The Golden Girl Trio


Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley are best friends. They are the perfect GOLDEN. GIRL. TRIO! In this book you will read how their live’s change as they go through teenage hormones, love, school and enemies. Enjoy!

Romance / Children
Ginny Weasley
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Chapter 1: Sleepovers and Shocks

Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley were best friends. Today, the girls were having a sleepover. Ginny and Hermione were rushing around the burrow- A.K.A. Ginny’s house - grabbing snacks, getting rooms cleaned, making sure they had everything and going to the Ottery St Catchpole shop to get the things they didn’t have, running back to the burrow, setting up and organizing stations and finally - the hardest part of ALL - finding a way to keep Ginny’s brothers from going downstairs. But the thing was, Ginny’s brothers spent their lives downstairs and pressuring Ginny’s 1-year-older brother’s best friend, Harry Potter, to stay downstairs with them. It took a LOT of bribing them with money, food and screens but, Ginny FINALLY got the downstairs reserved JUST. FOR. HER SLEEPOVER!!! 1 hour later, Luna arrived and the party began...

Within 15 minutes, the girls had showered and dressed into their Hogwarts pyjamas, Luna in a onesie, Hermione in a nightgown and Ginny in a t-shirt-‘n-shorts silk combination and hooded jumper Harry got her, for her thirteenth birthday. Next, the girls were having pancakes for dinner, but they couldn't leave the boys out, so Harry was sitting next to Ginny, Ron was next to Hermione and poor Luna was alone. Ginny had an empty seat next to her so she invited Luna to sit there - and gave her brothers a dirty look for leaving Luna out. Accidentally, Luna hit her arm on the table, forcing Ginny and Harry to touch hands for a moment.
“Ow!” They both whispered to themselves.
They had had an ELECTRIC SHOCK!?

After dinner, the girls did their lavender gel face masks and turned on the movie Avengers: Infinity War. Even though Ginny was trying to forget, she couldn’t stop thinking of her hand and Harry’s hand touching, and what came with it. 15 minutes later, they paused the movie so they could take off their face masks and make popcorn! When Infinity War was over, they turned on the sequel Avengers: Endgame.

By the time they finished Endgame, it was midnight, it was time for a midnight snack and revenge on the boys...prank time. For their snack, they had Hershey bars and pancakes, again. Then, they got scissors, tape, shaving cream and string and headed upstairs to the boys’ bedroom...

The boys were all clumped up into one bedroom, Ginny’s oldest brother’s Bill’s bedroom. This made it much easier to prank the guys. So, the girls started to cut the boys hair, ”Ginny? Hermione? Luna?” Harry asked.
” What are you doing here? Oh. I see, carry on but don’t do something stupid.” He bargained.
All the girls nodded rapidly. Once Harry had fallen asleep again, they continued cutting. Next, they put tape all around the room, avoiding Harry of course. When they had finished with the tape, they then put shaving cream all over the brothers. They’d finally reached the last part: string. Like the tape, they strung string all around the room, still avoiding Harry. They were finished! They could hear and see Ginny’s brothers waking up, so they quietly and quickly left the room.

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