands on’ll beg for mercy.” Lolly swung around, a raging fire burning in the black of her eyes as she felt the sudden urge to kill. “This isn’t over until you die! I’m not scared and you can tell that to your damn leader that I said so!”

She screamed to the darkness that surrounded her. It was just her and any creepy crawly that wanted to stalk her. She wanted to scream to the skies until she could feel her lungs burning like a spark set to oil. She wants the intensity of the sun to hit her full frontal. But every time it did, she was left there standing. It just wasn’t her time yet.

Lollipop lock and loaded her gun, strapped a knife on the inside of her shoe, one on the inside of stocking on her inner thigh and one in between her shoulder blades. She then stuck three smoke bombs in her pockets, along with two light bombs and two knock out gas. If all else fails, she’ll resort to fist fighting and cheep tricks like twisting nipples or kicking one of them in their groin. That last one usually does the trick, Lolly thought to herself. She then jumped onto her hover bike, revving the engine and popping a anti-gravity bubble around herself. It lifted her into the air until she was far enough to pop open an oxygen bubble around herself as she flew off into deep space. She was going to get her revenge one way or another.

“My revenge will be a dish served with a lollipop hehehe”.

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