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The Golden Girl Trio

Chapter 2: Boys and Death Eaters

The girls quickly got into their sleeping bags and closed their eyes, waiting for what came next...
"GINERVAAA!?" Her brothers screamed.
The besties sat right up and shared a silent laugh before war started. They grabbed their pillow and held it high...
"AARRGGHH!" The boys yelled, attacking the girls with pillows, starting a pillow war/fight.
Harry and Ginny fought, Ron and Hermione fought and Fred and George fought Luna.
"Ow!" Luna squealed.
"Luna!?" Ginny and Hermione yelled.
Everyone stopped so that the girls could make sure that Luna was okay.
"You okay?" Ginny asked worriedly.
"No, and only one thing will make it better." Luna answered.
"What?" Hermione questioned, nervously.
"Ginny theres something on your face." Luna pointed out.
SMACK! Luna just slapped Ginny in the face with her pillow.
"Why you little-"
"Breakfast!" Mrs Weasley called.
All the kids bustled into the kitchen and ate the kids their cinnamon swirl waffles.

After breakfast, the best friends watched WandaVision on Disney+, while the boys planned revenge on the girls. All of a sudden, the TV started to glitch, the weather changed from bright and sunny to dark and stormy. Wind started picking up speed, Mrs Weasley was in London and Mr Weasley was at work - who could possibly help them now? The kids were all. Alone. In the distance, five large, black figures of smoke was speeding towards the burrow. The girls got out their wands while the boys rushed down the stairs their wands already drawn. They got into pairs; Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, Fred and George and Percy and Luna - Percy just got back an hour ago from his apparation test, which he passed -, this was to protect each other.
CRASH! Death Eaters, whom worked for Lord Voldemort, started the Weasleys, Harry, Luna and Hermione. Harry was punched in the nose and ribs, Ginny was punched in the ribs and nose as well, sprained her ankle, was missed by inches by a killing curse and got hit by crucio, Hermione and Luna were hit in the face, the twins and Ron were punched in the eye and Percy was perfectly fine.
"Incendio!" One of the Death Eaters yelled.
The burrow was set on fire... All the kids rushed out of the burrow, avoiding the flames.
"Where's Ginny?" Luna and Hermione ask as soon as they notice the absence.
Harry runs back into the burrow.
"Harry no!"
"Ginny!?" Harry yells.
"Harry." Says the soft, weak voice of Ginny.
"Ginny!" Harry says in relief, moving his way through the flames. " Ginny where are -"
"Ah!" Ginny squeals before falling onto the ground in a this.
"Ginny?! Ginny, ok?" Harry asks.
A low moan comes from right in front of Harry, he looked down to see an unconscious Ginny, lying on the ground.
"Ginny!" Harry murmurs. "Ginny, wake up, pl - uh oh -"
The ceiling was starting to collapse and there was no way out, he would have to stay there and hope he and Ginny survive... He covered Ginny just as the burrow collapsed
"Harry?! Ginny?!"
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