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"Hogwarts! After all this time?" "ALWAYS" _________________________ **Every potter heads dream.** What if all the fiction and fantasy you always love comes true? This is the story of a girl who goes to her favourite fictional world. To her favourite fictional school - HOGWARTS. Feel the magic.

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Valerie spelled standing in front of a locked door. Her friend looked at her with ‘duh’ expression and opened the door by using the key.

They both stepped in and spruced up. It’s evening 6, they both finished their works and reached their room. Valerie turned on her laptop and started watching Harry Potter.

“It’s your hundredth time watching Harry Potter... I know you are a potter head. But you can’t always watch and read HP series. There are many books and movies out there. Go and watch them.” Anna yelled.

Anna and Valerie runs a boutique and they are best friends.

“No. I can’t get away from that. For you, it may be fictional but for me it’s not. Whenever I sees , it reminds me of something which I don’t even know . I always feel like I actually belongs there . I still do believe , that magical world exists.”

“Fine, live in your imaginary fictional world. It’s time I should go.”

“Go? Where?”

“To Sofia’s house. She invited us for a party. I know you won’t come anywhere while watching this. Moreover, you don’t like her. So I’m not asking you. I’ll come tomorrow morning.”

“Wow! You know each and everything about me.”


After Anna left, Valerie called her mom and talked for quite a while.

“Take care mom.” She wind up the call .

Valerie continued watching the movie. After finishing the Goblet of fire, she shut her laptop down. It’s night 8.20 P.M and she finished her dinner. The weather was so noisy and the air sounded like it’s cheering someone to enter the city. With the thunder storms and lightning, power shut down. She laid on her bed and slept. It’s night 2 a.m., while she was in deep sleep she listened some sounds and so she woke up. She felt someone’s presence in the room. In dread, she turned on the flash light. She was shocked by seeing an old man in the room with full grown white beard and with a deluminator in the hand. She immediately sat on the bed and rubbed her eyes. She continued gazing at him. He appears just like Albus Dumbledore in harry potter movies.

“W- Who are you ?” Valerie asked.

“How am I looking to your eyes, Valerie Magiche?” he asked.

“I am not Valerie Magiche , just Valerie... Well, you look like a fictional character in my favourite movie ...a book actually..”

“Yes , that’s me ..”

She was shocked listening to his reply.

“Professor Dumbledore?” Valerie asked.

“Yeah ! I hope so.”

“But... Is it real or am I dreaming?”

It all felt like a dream for her.

“You are travelling , Ofcourse.”

“Travelling? Where?”

“Travelling the time.”

“But , I can’t believe this.”

“Let me tell you in detail... You are a witch belongs to unknown wizardry society, who lives in muggles. What you see in, so called harry potter movies is obviously true. It’s a fact that muggles assume to be a fiction or fantasy. You are the only one who knows it’s a fact not fiction.”

“What? So, the magical world is real? But it’s an imaginary story written by a famous author. How can it be real?” Valerie asked totally baffled.

“Imagination is another world. Like the real world exist, imaginary world exists too. Some people feels it’s presence and pen their thoughts.”

“I’m totally confused. And What’s unknown Wizardry?”

“It’s the place where some witches and wizards are hidden because of their own cause or not having any interest to live with wizards , you are the one among them. This society drew to a close long back. That’s the reason why no one knows about you. Only the person who knows each and every single detail about magical world, can know about you.”

“But my parents are muggles .. even their parents were muggles too.”

“Maybe your forefathers were wizards and their traits lies within you which didn’t have in your parents or their parents. What you read in books is going to happen in two days.”

“But it’s 2020...”

“No, it’s not. You are the first witch who travelled for many years.”

Valerie stunned by seeing her appearance as a small kid of age about 11 years .

“But there’s no time turner that travels for years.” Valerie paused for a moment and continued “Yes. It’s there. I read in cursed child.”

“It’s with you... check your pocket.” Albus said.

Valerie shocked by seeing the time turner .

“What happened to my appearance?”

“You became a kid.”

“But how?”

“Maybe your special trait. Just Dumbledore’s things...” Winks his eye.

“But Professor Dumbledore . I don’t know what I have to do or why you are here.”

