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A battle for the earth


a dragonball inspired story.

Age Rating:

EP: 1 The furious power of the corrupted Saiyan's

Zealot Age 25: a corrupted Saiyan male with short blood-red hair scary orange eyes and black pupils and a sharp tooth smile His clothing of choice is a Trenchcoat tattered pants shirt that says "AUTISM RULES" and a bag of Senzu beans. Weapon of choice: Fists

Eros Age 24: a corrupted Saiyan female with dark purple eyes a smile grin like a joker (sometimes) and a scar over her lip, Her clothing of choice fully customized Saiyan armor able to withstand even a super Saiyan god Super Saiyan God blue and evolved weapon of choice: a sword

The 2 Saiyans were born and raised on a dark and corrupted planet, called Electra VIII. (Don’t Criticize the name) and were sent out to find and kill every last good Saiyan,

(More characters will arrive as the story progresses.)

Layla Age 18: a female Saiyan with ocean blue eyes long black hair, and 1 scar on the right side of her face Her Clothing of choice is a Karate GI and a Headband with the Autism Puzzle Sign on it and the weapon of choice Also fists

Born from a once peaceful planet destroyed by Saiyans like zealot and Eros as a Child... before the dark Saiyans destroyed her home her mother and father told her sisters to take Layla and hide on a certain where they can be safe, now stranded on earth with her sisters she began her training but couldn’t help but get angry at the ones who destroyed her home

Zealot and Eros went to many planets and killed many Good Saiyans and they started to wonder if there weren’t any more left to kill but to their surprise, they got a call from their commander that there was one more planet left to check and so the 2 dark Saiyans agreed and flew at high speed to earth.
Meanwhile, at the makeshift Hideout, Layla was laying in bed sleeping when she woke up in fear which soon grew into anger as she sensed their energy and snuck out to face them
"Hours Later"
The dark Saiyans stopped over the forest so did Layla.
Zealot:-chuckling- looks like we haven't killed all of the good Saiyans yet.
Eros: which means we should take our time in killing this one, I love it when they scream.
Layla: what do you mean by all the good-
(Before she could speak the dark Saiyans charged at her sparing no time for talking she did the same as well.)

-The ground shook as the 3 fought on land and sky-

(she punched zealot to the ground then Eros instant transmissioned behind her and roundhouse kicked her through a tree)
Layla: augh!
Eros: say goodbye Saiyan -Eros charged up her final galick cannon-
Layla: oh no you don't! -Layla charged up a Kamehameha and-
(Layla fired the x5 Kamehameha's eros and eros fired final galick cannons Layla making the 2 beams clash)
Layla and Eros: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
(the 2 beams exploded sending the 2 Saiyans flying to opposite sides of the forest)
Layla:-rose up off the ground and Zealot regrouped with Eros helping her up-
Layla: Alright time to get serious HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
(zealot and Eros stood their ground as Layla transformed into a Super Saiyan 3)
zealot and Eros in unison: oooooh so you're playing that card huh?, well let's see how you will survive against this HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
(Zealot and Eros transformed into 2 Corrupted versions of both Super Saiyan 6 and 8)
zealot: tbh this is the 12th time we get to use these forms promise not to die too easily will you? we want this to last.
Eros: yes it would be super boring if we killed you with just a poke.
Layla: hmph *smirked* don't worry I won't but you 2 on the other hand -she instant transmissions behind Zealot Eros, then x7 Mach punched zealot through the trees and Mach 6 spin kicked Eros into the ground-
Zealot: *groan* w-what the heck!? -grunt- h-how did she!?.
Ero's: it's like she's— Uhhh— well I got no clue.
Zealot: you think it's time we stop holding back?.
Eros: uh-huh take a couple of hits and wait on my mark.
Layla: instant transmissions to zealot and beats him up
Eros: went behind her waiting for the right moment Layla: after beating him up I threw him at a tree and charged up a final flash aiming at Zealots' head
Eros: NOW!
-Eros kicked Layla in the spine and Zealot right hooked her to a tree-
Layla: ACK!
(she was stunned allowing the 2 to beat her to a pulp then dual Galick gun her through several trees)

(Layla returned to her base form laying on the ground groaning in pain bleeding & trying to get up)

Zealot: What a waste! You can’t even take us on at full power. Is this all you’ve got?

Layla: Just you wait any minute now I’ll get my strength back and you’ll be the ones on the ground -got up on my hands and knees then fell back down to the ground-
Eros: I don't think so little Saiyan your too weak to even stand and we can't let you live sooo. -Eros charged up a full power energy wave-
Zealot: -laughing- now this will be fun to see but I think I should join in, and hey you know what Eros?
Eros: what?
Zealot: just in case she doesn't die from your weak attack how about we just ki blast her a lot until she can't move. -the spam move thing-
Eros: promise to teach me how to transform into that Super Saiyan 8 thing and We can
Zealot: I promise now shall we vaporize this weak little Saiyan?.
-zealot said as he charged up a dark Kamehameha-
Eros: yes let's.
Zealot: W-Wait, I’m sensing something coming this way

Eros: Yeah. me too, but what could it augh! -before she could finish Eros was kicked in the gut making her kneel covering it-

Zealot: Eros!. -growled- why you!! DARKAMAEHAMEh--

-just before he could finish the mystery Saiyan teleported behind zealot backhanding Him into rocks-

-zealot groaned but got back up after a couple of seconds, so did Eros-

Eros: This power w-where is it....c-coming from?.

Zealot: IDK, but we can’t back down we must go all out.


-Eros yelled transforming into a dark super Saiyan 5 and So did Zealot as he transformed into a dark super Saiyan 9-


Mystery Saiyan: I’ll show you the true power of a Saiyan

-the mystery Saiyan transformed into a Super Saiyan god green then turned to look at Layla-

Mystery Saiyan: that’s the last time I take my eyes off you to sleep.

Layla: b-but I want to prove That I can beat up bad guys like them to prove to you and the others that I’m not A little kid anymore and so you that you stop trying to protect all the time and-

Mystery Saiyan: -Interrupted her- ENOUGH!!! - took a deep breath- just stay down while I deal with these 2 okay

Layla upset: okay...

-The 2 dark Saiyans and the mystery Saiyan charged at each other leading to a clash after that the mystery Saiyan did the solar flare move and while the dark Saiyans were blind she escaped with Layla-

Zealot: Grrrr she escaped with the Saiyan we almost killed!

Eros: calm down Zealot we'll get them next time, for now, we should find ourselves a place to rest and recover because we have 2 Saiyans to kill now -she said as she looked up into the sky-

(End of part 1) and I’m taking my time in making changes to the story so it can make sense to you guys in some way
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