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Once Upon A Time


Once Upon A Time is a Fan-Fic series of the Sonic Franchise. It's a journey through the lives and development of the characters and and my own original, Star.

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Once Upon a Dream

It was only for a brief moment. The laughter, the feelings, and the friendship. And almost as soon as it started, it dissolved. Like the sand on the beach. It was dark. It was empty and bleak. Nothing but negative feelings.

Star looked up. She tried to call for help. her mouth seemed to be bonded shut. Typical for her dreams. That could only mean one thing. Something horrible was about to happen and she wouldn’t be able to do anything. All she could do was watch.

Then, it started. She saw fire, and rubble. And in the middle of it all, there were all of her friends. Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles. Worst of all there was her brother, Tails. He was blood covered. His chest torn to shreds. And growing over her like a shadow, she saw a silhouette. It loomed over her, blood dripping from its hands. Its eyes were empty, no color, no iris, nothing. Just white.

Just as things were about to get worse, she woke up. Her sweat trickled down her head and onto her neck.

The only thing that helped her stop freaking out was the smell of waffles and bacon. A meal prepared by one of her roommates. most likely Shadow. Silver didn’t cook. Neither did Sonic or Tails.

She waved at them and smiled sleepily.

“Good morning, guys.”

Silver looked up from his painting, “Morning, Star! How’d you sleep?”

Star shrugged, “Fine. I just had a weird dream. But other than that, I’m doing fine.”

Sonic didn’t take his eyes away from what he was doing on the computer, “Well, dreaming about your boyfriend is nothing to be ashamed of, Star. We all have feelings-”

“I was not dreaming about Silver, Sonic,” She interrupted, “It was just a bad dream, okay?”

Silver blushed, “We’re not even officially together... I mean it was only one date...”

Tails snickered, “It think it makes you two a thing. Don’t you think Shadow?”

Shadow mumbled something and continued to turn the bacon on the stove.

Star frowned. Shadow seemed to only be cranky and out of it whenever they brought up Star and Silver. He always avoided eye contact and seemed like they never improved in friendship status. It always bothered Star, but it wasn’t like she was going to ask him what was wrong. Shadow was very concealed about his feelings towards others, and if Star got into his business, she’d be as good as dead.

Sonic continued talking as is if the tension never happened, “So, it’s a Sunday. Waddaya y’all wanna do?”

Silver tilted his head to the side as he looked at his art.

“I dunno, Sonic. There’s lots to do on a lazy Sunday. We could go for a walk, we could hang out with friends, we could go shopping... You never know till you find out.”

Tails got up from the table and walked over to the kitchen to grab plates and forks to set the table. He managed to talk to Star while she went to get the cups.

“What was the dream about?”

Star looked at her brother. His big blue eyes filled with wonder and intelligence. She smiled and shook her head.

“I’ll tell you later, Little bro. For now, let’s just forget about it okay?”

Tails nodded, “I respect your privacy. We can talk about it later if you would like.”

Star agreed and they finished setting the table.

“Alright, Sonic. That’s enough flirting with girls on Minecraft, now get your little-” Shadow looked around the room as Tails and Silver, “-BUTT... over here.”

Sonic looked at Shadow, “I am NOT flirting with Minecraft girls.”

Shadow let out a small laugh. His one breath chuckle, which seemed like a grunt, but if you got to know him well enough, you would be able to tell if he was laughing or not.

Silver carefully psychokinesised the painting off of the table. He placed it ever so gently in his room.

Shadow served food. The overwhelming smell of waffles and greasy bacon filled Star's noes.

She tried not to stuff her mouth as they started to eat. Shadow's cooking was like taking a bite of cake from heaven. Shadow knew it, and he would take pride in it at any chance he got.

"So, Sonic, how are things with you and Amy?" Tails asked.

"Things are going meh. To be honest, I was going to friend zone her tomorrow on our date. I don't things are gonna play out the way she was hoping for."

Silver swallowed, "That's sad... don't you think she'll be upset? I mean you her everythi-"

"I think you should do whatever you feel is best," Shadow interrupted.

Silver frowned at Shadow. Star would too. She knew Silver had a lot to say, based on the fact that he had no friends before he came to their timeline and when he was ignored, he felt shot down.

Tails shrugged, "Well, it's what Sonic chooses that will effect Amy, not us."

Star nodded in agreement, "Besides, I think you look way better off with Jet."

"THAT CLASS A JERK?!" Sonic started, choking, "You're kidding me right?!"

Star laughed, "I only kid when I want to piss you off. Looks like it worked!"

Sonic growled and put more food into his mouth. He looked stormed. Jet and Sonic had the sort of history that you would call "scary". They were what you'd call rivals. They'd argue, insult each other and refused to work together on ANY occasion.

"Chill out okay? You only don't like him cause he challenged you and you lost."

Sonic looked up at her, " I beg.... your pardon?"

Tails interrupted,"OKAY! No need to let this go on any longer! Uhhhh Sonic! Did you get your school work done?"

Star smiled, but she still had the chilling image of her dream in her mind. And it only grew into the feeling that this was the calm before the storm.

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