Touch In the Dark // PJM FF.


Look inside yourself. We know we are all running. But the question is, are you running from the light? Or from the darkness? One day, (Y/n) wakes up to alarms in her bed with Namjoon beside her, along with her friends in the living room of her apartment. The government intercom announces that the sun has suddenly stopped burning and the only light available is the light from cellphones and flashlights. With her best friends Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok by her side through her journey, she comes across a hard headed but seemingly kind Park JImin, who brings light to the situation in opposition to her loss of hope. As tables turn and the government continues to lie, will Jimin and (Y/n) be able to keep their relationship in the dark? Or will it surface and resemble a slap in the face?

Romance / Scifi
Age Rating:


Darkness is the only place, where chaos and peace always met and fell in love with each other.

- Akshay Vasu.
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