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Moods of Love


Everyone has desires so does evani's. She is tired of seeing her bestfriend with her boyfriends when she is not having one. She desires to be with someone someone to be loved and when finally she come with that love ......... see what happens!!!

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Why i can't have a guy who is hot and handsome adding some craziness in sex, a guy who can care for me like Travis does for Annie.

Thoughts running in my mind until my friend Annie came again with her boyfriend Travis in my room and asked me for leaving the room.
She was watching me continuously and gesturing me but i was still in my thoughts and just staring at her. She shaked my head "Hello miss, where are you. someone is waiting for you".
"Oh sorry. Hii Travis!!"
"Hey Evani, where are you?" He asked
"Hehe sorry, i was in my fantasy world"
"Which one?? With supermen or spiderman, were you wonder women there?"
God she must've told him that i'm big fan of MCU. "No no i was thinking about my family. I was missing them." I lied to him. I don't want any fuckboy knows everything about me.
"Oh why don't you go out with your friends and enjoy their company"
"Sure" i replied and grumble in my mind "so that you can fuck her."
I came to another room having only bedsheets their and no one around. Sitting their alone i was in my thoughts again but this time i was unable to take it. It was going on deep thoughts. I shaked my head and decide to have a cigarette or two.
I came out and my friend John called me.
"Hello bastard"
"Hello darling!! and thanks for complementing"
" It's my pleasure Johnathan"
"woohhhooo Johnathan.... Seriously!!! since when you started calling me with my fullname"
"Ummm... I think from now onwards. Okay now tell me why you called me"
"Actually nothing much. I and Arla were trying to plan for a bar newly opened today, would you like to join us"
"Sure." I needed that right now. I was in my thoughts whole day and i want to put all that thoughts in a dusbin and throw that away in the pool of drinks.

I was wearing black jeans with black shirt having cute pink flowers on the shirt. Arla was in full party wear. She had high waist cut-and-sew contrast sequins v-neck jumpsuit. John was having normal jeans and shirt as always. God knows when he will leave that dress.
As soon as we reach there i was terrified because of the crowd of peoples. I was not expecting that much of crowd. I saw the bunch of peoples stood up for going, I furiously ran towards the table grab it. It was hard otherwise to get a table in that much crowd. The bar was lighting up with blue light over the edge of the table and the guy other side was making drinks for girls shouting loud over there.
I leaned against shoulder of Arla. She is my bestfriend since i was in fifth standard. It's been 10 years of being together. She is now in bachelor of commerce whereas i am about to complete my degree in mass media. "Hey baby you wanna have some hot beverage. It will give you comfort."
"God what happen to you. I am here to drink loads of beer and take some vodka shots. I don't want fucking hot beverages"
"Calm my sweetooo ...CALM!!! Are you on your Periods?? " She asked with naughtiness on her face.
"NO NO.... I'm good"
"Oh.. Okay" she said and kicked john "What are you doing here. Do your duty and bring us 2 beer and bring whatever you need"
"yeah i'm going, don't kick me otherwise it's not good here todo what i did last month" and laughed
"Okay now go" and she faked her smile towards him
I remember last month when Arla kicked john, he grabbed her from her waist and make her roll like a wristler. Her back ached for around 2 3 days after that. Although he felt sorry for what he did but after that whenever he teases him he make her remember that day. But he is a good guy i know he will never do such thing again.
"Okay babe now can you tell me what is going on in your empty head."
"Nothing much. Annie got new boyfriend again as always and i don't like these fuck boys."
"oh, so yoyu don't like these fuck boys or are you missing the guy of your dreams"
Well she knows me. She knows what's in my head. "Actually yeah!! i miss someone being in my life. I want someone to share my life with" and listening that a guy with big muscles came over and asked
"Hey hot girl, why don't you join me. I can take you to the stars and i'm all yours"
"W-w-what. Do you have rocket or are you the owner of NASA"
"No no!! for god sake... why are you asking that??" he asked furiously.
"Sorry then you can't take me to the stars." he stood silent and he came to the answer and went away.
"Wow!! you are awesome as always in replying these bastards." She happily hugged me and i felt little comfort there.
"Yeah Yeah thanks. Now where the hell John is sleeping. Is he bringing the drink from chicago." and exact after saying that he came and shouted in my ear "Yeah i went there but they said their is lack of beer in their state so i better get you beer from here."
I was okay with his shout in my ear because the bar was too noisy because of loud music. I grasped my beer and drink it quickly.
"Slow honey SLOW" i don't remember how many names they call to me with.
"I want more" i asked and stood up furiously.
"Why don't you sit here Evani let me bring you another. But before that we want to tell you something"
"Okay tell me fast!!"
"I don't think it's the good time John" Arla tried to stop him.
"It's good time because today the treat is on me."
"Oh!! thank god you saved my money" I happily said him. This is the month last week and i was facing problems due to lack of money. "Now can you please tell me what you want to tell me"
"Ummm. The reason i brought you here is that now I and Arla are WE "
"WHAAATTTT!!!!! When did this happened and why didn't you never told me this before. how did this happened. God I need too much to know. Now bring me beer after that answer me everything. Oh NOO i want vodka now in your treat. I will spend all your savings today" I was happy and shocked both at the same time by listening that . I know they were close from starting of the college but why they never told me and who else knows this. thoughts were running on my mind. I took right hand on my head and started rubbing my head.
"Evani RELAXX.... nothing happened before. We just decided to be together a week ago and you are the closest one to us and the first one to know about us." Oh Lucky me. I'm the first. I felt happy and made gesture for vodka again towards John standing over the table and waiting for the drinks.
"Okay so how did this happened" i asked in excitement
"Do you remember last time we went to lake and you were unable to reach there"
"Yeah i was stuck in traffic. It took me a complete hour to reach there"
"Yeah Yeah!! that day when you were not there their were a lot of couples and missed having someone special in our life and then we decided why don't we just date each other instead of finding some unknown guy. and also we know each other too much . I think we are perfect"
"Hmmm okk gud for you" I said with a little sad face missing my special one again .
"Evani don't make yourself alone we are there for you always"
"What!! NO NO i don't want threesome" i said and winked at her making naughty face.
"Ohoo... I'm not saying that their is someone who will take care of you and will love you always. My vibes are saying that he will be soon with you just wait a little more" I hummed as she completed her dailogue. And he is here. John came with a plate having 8 shots of vodka.
I took 5 shots and felt drunk so i asked Arla "Please leave me in my room on my bed. Don't just make me upto the door"
"Hehehe sure" she nodded.
After that i took 1 more shot and all BLIND.
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