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In The Pool, A Jeon Jungkook Smut


A story about a couple, having their intimate moments in the house pool, starring Jeon Jungkook and Kim Y/n.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Silent night, no one besides you. Slipping the robe down on the ground, leaving you naked.

Heading to the pool, slowly feeling the coldness of the water. Relaxing as the muscles of your body loosen. Just then a voice startles you, but sigh as you realise it's your boyfriend.

Jungkook: Did I startle you?
Y/n: Kinda. Wanna join?
He nods together as his robe is now on the floor. Entering the pool, he embraces you with a kiss on your lips.

The sky clearly visible, stars filling it up as Jungkook kissing your neck and your shoulders.

Jungkook: You wanna try something?
Y/n: What is it?
Jungkook: It'll be amazing. Trust me.
You nod, as he turns you making you face him.
He slaps your thigh, indicating you to jump and you do so.

Being in a 3 month relationship, you both never really had rough sexual tension, just a first time, that's it. He locks his eyes as later proceeds to kiss you, deeply. Placing your hands over his shoulders, the kiss turning hot. Getting to the end of the pool to get some support, then grooping your breasts. Rolling your eyes and pushing your head back, mesmerising the pleasure he's giving you and enjoying every moment of it.

He then lets go of your legs, lifting you up and placing you on the coping stone, inserting a finger in your p*ssy. Wandering it everywhere in your hole as you squirt on his fingers.

Licking them clean and making you taste too. Just as you lick it slurping, he pulls you in the water, kissing before inserting his long member in you. You grasp for air, making you come out of water as he follows you.

His member trusting in you underwater, as he bends to massage your breasts by his mouth. Pleasure filled everywhere, you're on cloud 9 now. You moan, indicating him that you're near. He helplessly thrusts faster making you jump on him, bouncing as he grips your a$$ cheeks hard easily giving him the way to your g-spot.

You c*m as he does after you, making you both sigh in enjoyment. He removes his d*ck from you, going inside the water once and coming out from the swimming pool, pushing his hair back, as you swim confused by his actions.

He puts on his robe back, you place your head back eyes closed, making your b**bs reveal, his member hard as rock now. You gasp and later giggle at this scene making him angry, his head hung down. Glaring at you as you stop giggling. Motioning something in his hands, you gulp in scariness.

Jungkook: I want you to be on the bed...
Y/n: bed...?
Jungkook: Yes. That too, naked and well presented. If not... you know what happens.
You get up and come out, not wanting anything worst and wear the robe back.
Jungkook: Get ready... for the best one you've ever experienced....
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