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Unfortunate Amber Eyes I Meet Again


A unnamed girl one day comes to a match with her master Kastro. He was gonna fight a Mysterious man named Hisoka Morow. She found Something familiar about him, but never knew he would change her life from the death of her Master

Mystery / Adventure
Deleted User
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A Great Loss

Slave POV

It was another day at Heavens Arena with my Master Kastro, and he was pretty excited about this fight. He said he was gonna fight a man named Hisoka Morow. He told me he is a magician and a deadly opponent. I kinda was scared for him in this fight because who knows what he is capable of. As we entered there fight area, the place was crowded, but I sat at the front.

I took of my crimson bandanna because it was getting hot and a lot of people are in the place. Then, the man known as Hisoka Morow entered the place and he gave Master a dangerous glare and then looked at me with those gold amber eyes. He seemed so familiar, those eyes, I have seen them before but where?

Regular POV

As the match started, Hisoka gave one last glare to the girl about 11 and then started. He was pretty swift and a fast thinker, and he was playing with Kastro’s mind. Then he said a trick that got everyone thinking.

Chose a number from 1 to 13

After you’ve selected your number, add 4

double the resulting sum

then, subtract 6 and divide by 2

Subtract you original number, and what do you get~♡

Then, the slave stood up and said, The answer is 1 no matter what you choose. Hisoka glared at her as the audience watched to see if she was correct.

Wonderful!~♡, Hisoka said in amazement at her.

Kastro looked at her, but it was an angry or embarrassed glare, she couldn't really tell.

The fight ended with him on the ground and cards in his body and face, He was completely gone. Everyone came up to Hisoka and asked him so many questions. As he walked away, the slave with no name looked down at her dead master in the room with nobody in there. She held his hand and removed the blood from it, and slowly and gently touched it.

Master, I should go now, I will find somewhere to go , and I will grow up to be successful and I will someday find my Father as you said I would, I will go and become a hunter and live up to your words, And I will go and find a new master, I am sorry, I will let go now...................Farewell Master

She left the place in tears with her crimson satin bandanna, a thing her Father left her, and said,

I finally let go ........

Author Notes:

The slave actually has no name, if your wondering about her appearance, She has amber eyes and long black hair, and very skinny. She is about 11 or 12 years old so she is the same age as Gon and Killua. There will be other new people that will enter the story. This story was actually inspired by Master Magician By Eliocorn013 , a Fanfiction on Archive of Our Own.

And yeah, I hope you like it and please leave a like or a review on the first chapter.

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