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[COMPLETE] "You couldn't make me orgasm 20 times if you tried." "Wanna take that bet baby?" Two very famous Pornstars get put together by their management to film a porno Series. ©DADDVJEON Start: 20/04/20 Finish: 22/05/20 #1 VKOOK [WATTPAD ORIGINATED ©DADDVJEON] 200k+

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"Jimin!! Turn on the tv right now!" Taehyung ordered as he sprinted into the lounge holding his phone barging in on a poor Jimin looking up to him with puppy eyes and noodles hanging from his mouth.

"The fuck Tae calm your tiddies." He muffled whilst chewing.

Taehyung grabbed the remote and switched it to another Channel.

"Holy shit dancing Hamsters!"

"Yesssssss!" Taehyung laughed as he sat beside his roommate slash best friend.

Taehyung checked his watch briefly, double scanning it before shooting up, Jimin getting flung to the other side of the sofa in the process.

"You're too energetic for me, get out." Jimin snarled pointing at the door.

"I have work, I have work I have work, I forgot. For gods sakes Jimin this is all your fault and your fucking hamsters!"
Taehyung chanted whilst hoping up and down on one leg attempting to pull his ripped jeans up stripping off his sweatpants.

"You were literally the one that turned it on dumbass."
Jimin said fed up as he took his noodle bowl to the kitchen.

Taehyung ran through the kitchen grabbing a lingerie set from his closet just incase and went straight to the door, shouting "BYEE JIMINIE LOVE YOU!"

"Love you too dork." Jimin scoffed.

Taehyung was speed walking down the New York City pavement, pushing through the crowds literally squishing lingerie into a ball under his phone, soaking it with sweat beads from his hands before he was met with a building, a very tall building, mirrored glass covering it from top to bottom with a name sign on the roof, he pushed himself to the fancy glass revolving doors before gathering himself, making his appearance look a little sexier and fluffing his hair.

He was met by the receptionist waiting by the door, "Hey Tae, you have a meeting with your boss upstairs first door to the right."
She persuasively chewed gum, twirling her brunette locks between her fingers, pushing her thighs together and sticking out her chest.

"Umm, thank you chesyoung..." he spoke, questioning why she's trying so hard as she clearly knows he's the biggest gay porn star in the country.

He rushed up the elevator and straight into the room, pushing the lingerie into his back pocket.

"M-mr Jeongsu you needed to see me?"

"Oh yes, take a seat Taehyung." He smiled, gesturing to the seat on the other side of the business table.

"Taehyung, I've called you here today to give you a new job schedule."

"Oh brilliant I love new jobs! Is it an episode? A film? Who's the actor?"

"Well... your partner should make an entrance soo-"

His boss was cut off by a small old man walking in and sitting beside him before shaking his hand, Taehyungs eyes immediately shot open in discomfort.

"Mr. Jeongsu nice to accompany you today." He smiled.

"As for you ketanu."

"Taehyung, this is ketanu, he is Your partners management visual and boss." Taehyung sighed in relief, that he didn't have to get fucked by an old man.

"Good morning Taehyung, Jeongguk will be arriving any second now."

"Oh wait... jeongguk?"

"Yes! I know he's brilliant isn't he, I'm very proud of our star."

"I've heard of him, he was threatening my place as top star of the country."

"Oh yes... well, anyways you two will be doing it together." He smiled innocently, rambling a little, kinda sweating too.

The door then opened, entering a supposed jeongguk, he didn't even look too bad, he wore casual attire a black shirt and black ripped jeans, yet still pulled it off like a fashion nova model, his hair swept to the side a bit, making Taehyung daze at him as if he was in slow motion on baywatch, watching as his tattooed fingers went up to his hair only to brush it back, exposing his soft forehead, his fingers brushing past his dangling silver earrings. He was then met by an arrogant smirk from the others perfect face, causing Tae to break from his chance.

"Jeongguk sit beside Taehyung and we will explain how this will go." Ketanu gestured.

