Saviour of naive / kth


Mr. Kim : I am giving you my most precious thing in this world to you my son. you have her responsibility from now on. you have to save her from all the evil eyes . Please save her at any cost even if it takes your life. Promise me. Tae : I will .....i promise.

Romance / Thriller
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KIM TAEHYUNG (main character)
Age : 25 yr
Personality : ruthless , mistirious, calm but cruel for whole world except his father and y/n . Mom died after of his birth.
Work : dangerous mafia and CEO of Kim Corp.

LEE Y/n (main character)
Age : 20 yr
Personality : silent , sweet , innocent, have trauma, afraid of all people except Mr. Kim, parents died at the age of 12 .

MR. KIM or Kim taeshin ( taehyung dad )
Age : 50 yr
Personality : sweet but for his family only. Ruthless mafia and a businessman. Gardgion of y/n .

MR. Victor ( villain)
Personality : cruel, filthy, money minded, underworld don. Do illegal bussiness.

How there faith will connect all of them?? Read the book to know more.

For now only these characters but there also other bts mamber too I will introduce them as the story go forward.

Please look forward to the book. Love u all 💜💜
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