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Chapter one

I can’t believe it! You lied to me you took me away!! I’m going to riverclan immediately with my kits I rushed into the nursery whitekit let’s go grab stormkit I’ll grab hazelkit what’s going on? Said whitekit were going to my home ok said whitekit but last night I got my apprentice name whitepaw ok whitepaw let’s go here’s the sunning rocks use the steppingstones to cross here’s the camp I said who are you said a gray cat who are you?
My name is shallowscream I’m the riverclan deputy my names shadowtuft I need to talk to my father Webstar
Okay...... he said suspiciously I’ll take you. webstar your daughter is here she is he sounded excited to see me her name is shadowtuft dad! The..the I know what happened and who are these kits they are my kits he meowed then I saw whitepaw was trying to lick and lick stormkit she’s very cold she said we need to give him to thunderclan. To robinstar ok I’ll go and i pounced out of the den with shallowscream robinstar take care of my kit and we ran back to riverclan how’s hazelkit doing I asked whitepaw great go to the apprentices den with her ok she replied I’ll go to the warriors den then shallowscream said you can sleep in my den thanks I said and he rubbed against me we went to the den our tails intertwined
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