Agent, really far, Afloat

Chapter 4

Tim turned to look at Abby. His face was full of sadness, and confusion. ‘What do you mean you’re leaving? You love this job.’ You could see the unspoken statement of you’re leaving me on his features.

‘I’ve been offered a job. It’s something I want to do, it’s an incredible opportunity.’ She answered softly. Abby didn’t want to hurt Tim, but she knew that she couldn’t tell him anything about what the opportunity was. She also didn’t want to play twenty questions either in case she gave something away. Abby was notoriously bad at that.

‘Where are you going?’ Tim demanded. He needed to know where she was going. That way he would be able to track her.

‘I can’t tell you that. You know we’re working with Tony. You know that we can’t tell you anything.’ She shrugged her shoulders in apology, but the excitement still ran through her green eyes. Abby also knew that if she gave him any kind of clue, and he tried to follow it. Tim could be in some very deep trouble.

‘Abby, when will I see you again, I thought that we…’ Tim waved a hand in between them. He truly believed that one day they would end up together. He thought that at some point they would be ready at the same time to have a relationship.

Abby snorted. ‘You thought that we what? Timmy when was the last time you saw me outside of work. All you do is talk about your books, and how skilled you are at being Gibbs’ SFA. How better at it you are, than Tony was.′ She reached out and took Tony’s hand. Abby hoped he knew that she didn’t think that way. ‘Can’t you see that Gibbs and I are tired? We don’t feel we belong here anymore.’

‘So you’re leaving because of Tony?’ Tim spat out everything seemed to revolve around DiNozzo. It always did. When he left the happiness, and the family feel seemed to have vanished. Tim had believed that he could have done what Tony did and more. He hated the fact that he felt like a failure.

‘No, I’m leaving because Tony knew what I could do and thought I would be perfect for the job. He thought that it would be something that I enjoyed. He was right. Timmy this has nothing to do with you. Gibbs and Tony both made sure that I was doing this for me, and I am.’ Abby tried to explain. She was going to move to another galaxy. How could she say no to that? Abby smiled as she thought about the case with the crop circles. How she had desperately wanted them to have been created by aliens, and now she was going to meet them. Her face shone with happiness and excitement.

‘What about you Jethro?’ Ducky asked. ‘Are you sure this is something you feel you need to do? I know how you feel about change.’

Gibbs took his time as he looked around at everyone, and then he finally stared at Tony as he spoke. ‘Things have not been the same for me.’ He turned back to the others. ‘I had been thinking about retiring. Then Tony came up with this job opportunity. I still wouldn’t be here even if there was no job to go to.’

‘I don’t understand why?’ Ziva asked. ‘What made things different with Tony here?’

‘Tony could always read me; know what I wanted even before I spoke.’ Gibbs smiled. ‘I missed his humour. It took away the edge of those difficult cases. I missed that. Since he has been gone I’ve felt as if I have aged twenty years.’

‘What about us?’ Ziva asked.

‘You’re fully functioning adults, who have their own lives. Tony was the only one that came to visit me outside of work. I think it is time I got my own life,’

‘How do we stay in touch with you?’ Tim asked.

Abby and Gibbs turned to look at Tony. He shrugged apologetically.

‘There is a PO Box that I can give you. The letters will be then forwarded to us. You won’t be able to contact us directly. No email, no cell, there will be no way of contacting us, absolutely nothing.’ He explained.

‘Agent Gibbs, can I please talk to you?’ A voice from above them called out.

They all turn to see the director who stood on the mezzanine. She never waited for a reply. She turned around and headed back to her office.

Gibbs shrugged his shoulders, and immediately went up the stairs to follow her.

Abby grinned brightly. She then hugged Tony, and spun around to head off to the lift. ‘I need to start finishing paperwork. I don’t have long before we leave. I have to do a hand over.’

Tim followed straight behind her. He knew that he would be able to get her to talk to him.

Tony grinned as he watched her leave. The smile left his face as he looked back at the stairs. He didn’t like the fact that Jenny had wanted to speak to Gibbs privately. He wondered what she would do to persuade him to stay. It was obvious that she had a thing for him, no matter what she said. Her body language and eyes gave her away every single time.


‘You wanted to see me Director.’ Gibbs’ voice was extremely polite.

Her eyes narrowed into thin slits. Her jaw tightened as she tried to remain calm.

‘I want to discuss this transfer you have requested.’ Jenny smiled as she seductively walked towards him. Her hips gently swayed as she made her way over. ‘Jethro, I’m not sure that I can allow you to do that. There is no one we have a short notice that can fill your position.’ Her voice was sickly sweet.

Gibbs raised an eyebrow as she slowly got closer. ‘You don’t have the power to stop me. If, by some remote chance you did. Then I would simply hand in my notice.’ He sighed. ‘As I told the others I was thinking of retiring. I can’t do this here anymore.’

