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<<his royal hotness>>

<<who is that>>

....a day before the wedding
it's Monday morning,and I'm the hospital i work in next to the coffe machine,talking to my best friend "Rim" who's trying to convince me to have a bachelor party,"come on Amira it will be fun,and it'sthe last day of you as a single and a virgin"(yes,I'm a virgin🙂),"no thanks,I'll pass you know that I'm not so much of a party person,now let me work or they'll fire me","fiiine,you're no fun anyway,we can have a girls night if you don't wanna go out","yeah sure,love you ,see ya!".
The day flew by and in my way back home i was distracted by my phone when i bumped into what felt like a chest,i raise my eyes and see the most classy,gorgeous human being i've ever seen;hey don't judge me i know my wedding is the next day and here i am simping on a starger who kept looking at me,then he said something that confused me"well,hello there we met again","uuhm,excuse me sir i think you mistook me to someone else","oh,no gorgeous when we will meet again you'll understand",then he walks away,yeah just like that!!
I was so confused but when i arrived home my bestie came and i told her everything,then she goes"Wow,Amira is simping over a guy she just met,that's not something i see everyday","ow,shut up you should've seen him,his silver eyes are breathtaking like if he were staring at my soul,and the electricity that ran over my body when we bumped is like nothing i felt before, anyway lets make some popcorn and some snacks and watch a movie","yeah,maybe that will help you forget your sexy strager",yeah,sure forget she says,what i told you that the whole film the only thing that was in my mind is him.
the next morning,it's the day,my wedding'bvs day,as a bride I'm supposed to wake up early even don't sleep from the excitement,but i could think of is when will this end.
I was in my dressing room waiting to be called,and then a door appears before me from nowhere,i may sound crazy but I'm not I'm sure,and who come in the room from this door;"my sexy stranger"can't believe I'm calling him mine,and then he says with his deep voice"told we'll meet again beautiful","w...wha...what is happening...how...how did you",and then i lost consciousness....

dear reader,
i tried to make the chapter a little bit longer hope you enjoy,I'll be posting soon❤

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