My Last Year


It's Hermione and Draco's last year at Hogwarts and so far its looking miserable. They both get seated next to each other in Potions class and have to work together, but through out their time together in their classes, they develop feelings for each other.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It’s my last year in hogwarts and it has started out pretty miserable so far.

First, I find out that I have all the same classes with Draco, yes, Draco Malfoy. Second, Ron broke up with me because he says I’m “too pushy”. And third, is that I think I feel something for Draco.

But if Ron or Harry find out, I’m screwed, so for now I have to keep this to myself. The next day at class, professor Snape assigns me to sit next to Draco. Right when I sit down, Draco already seems depressed. I actually kinda feel bad for him because he has to obey his father like he’s some kind of house elf.

When I sit down, he mumbles, “Hello”. I say hello back and he glances over at me. I want to ask him what he’s looking at but, that would be rude so I just stay quiet.


This year at hogwarts is going to be the absolute worst ever!

First, Pansy broke up with me because she likes Blaise. Second, I have to sit next to the filthy mudblood, Hermione. And third, I got kicked off of the quidditch team because I’m failing my classes.

Maybe next time we have to take a bloody test, I cheat off of that mudblood I have to sit next to. Today in class, it looks like she’s trying to hard. She actually put on makeup! I want to say something to her about it but Weasley is eyeing me down like I’m a chocolate frog, because I keep glancing at Hermione.

So I pull out a piece of paper and start writing. Once I pull out the piece of paper I see Hermione glance over, she’s curious who I’m writing to.

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