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"hey jake did you hear about the vempire in our city thing?"

"oh yes I heard that too. What's all that about though?"

"I don't know t-"

"hmm vempires? Jin are you scared after hearing about the vempire?"

"why would I be scared?"

"didnt you see in the movies how vempires suck blood out of humans body?!"

"Jimin those are fictional or the creators imagination. Have you ever met a vempire before?"


"then how do you know they suck out blood from every human they meet."

"hmm true"

"believe one is ok but believe in what is true not in what is fake and all flase. Rumours which are going around the city saying there is a vempire in this city, I'm not saying there is no vempire, but I'm saying we have not seen it with our own eyes so I won't believe it"

"wow namjoon"

"agree with namjoon here. Yes it's true that there might be vempires out there somewhere in this world but who made it sure that there is a vempire in this city who sucks out blood from every single person they meet"

"Ok jinnie and joonie I get it now. I'm sowry for saying that vempires are scary"

"it's ok jimin just make sure not to judge anyone with what you hear about them. Ok?"


"Ok jimin and joon Im gonna go from here, I'll see you both tomorrow!"

"byeee jinnie hyung!"


"byee jin"

"byee joon"

Vempires hmmm.... Vempires seems interesting. According to the book I read, it seems like vempires don't Age they look young and beautiful even though they are like 20000 years old. Damn that's lucky. They get to live for that long. What would I do if I get to live this many years. πŸ€”



I get shocked when someone from behind said 'nothing' out of nowhere. It was like as if he heard what I was thinking in my head. Should I turn or walk away?
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