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I Get To Love You (A Malec AU)

Packing Up His Life

As Alec Lightwood packed his last few belongings into a cardboard box, he sighed. These last few months had been a nightmare but after all his family had been through, he was still sad to be moving away from the place he called home. It wasn’t like he had to leave behind any friends, it was just he had grown attached to the bustling madness of Manhattan; the honking horns and the crazy streets.

Coming out of his reverie, he stuffed the final valuables into the box: the picture frame filled with his family’s smiling faces he had angrily broken after finding out about the deeds of his father, a worn, stuffed teddy bear that had been his for his whole life and a blue opal charm that matched the exact shade of his eyes that his sister Isabelle had given to him for his 13th birthday. He sealed the package and made to go out his bedroom door. He almost had a heart attack when Izzy burst in. She was wearing a tight, short dress with the Union Jack on it which he remembered one of the Spice Girls wore at some point and knee high blue stilettos. When she saw the shocked look on Alec’s face, she told him to “chill big bro” which he thought was a bit hard to do since his heart was racing at 100 miles per hour due to her interrupting his thoughts.

“Mum said to be down in 5,” his younger sister told him “Also, your room looks really bare without all the furniture and stuff on the walls.”

“I know. I just want to point out that that dress is way too short as well.” he chuckled inwardly. Izzy was always wearing ridiculously revealing outfits which made everyone stare at her perfect body.

She playfully slapped him then ran out the room. Alec always wondered how anyone could walk, yet alone run in shoes like those. He picked the pack up and walked out of the room, taking a final glance at his old room and closing the door behind him.

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