Jenny was finally stood in front of him. She slid a hand up his chest so that it finally ended up gently holding onto his neck. ‘I can make things easier for you.’ With that she pulls him down and into a kiss.

Gibbs felt their lips touch, and he felt nothing. Beautiful green eyes full of merriment and mischief flashed in his mind. A smile so luminous it took his breath away, he knew who he wanted, and it wasn’t a redhead. He pulled back and looked down in Jenny’s face. He could see that she truly believed that she had won, and he was going to stay over that one little kiss.

‘Director, this is sexual harassment. If you ever do it again, I’ll make sure that you never have a job in a position of power again.’ Gibbs grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away.

‘Jethro, we were so good together, don’t you remember?’ She whispered huskily, a dark erotic chuckle followed.

‘We were, and then you left so you could move ahead in your career. What is it Jenny? Have you realised it is not as fulfilling as you thought? You want the whole cake, and to be able to eat it? Sorry that isn’t going to happen, not with me anyway.’ Gibbs ignored the angry look she shot him as he turned and left the office. Knowing that he was actually leaving, he felt as if a weight had been lifted off him, and he could finally breathe.


‘Abby you can’t go.’ Tim tried again to try and persuade her to stay.

She turned and looked at him with confusion. ‘Why can’t I?’

‘Who’ll keep an eye on you? You hate change.’

‘Who’ll keep an eye one me? Seriously, well first of all I am an adult who can take care of herself. Do you remember Chip? He had a knife on me, and I still beat him. Gibbs and Tony are going to be there with me, and the new friends I make. I know I hate change, but this opportunity is something I can’t say no to. I know you’re going to miss me, but this is my choice. I am not going to change my mind Timmy. You’d better go; I do have a lot of work to do.’


Tony sat down and wrote down the contact details of an estate agents, storage places, and things like that. It was the things he had done before he had left. He had no idea if Gibbs was going to keep or rent out his house. The decision was his, and Tony was sure that Ducky would help out if he needed to. He could feel Ziva as she sat and watched him. It didn’t take long before she walked over to where he was.

‘I know why you left Tony.’ She informed his smoothly.

Tony looked up at her and grinned. ‘Really and why did I leave exactly?’

‘You left because of how you felt about me. You’re in love with me, and you know I could never feel that way about you.’ Ziva smirked at him as she sat on the corner of the desk he was at.

‘Ahhh my little assassin you are so wrong. I left because even as senior field agent I got no respect. I got tired of being treated like I was an idiot, which I’m not. You and McGee took great pains in telling me how amused you were by my being demoted. I had to leave for me. You two were destroying my soul. I was never in love with you, not romantically. You might see yourself as Mata Hari, but you aren’t. I know that you are going to think what you want to anyway. I have found a home, it’s crazy, but it is full of extraordinary people.’ Tony smiled to himself as the thought of Atlantis.

Ziva frowned at him. She had always thought he wanted her. That had been in love with her. She had never had problems seducing people, and making them fall for her before. She shook her head. Tony was obviously trying to fool her. He did have feelings for her.


Tony waited outside the restaurant for Gibbs and Abby. The day had dragged on. He had Tim, Ziva and Jenny all glaring at him. They did anything and everything to try and slow down the departure of Gibbs and Abby. It did show how much they had actually cared about him. They let him go without a fight. No matter what they did though Gibbs and Abby were not budging, come hell or high water the two of them were leaving.

‘Hey Tony.’ Abby greeted him cheerfully, her arm through Gibbs. ‘I’m sorry about today. I didn’t think they would act that way towards you.’

Tony chuckled sadly. ‘It happened before today Abs. That was one of the reasons I left.’

‘I’m so sorry Tony.’ She sniffed and wrapped her arms around him.

‘It all turned out for the best though. I love where I am now, and I know you will. Both of you.’ He said that last part to Gibbs.

‘Let’s go and get something to eat.’ Gibbs didn’t want to get into that. He would have to explain that he was fighting guilt over the death of his family, and the feelings he had for his senior field agent.

Tony nodded and opened the restaurant door. When they were inside he looked around, and smiled as soon as he spotted him.

‘You’re late.’ The man muttered as he bit into a breadstick.

‘I’m five minutes late Rodney. It’s not the end of the world.’ Tony gave him a bright grin.

‘You’re not funny, you know that right.’ That was when Rodney looked at the two strangers. ‘Who are they?’

‘Rodney, I know it is difficult for you to take notice of things that are outside your little world. Please try, for me. This is Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and Abby Sciuto. They are coming to work with us.’

Rodney carefully eyes the strangers, trying to figure them out. ‘Leroy Jethro really.’ He snorted.

‘Yes Meredith.’ Tony replied and ignored Rodney’s death glare. ‘Gibbs, Abs this is Dr Rodney McKay, my best friend.’


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