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Just some random stories that ive wrote that I dont know what to do with

Momma Kit Irwin💚
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A Time A Lesson Was Learned

Luke and Ashton were with their families since their parents moved into a house together and their moms were best friends and they also had Michael and Cal over since they were practicing songs for their upcoming tour and also writing songs for future albums. They were all sitting in Ashton and Luke’s room since they both shared a room which they didn’t mind because they loved the night time cuddles and they always cuddle every night and fall asleep cuddling each other close.

Luke had his guitar and Ash had his drum kit set up in the corner of the room which his mom helped him put together and Luke started playing around with some guitar chords hopefully finding the right chords for a song that he’s been writing but hasn’t shown the boys yet what he’s been working on.

After the boys practiced the songs that they had for the tour, Michael and Cal went home to their families and did whatever while Luke was still working on his song playing around with the guitar chords trying to come up with a good guitar riff and Ashton was watching him in amusement.

Luke started making faces because he does that when he’s really focused on something and Ashton thought it was funny and Luke looked up from his focused state and Ash looked at him with a cute face.

“The fact that you make those faces when you’re so focused” Ashton laughs, Luke rolled his eyes putting his attention on the chords. “You need some help?”

“Maybe” he shrugs his shoulders, Ashton nods and starts humming some melodies; they both decide to get something to drink.

“When are you gonna show us what you’ve been working on?”
“When it’s finished” Luke said with a smile. Suddenly they hear a knock at the door and female voices are heard coming from the kitchen. They both look at each other shocked. “What was that?”

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good at all” Ashton walked through the hall first and stopped before going to the kitchen, Luke did the same and stood behind him.

“Excuse me, but you two look nervous. Mom I know you better than yourself… I’m your son” Luke says as he goes to his mom and wraps his arm around her shoulders. She takes him to the table and asks Ashton to do the same. When the four sit down at the table, there’s dead silence.

Liz, Luke’s mom takes a deep breathe preparing herself for what she’s about to tell the boys while Luke and Ashton sit there and look at each other wondering what’s going on and Luke tries to keep Ashton from fidgeting a lot since he kept bouncing his leg out of nervousness and after a few minutes, Luke’s mom starts to talk.

“I think it took longer than we wanted it to, but you guys deserve to know the truth” Liz looks at the boys who were very confused as to what she’s about to tell them and how they’re going to react when they find out.

“Okay… now I’m scared,” Luke said, looking at his mom, she shakes her head and quietly tells him to wait.

“Are we in trouble?” Ashton asks. Both of them shake their heads.
“You’re fine. This is something that happened years ago… before you were born,” Ashton’s mom sighs. “Your father…” she says to Luke, “went for a week to a traveling business trip, I can’t remember exactly where, and we met at a bar, he was with his friends and it was fun.” she pauses feeling the look of Liz. “And we talked, things went a little further… and well, I ended up pregnant”

“What?” Ashton and Luke exclaimed at the same time.

“Yeah, I’m still feeling overwhelmed, because I didn’t know at that moment that he was married…”

“He acted weird days after he came back to the house. He told me that everything ended up in just that, but your mom found a way to reach up to us and we talked” continued Luke’s mom.

“But the baby…?” Ashton was scared with the question he just asked and felt anxious at the same time.

“It was you. Ash” Luke and Ashton were speechless, it was a little weird but then they both nodded.

“That means, we are brothers? Like actual brothers?”

“Yes, Luke you guys are brothers” said Liz as her and Ashton’s mom were with them watching their reactions and processing what they just found out.

Luke and Ashton were sitting at the table trying to process what they just found out and they didn’t know how to react to the news but they still loved each other even if they were actual brothers because before they found out the truth, they treated each other as family since they’re really close friends with Michael and Calum as well.

They felt like the need to tell Michael and Calum what they just found out but they’re not going to tell them just yet because they need time to fully process it and fully understand the whole situation and then they will tell the other boys but right now is not the time to tell them.

The lesson learned in this story is don't keep secrets from your kids and if you do it will hurt your relationship with
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