“You are the one who knows about the future. You can help the trio in achieving the success and aides in doing the things that must perform. No problem arises even if all sees you because you are a kid now and no one knows about your parental status. You must not tell anyone about what will happen next or what happened in the past. And most important, you shouldn’t try to stop any deaths. If you do so, you will be expelled from the wizarding world and maybe our world collapses. After the war, the Time Turner will be given to Theodore Nott, you will come back to the present and these things will be oblivated.”

“But in another world , they achieve success without me . And more than that, You are dead.”

“Definitely they can! But just help them. I will pass away certainly and you know reality which ought not be uncovered anyplace. Tomorrow you have to buy the things that you need in Hogwarts.”

“What about my family, Professor?”

“They will be living in muggle society normally, without knowing anything about these things. Don’t worry about them.”

Valerie felt so happy. All her favourite fantasy is becoming real and she is going to be a part there as Valerie Magiche. She went with Albus and spent the night in a rented room at Diagon Alley.

The next morning, she went to Gringotts that runs by Goblins and took her money .

“It’s amazing Professor, all the fictional characters are real and i am speaking to them. I can’t believe this.”

Professor gave her the platform 9 3/4 ticket and disappeared.

She went to the wand shop and a wand made of unicorn hair with length 10 3/4 inches chosen her. And then, she Reached the platform and saw molly aunt helping Harry potter to enter the station.

They all looked similar to the actors who played in movies yet they are so different. She followed them and saw Harry potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Fred and George and a lot of people.

With a lot of excitement, she stepped in the train and sat.

She felt so excited when Ms. Granger sat next to her.

“Hi!! I am Valerie Magiche.”

“Oh! Hello! I am Hermione Granger.”

She saw Neville and smiled at him.

“Hii! I am Neville Long bottom.”

While they were talking, Neville shouted

“Omg, I lost my toad.”

We all started searching.

“Try not to stress. I will help you in finding it.” Hermione said .

It’s the moment Hermione meets Ron and harry for the first time.

After some time, they all reached Hogwarts. The place which is a dream home for every potter heads.

She saw all the professors , the castle, the creatures which she already knew but she pretended as if she didn’t know anything. She looked at Professor Dumbledore and he also pretended as if it’s the first time he was seeing her.

The Sorting hat is sorting the wizards and witches to the houses and it’s her turn.

“Hmm!! A girl with black hair and black eyes. You must be a Magiche. Is there anything you wish to tell me.” Sorting hat asked.

“I want to be a part of Gryffindor.” She said.

“Even if you won’t ask , you will be sorted only to Gryffindor. But raven claw is the other option for you.”

“Please... Gryffindor...”

“Gryffindor..” Hat sorted her in Gryffindor.

She met all the students and became a good friend to everyone. She started living among witches and wizards. She felt amazing living in her imaginary – fictional world.

It’s her first year, she became a good friend to Ron, harry and Hermione. When Ron was playing chess, she went to him.

“Hey Ron!”

“Hey Valerie!”

“You are playing good.”

“Yeah! Could you join me?”

“Sure ... ”

They played chess and she alerted him to think more so that he can help in solving the Wizardry chess which must be played to enter the place of philosopher’s stone .

She became a good companion to them and supported all the time. She spent the entire year pretending like she didn’t know anything.

The day came when they were about to find the stone. When Harry, Hermione and Ron were going to find the stone, Neville is in the common room, sleeping... but to win Gryffindor, the house cup , Neville must stop them.

What should I do? She thought and pointed her wand at a glass piece. She spelled “Bombarda”... it exploded and he woke up. He saw the three of them going there and tried go stop them. Then he’s petrified by Hermione.”

After finishing her first year, Valerie felt so confused to where to go during her vacation. With Dumbledore’s help she met some of their long distant relatives and spent her holidays with them.

It’s her second year, Valerie Magiche was selected as a chaser for quidditch. She spent most of time playing and enjoying the game. Her bond with everyone became strong. Whatever the vacation, she spent most of the time with her distant relatives or at the school.

It’s her third year. It’s the year when Sirius Black escaped from the Azkaban. She saw the black dog taking Ron to the burrow. She knew what will happen but waited for Snape.

“It’s time Snape must come but still he isn’t here. I must go and inform about it to the professor so that he will come here.” She thought and went to Snape.

“Professor Snape !! A black dog has taken Ron to the burrow of the tree. It looks untamed.” She said.

With her words, he went there. She enjoyed casting spells, riding magical brooms and everything.

It’s her fourth year and everyone was getting ready to the Yule Ball.