"So boys, you're both oblivious to what we will be doing, but I need to ask first, you're okay with working together yes? No queries? I don't want to know if you are sexually attracted to eachother, or can't do this because you've fallen in love or some shit and it would be wrong blah blah, I don't care about that soppy crap, are you okay right now for what's coming?" The boss spoke, earning a swift nod from both boys, jeongguk leaning back in his chair from satisfaction lifting one leg over his other feeling the others power bottom vibes radiating off his left side.

"Okay, you will both be doing a series."

"Wait what?! A whole series?! What do you think we are! Animals?! Who would want to see that!" Taehyung blabbed.

"Taehyung hush I will explain..."

Taehyung leant back in his chair sighing in defeat listening to the others absurd 'explanation'. Jeongguk silently laughing at the others tantrum.

"So ever since the nation had to vote their top favourite porn stars of 2019, they took interest in the top two, you and Jeongguk. Then fandoms started growing and now pretty much the whole country ships you both, and investors are willing to pay millions to watch not just a film nor episode, a whole series. You will be doing this for a month, it will be a wide range of sexual activities each episode not just constant casual sex. You will also do live streams, we've made it clear that you are not an item to the paparazzi, however they agreed to shut up with the whole shipping if they get this programme. There is a sheet here explaining what you will be doing, you must sign at the bottom for legal references... okay?"

Taehyung grabbed the sheet and scanned down it.

Seeing loads of activities, the things that popped out at him were:

•Vanilla sex x2
•Rough sex x2
•Food play
•Teasingly Touching
•Teeth Undressing
•Orgasm 20 Times Challenge
•And Threesome with an extra.
It was at this moment she knew she had to say goodbye to her old innocent life.

"R-rimjob?! You seriously want him to lick my ass?! And what the fuck are you doing with food play?! What he's gonna lick stuff off my bod- oh." Taehyung shut up quickly.

Jungkook snickered earning a glare from the elder.

"Look..." he put the paper down and turned to Taehyung. "We're not doing this because it's fun, we're doing this Becuase it's our job and it's the only thing to shut down fandoms."

"Yeah whatever, I don't want him anywhere near my ass. Let alone let him lick it! And he couldn't make me orgasm 20 times even if he wanted to." Taehyung crossed his arms.

"Sure about that? Wouldn't be the first time, nor the second nor the fifth actually..."

Taehyung shot his head at Jungkook with wide eyes, heating up very quickly before hurriedly turning back to his boss, kinda flustered.

The boss laughed, "Taehyung it's highly requested for the rimjob... if we let that stay you can choose another thing to knock off the list."

Taehyungs eyes lit up, he put his finger on one.

"I am not letting him eat me out."

"Taehyung that's going with the rimjob, it's a no brainier."

Taehyung sighs...

"There's nothing else that looks terrible."

"Even the fingering? You seem very protective of your ass." Jeongguk looked at him surprised.

"Believe it or not shrimp dick, I'm used to having fingers shoved up my ass unlike you, who tops now adays anyways." Taehyung sassed, Jeongguk couldn't help but laugh at his childlike nature.

"Okay guys the meeting is over, your first episode is tomorrow, Taehyung I want you to wear this..." he showed a lingerie set on the lightboard, making Tae gasp and Jeongguk couldn't hide the smirk creeping up slowly.

"Oh and also! The rules; Taehyung, you're not allowed to scream too loud, but you have to moan, and jeongguk you're not allowed to give him hickies."

"What no!! What am I gonna do just kiss his neck? No!"

"Taehyung it's up to you."

"Fine if he's gonna whine about it." He muttered whilst signing the papers.

Jeongguk smirked proudly and signed second.

"Okay we will see you both tomorrow." The two bosses stood up and walked out leaving the porn stars alone.

Taehyung got up and walked off, however Jeongguk grabbed his arm and pulled him back swiftly leaning into his ear whispering;
"One, my dick is far from a shrimp, as you will see soon and two if there were no tops anymore... who else would pin you down and make you scream huh?" He laughed dry and raspy sounding sexier than ever, slowly nibbling Taehyungs ear making the elder hold in his moans. Before jeongguk straightened his posture and walked out simply leaving a blushing boy in the room feeling as if he could melt into a puddle any second.

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