Agent, really far, Afloat

Chapter 2

Tony stared coolly at her. He knew that this was what was going to happen. ‘Director, as you well know, I am unable to provide you any with information on my current position.’ He replied politely.

‘I’m your boss Agent DiNozzo.’ She growled.

‘Then, you can find out where I am. Being the director, that means you have the appropriate security clearance.’ Tony had been told that she had been trying to cause problems for him. She did whatever she could to try and find out what he was doing.

‘What are you doing here, if you can’t tell me anything?’ Jenny asked tiredly. From what she had read Tony had always been stubborn, but after joining NCIS and Gibbs’ team, it got worse. Yes, he worked for NCIS, but he actually worked for Gibbs. If he had to choose and order to follow, baring anything that he felt was wrong, he would always takes Gibbs first.

’I thought since I was in town on ‘shore leave’ that it would be rude of me if I didn’t.′ Tony replied.

‘Very well you’ve seen me.’ Jenny watched as DiNozzo turned to leave. She hated the fact that someone believed he was good enough for this ‘secret position.’ On top of that everything she heard was that Tony had been doing a fantastic job. ‘Oh Agent DiNozzo, I just thought I would let you know that I’ve been keeping an eye on Agent Gibbs, personally. I didn’t want you to worry.’ Jenny smirked at him. In a way, she had been thrilled when DiNozzo had left. He was the one that actually had stopped her spending any time with Gibbs. He was the one that visited, and spent time with the older man outside of work. Jenny had been sure that as soon as he left, she and Gibbs could move forward. Things hadn’t worked out exactly how she had wanted them to. He remained professionally and kept her at a distance. She seriously hoped that Tony would say something this time, to push Gibbs away from him and towards her.

Tony gritted his teeth and said nothing. He knew that she was saying things to get under his skin, well he hoped she was. He smiled at Cynthia and made his way back to the bullpen. Gibbs and his team were gone. Tony hoped that it wouldn’t ruin tonight. He still had a time limit that he could be here in Washington and on Earth. That thought still made him chuckle.

Slowly he made his way out of the building; he had found out that Ducky and Abby were swamped. The last thing he wanted to do was to interrupt them. Just then his cell chimed out. He pulled it from his pocket and answered it.

‘Yes,’ he paused. ‘That’s correct. I can talk to Gibbs myself and explain things. I am sure he will understand. Of course, I won’t. Yes, I will. Goodbye.’ Tony grinned it was nice when people actually listened to him.


Gibbs sat and poked at the fire. He hoped Tony would make it tonight. When they had got back to the office, the younger man had already left. Since then Jenny had made odd remarks, comments about what Tony was doing, and what he was keeping from Gibbs. She had also been all over him; well that was what it felt like. It also felt very, very wrong. Just then there was a knock at the door. He looked up and frowned at it.

‘Come in.’ He called out.

The door opened and in walked a smiling Tony. ‘Hey, it’s been six months, so I wasn’t sure I could still walk right in.’

Gibbs chuckled. ‘DiNozzo, it hadn’t changed in all the years that you knew me. Do you honestly think a few months are going to do that?’

‘I thought because uhhhh you were busy.’ Tony stuttered, and Gibbs stared at him blankly. ‘Director Sheppard implied that the two of you had uhhhh rekindled your former relationship, so it was no longer uhhhh former.’ He babbled.

Gibbs just grinned at him, his eyes crinkling around their edges, and blue eyes twinkling. ‘I’ve missed you Tony, and no there has been no rekindling of anything. She has tried though.’

Tony just stared at him a little longer drinking in the sight of the man he loved. ‘I’ve missed you too boss. Well, be careful about her looks as if she’s planning another attack.’

‘Thanks for the heads up.’ Gibbs turned back to stare at the fire. He could hear and feel Tony move over to the couch and sit down. ‘So, you seem happy in your new job?’

‘Yeah, I genuinely am. They like the jokes, and the movie references. They see past the frat boy persona.’ Tony smiled as he thought about those on Atlantis.

‘I always saw past it as well.’

‘Yeah, you did Gibbs. So did Abby, Ducky, and Palmer. Unfortunately, the ones that I needed to see the real me, didn’t. I got tired of the comments, the snide remarks. I got tired of feeling stupid and incompetent. I know I am not a genius.’ Tony laughed.

‘What is it?’ Gibbs asked.

‘Where I work now, compared to them I am actually stupid. McGee isn’t close to being their smart either.’

‘I’m sorry Tony.’

Tony’s head shot around, so he was once again staring at Gibbs. ‘What for?’

‘When I came back and how I treated you. Even before that, I should have put my foot down a long time ago about McGee and David. You were my SFA; they shouldn’t have ever questioned your orders.’

‘It’s not all your fault, or theirs. I have to take some of the blame. I thought they saw past the mask, and the jokes. I thought I had earned their respect. I was wrong. That’s water under the bridge now.’

‘Tony…’ Before Gibbs could say anything else his cell rang. He pressed the answer button and listened to it.

Tony sat and watched him; he seriously hoped that was the case. When Gibbs placed his cell on the table, he turned to look at Tony.

‘Do you have a case?’ Tony asked his heart heavy.

‘Nope, Tony why do I have a top secret meeting tomorrow and why was I asked to talk to you?’ Gibbs asked, and he watched as Tony’s face went ashen.


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