“Hermione! It’s getting late for yule ball. Get ready as soon as possible.” She said.

“Valerie... I am ready, I am waiting for you.”

“But you are not in a long frock?” She blabbered.


“Um... Nothing, You are not looking pretty in this. Wait, I’ll search a frock for you.”

She looked through the dresses and picked the one in which Ms. Granger looks like an angel so that Ron gets jealous. It’s tri wizard tournament. She thought to tell Cedric about the future but Albus stopped reminding her the consequences. She saw Cedric’s death and her heart broken.

It’s her fifth year she saw Umbridge. She saw her torturing the students and joined in Dumbledore’s army.

“Expecto Patronum”.

She found out her patronus was a doe.

Her heart Shrieked with Sirius death.

It’s her sixth year. Draco got the death eaters mark and Severus killed Dumbledore. The darkness started in Hogwarts.

It’s her seventh year. She saw Harry trying to find the horcruxes. She tried to help however, she didn’t. She saw Ron fighting with Harry and left them. While Ron was leaving, she stopped him.

“Fought with Harry and Hermione?” She asked.

“Valerie!! What are you doing here? How do you know about this?” Ron asked.

“Keep that aside. Think about them. Can you really leave them? Maybe you can... but they can’t. Without you, they can’t be happy. They need you. You are their best friend. They love you a lot. Without you, they can’t go forward. Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your head.”



“I have to go... I must go ... Bye Valerie.”

All the things were happening just like in harry potter books. Valerie couldn’t be able to control the tears by seeing the deaths .

“Hermione! Take this flask. It might be helpful.”

She gave her a small flask so that they can held Snape’s tears. At last, horcruxes were destroyed.

Valerie sat outside the Hogwarts and pondering about everything.

“So, how are you feeling now, Ms. Magiche?”

She turned back and saw Professor McGonagall.

“Professor McGonagall? Yeah I am good. But...”

“But !! Feeling sad for not stopping the deaths?”

Valerie was shocked with her sentence.

“Professor! But, how do you know?”

“I know everything. Albus told me about you. There must be a person along with him to look after you. It’s me.”

“Professor! Why shouldn’t I stop deaths even I have a chance?” Valerie asked.

“There’s a purpose behind everything, everyone’s death . Maybe we couldn’t have succeeded if you had stopped the deaths.”

“But Professor, I could have saved Fred, Dobby and...”

“No Ms. Magiche, We have no right to change the past except to help the past to step into the future.”


“Ms. Magiche, It seems you are having some doubts.”

“Yes Professor. Actually I am still in confusion. Why did I come here? And what had I done?”

“You did many things. You made your house win, helped Potter in knowing the past, changed Weasley’s mind. I know everything what you had done. You are an unknown witch Magiche. You must have to take part in wizardry. It’s an edict. It’s a rule of Wizardry that every wizard and witch must take part in the wizarding world atleast once in his or her life time. If it doesn’t happen our world may collapse. The time had come for you. That’s the reason you came here.”

They both kept silent for a minute and Professor continued

“It’s time for you to again go to the Muggles world. And for me to oblivate you.”

She pleaded professor to not erase her memory.

“Professor, please don’t oblivate me. I want to remember every moment I spent here. These are the best days in my life. Please ...”

“Ms. Magiche!! Take this ring as a present for you from the wizarding side. Take my hand and close the eyes.”

“Professor please .... ( Heart screams) ”

She took her hand and closed her eyes .

“Oblivate.” Professor spelled.

Valerie opened her eyes in a stupefaction . She saw herself on the bed in muggles society. She looked as an adult. Not as a 11 year old girl or a teenager. The room was still dark and she noticed the time as 2 a.m. She saw the ring in her forefinger and remembered everything what she did in Wizarding world.

“But Professor oblivated me. How could I remember everything? Is this real or something happened to my head?” She asked herself.

Suddenly, the wind blew heavily and the air in the room took a shape of woman that just looks like Minerva and said

“Ms. Magiche!! There is a rule to oblivate the unknown wizard, but there is no rule to stop regaining the memories. This is the ring helped you to regain the memories you spent in Hogwarts. As long as the ring’s with you , you can enjoy all the memories. You must not tell any muggle about this. If you try to tell, the memories goes away from you.”

With that the sound stopped and the air dispersed.

She looked at the ring and said

“Thank you Professor.”



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