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Saviour of naive / kth

Chapter 1

Authors pov

Morning 9:00 am
Kim. Corp
Mr. Kim's cabin


On call *

Mr. Kim : I am giving u responsibility of this work son. There drug tender should not be taken out of city kill that drug dealer and send all his drugs to our old godown .

Tae : don't worry dad... U give me responsibility of this. I will handle this now.

Mr kim: that's my son. I am so proud of me and your mom to make such a wonderful kid.. *laugh

Tae : dad..

Mr Kim : what dad... U have all my habits just not of joking and laughing. Hope u have that to. U know I impressed your mom by my jokes. But look at u.

Tae: I know dad okkay now I have work..

Mr kim: okkay bye my son..


Same day at 9 :00 pm

Authors pov

It was easy task for taehyung to take down all the drugs and drug dealer. Everybody know how this mafia boss work there is no mercy in his dictionary. When he was fighting with minions of drug dealer. One of them shoot him in arm but taehyung is not that of stupid he daugh of fire and shoot that man on his head. After shooting all goons. he capture there boss and take him to his warehouse to show him who is the real king of mafia .


Taehyungs warehouse


Here they are. Drug dealer is tied to chair with roops blood is dripping from different parts of his body. His breathing is very low. Taehyung the only mafia king with power is standing in front of him with a iron rode from with he give all the bruise he he give to drug dealer. But his eyes are fierce no regret no mercy or imotion is there in his eyes .There is only a smirk plastered on his lousious lip's and his eyes are showing a kind of sadistic emotion which is showing that he is not gonna stop any time soon his merciless torture .

Tae : *smirk.. How it feels to have so many different art on your body dickhead ??..

Dealer : what.. H- Have I.. Done to... U.. We... Nev-ver... Met..... B-before . Just... L-leave me.. If u.. Want take... A-all the drugs but... Please.. P-please leave... me.

Tae : hmmm... I didn't know that u have such a bad memory. And did u don't know my rule Mr. Chan. If someone do something wrong in my mafia territory they have only one choice death in front of them nothing more... Nothing less....

Mr Chan : b-but... What.. H-have I done. We ...never.. M-met.. Before... I didn't done... Anyt-thing... Wrong...

Tae: think about it Mr. Chan. There is no rush. I have alot of time to remind u what u have done. And I will tell u before ur death what u did.. Okk. But before that I want to make some more beautiful drawings on your body.. U know. It's just the beginning of my creations on your body. *smirk . Jo (jo work for taehung)

Taehyung extend his hand to jo. He take iron rode from taehyung and give him a knife. Taehyung feel the sharpness of knife on his fingertips and see that Mr. Chan's eyes just showing shock and fear .

Mr. Chan have listen show many stories of merciless mafia kings torture but have face the wrath. But when he have mafia king in front of him no that nobody is gonna save him from his torture. He is more fierce than his father was because his aura look more advance and merciless than any other. He loose all the hopes after seeing the knife in taehyungs hand.

Taehyung put the knife on Chan's shoulder and make a deep cut there. Cries of pain comes from the mouth of Chan. His shoulder started dreeping dark liquid blood. But taehyung face show no imotion of pity in fact he have a sadistic aura in his personality. It looks like he is feeling peace after hearing grunting and cries of Chan. But he hasn't stop here. Tae make another deep cut on Chan's wrist in one slash.. ....and do the same process with another arm.... There is only taehyung,his man and Chan is present in this warehouse but every one is silent and seeing everything with there eyes but non of them has any concern toward the man who's body dripping blood from everywhere because they know that man deserve this punishment for his sins.. There is only wailing of Chan can be heard in this place.

Taehyung put the knife on Chan's left cheek and put a little pressure. Chan open his eyes and see taehyung with his sadistic smirk but his eyes have peace like he was waiting for this moment from year's.

Tae : how are u feeling Chan??. ...Isn't my creativity making u more attractive.. Hmm... Or u want more of it.... Well I think u still hasn't know why u r having this special treatment right.....

Mr Chan : wha-ttt do .....u w-want.... from me??? I... Will n-never.. Show.. U-u my face??? Just... L-leave... Me... P)-pleasee....

Mr Chan know that there is no mercy but he try last chance to save his life.. But he don't know if taehyung decided something there is no turning back these r the rules which he have learned from his father.. He do what he have decided .

Tae become furious by his pleasing but he want him to feel pain... Unbearable pain... In one slash he make a sharp cut on Chan's left cheek and then his lip's to shut his mouth from pleasing.......taehyung cut his rope and see that his breathing is irregular and slow. Taehyung feel satisfied after making so many carving on his body blood was oging from every part of his body . But taehyung hasn't stop yet. He take another tool from jo and hold Chan's hand. He pull out his nails one by one from his hands without any hesitation. And now the only thing is to kill Chan. He again take his gun nd pull the trigger. He shoot Chan in his head.

Chan's body slump to floor. Taehyung sit beside body and smile but this time it was not creepy it's more of calm and peaceful smile. He hold the cheeks of body harshly and said in small voice " it's your bad luck that u can't even know the reason why u died like this??? "

He stand up nd said jo to Clean the mess and go towards his car with a satisfied look on his face.



That's for today hope u guys like it.
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