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When You Believe Something You Shouldn't

It was a normal day with the boys and the boys were in the studio today because they had to record some vocals and instrumentals for the songs they've been writing during their writing sessions and today was one of the days they go in and record vocals and stuff for their songs that will hopefully go on their new album.

It was 10 minutes into the session when Luke noticed Ashton acting different and not like his usual self and he knew something was going on with Ashton and he needed to figure out how to get out of him and get him to tell him what was wrong but Ashton didn't say a word and Luke was getting really worried about him.

"Mate, can we talk for a moment?" Ashton looks at him with a little fake smile and nods. Calum and Michael went to get some food after the recording session so Luke and Ashton stayed alone by themselves.

"Yeah?" Ashton says as he leans into Luke a bit getting comfortable leaning into Luke's chest.

"What's going on? You're not acting like you"

"You are overreacting< I'm totally me"

"You have a sad smile, I know there's something bothering you"

"Of course not, I'm just hungry"

"But you just said to the guys you didn't want to eat because you were full..."

"Shut up, I'll tell you. Only if you don't tell the boys"

"With my heart and soul ashton"

"So..." Ashton starts telling him what's been going on, after some gasps and almost screams, he finally opens up to Luke about what's really been going on with him.

"But how-"

"No questions, now if you want to stay alive, you better keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone especially the other boys. Thanks"

So after a little while of Ashton and Luke being alone cuddling each other, Calum and Michael come back from getting some tacos to find Luke and Ashton cuddled up to each other very content.

They all start discussing about the songs and one of the boys say something something related to the secret Ashton told Luke and they started to suspect something was up that they didn't know about that Luke did and Luke was trying his hardest not to say anything so he sat there quiet not saying anything because he didn't want to betray Ashton and he was scared that if he told then ashton wouldn't trust him anymore.

Michael and Calum see that Luke has been really quiet so they suspect something is going on with him so they both go on either side of Ashton and Luke with a suspicious look on their faces and then start to have a little conversation with Luke and Ashton sitting on either side of them.

"This is so weird" Michael says as him and Calum were sitting on the couch still looking between Ashton and Luke.

"I know, but let's ask them what's going on and see what we can get out of them but slowly" Calum says as him and Michael get ready to talk to ashton and luke about how they were acting weird.

"Whatever is going on with both of them we need to know they're our best friends" Cal says running a hand through his curls thinking about how to approach the situation.

And they go back with them while thinking about how they're gonna bring up te fact that they were acting not like themselves.

Ashton gets up and Luke follows him and Luke knows that Ashton was mad at him for spilling his secret knowing he trusted him with it.

"Dude, I told you not to tell them!" Ashton says while rasing his voice at Luke.

"I'm sorry Ash, I didn't mean to let it slip I tried so hard to keep it from them but i accidentally let it slip out" Luke says getting frustrated but feeling guilty.

"How am i supposed to trust you if you just spill everything as always?" Ashton runs his hands through his long hair knowing that yelling at Luke is making the situation more worse than it already was.

"I thought you would understand"

"Apparently I don't... and now that I accidentally told them the secret, you have to be the one to explains it to them."

"You know what? I'm done, sorry guys but I just can't be here anymore." Ashton says as he runs out the door down the street.

Luke gets the other boys and they run down the street after them and then find him in an old alley way because he was trying to get away but before he could get any further, they caught up to him and they find a nearby park bench and sit there together trying to figure out amongst themselves what they can do for Ash so that he wouldn't have the thoughts he's been having.

They take Ash back home and sit with him on the couch in their living room since the boys were living together in a house and ash was being really quiet because he didn't want to talk to them because he felt really embarrassed but they understood and knew that they shouldn't push him to tell them until he's ready and Luke still feels guilty that he spilled Ashton's secret to them.

They did everything they could to cheer Ash up and Calum decides to put on best friend an unreleased song of theirs that didn't make it onto their album and he played his version of it and it made Ashton laugh and they started dancing around being goofy as usual and they weren't done talking about why ashton was feeling the way he was but they would talk about it at another time but they were just glad that he was smiling and happy.
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