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Normal girl Emily has her world turned upside down after the loss of her father, now in a completely different country away from all her friends she is having to go back to the last year of school and retake her exams. Being the eldest in her year at 18 years old, having a rebellious attitude towards everyone and everything after her mother made her move away. Then comes her new English teacher Mr Taylor. Young and handsome with with a disregard for any trouble makers in his class. At 24 years old and being dumped with a baby he had no idea he was having. Life couldn't get any worse, the he meets the new student Emily who is stubborn, head strong and trouble. Will Mr Taylor be able to control the trouble maker or will she walk all over him like she does the rest? Read to find out! Romance and sexual content. 18+ only

Romance / Erotica
Becky Roberts
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Come on Emily pull your self together!

Straing back from the mirror is a washed out 17 year old who has a birds nest for hair, black rings for eyes and blotchy pale skin.

" God I look awful"

6 months ago I was a happy 17 year old girl in her final year of school about to take my exams and live a full happy life. Dad was off in another 6 month tour of some country at war, while mum was in day dream land of shopping and dealing with her company from hundreds of miles away.

You see my mother Amber Rose was actually an American who met and married my dad John Edward Tate over 20 years ago then moved to England to be with my dad and his family.
Before she left the United States my mother had started a business called Amber Rose child facilities which in the past 18 years had become a major business in her home town/ city.

Everything was just splendid till we had a messenger to our London town house with a telegram to reveal that my father was killed in action. That's when life came crashing down. My mother broke, she pulled me out of a school just before my exams for mourning my dad. Over the past 6 months she has been away with the fairies and to be completely honest I think she has gone mental..

Anyways.... back to today, like I said I look awful... dull brown hair knotted so bad it doesnt look like i have combed it in forever, tired sleep deprived eyes with huge black bags and for my skin well I look like a vampire I haven't been aloud out of the house only with my mother to collect groceries and back again no wonder I'm so pale.

" Emily please come straight down here!" Mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Making my way down as soon as I could to stop her getting agitated I find her at the dining table with papers scattered everywhere.

" what's up mom" I breathed I knew I said the wrong thing as it left my mouth she hated being called mom, she preferred mother.

" sit down I need to talk to you it is very important." My mother scowled letting me know not to be difficult which I have been for the past 5 months. Lashing out at people and causing trouble.

I sat opposite her and got comfy for what she was about to tell me as you never know with my mother this convo could actually take a while.

" Emily listen to me and I want no definance on this everything I tell you is going to happen and it will happen fast so dont get any ideas about changing it as you can't...I have sold the house and all the cars. We also have to pack all the things in the house we would like to keep and box them up ready to go."

I was still sitting there listening not really understanding what the hell she was chatting on about till she continued and dropped the bomb on me.

"I have already brought a house and both of us cars back in my home town I have all the correct paperwork filled out and signed off. We have 24 hours to pack up our belongings and be at the airport ready to catch our flight. We are moving to America so I can be closer to family on my side. There is nothing left for us here anymore and I want to go home."

Shock, disbelief, anger and rage filled me all in one go how the hell could she do this without telling me or even discussing it.

"No way in hell am I moving what about my life and my friends? I raved at her with an emotion I couldn't control anymore. My anger was getting worse.

Anyways....So its 3 weeks till my 18th birthday, we have packed moved and unpacked into the new home in America, the house is huge and I now own a top of the range Audi RS in black while my mother has the same in Red. She is seriously splashing the cash.

Tomorrow I start school again which I dread as my mother wants me to graduate then ship me off to college. I will be a year older than everyone in my year and also the new girl. Probably wont help I also have a different accent to them all and I'm pale as hell as you know I'm from England where the weather is shit 95% of the time.

I'm currently in my room picking out an outfit for tomorrow. Mother has informed me I dont have to wear a uniform like I did back home i wear what i like. She has gone to the stores to pick up some supplies for my first day back in education then were off to Amber Rose child facilities as mum is signing me up as one of the baby sitters as she says its time I start earning my own money and learning the business. Which sucks as shes making me start right at the bottom where she first started off.

3 hours later....
I have finally filled in all the paperwork to be an official baby sitter with Amber Rose CF. I already have a diary with clients in it and texts coming through to my mobile with information on each child I will be caring for so far I have 2 children to look after this week and I have only been in the country 4 days.

Back home I get all my stuff ready for school in the morning then get into bed and watch Netflix. If I were home I'd still be out with all my friends partying it up. I miss home do much already especially having no one to talk to of my own age and not family related...


waking up to the bloody alarm on a Monday morning sucks. I shouldn't even have to go to school at my age but thanks to mother pulling me out when dad died made me miss all the exams I needed to actually get into college so now I have to start the whole year again..

I stretch out and get up out of bed heading straight for the ensuite to do my morning ritual shower, teeth and dry hair.

I dress in a pair of skinny black Jeans, white tank top black waterfall cardi and some black ankle boots. I style my light brown hair in soft curl that reach down my back and Start applying make up to my crystal blue eyes. I. dont actually wear alot of make up as my skin is usually clear and if I say so myself I have a great complexion with Is finally back after I have been here and actually cared what I look like.

I have pancakes and syrup for breakfast with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Grabbing my car keys I head out to the local coffee shop on my way to school I'm craving a caramel latte.

As I walk into the coffee shop there are not many people around a cute guy with blonde hair and green eyes stares at me as I walk in. Gotta say hes kind of cute. So I give him a smile as I join the que behind a guy with broad muscular sholders ina tight fitted black pressed shirt with some tight fitted black pants which shows off his sexy ass. He has dark tousled hair the kind you just want to run your hand through it. His arms flex showing off strong arm muscles. From behind you know this guy is a looker.. after hes finished ordering he steps aside to reveal dreamy grey/ blue eyes a strong jaw with a slight stubble, straight nose and deliciously kissable lips. Gotta say hes like something sent from heaven I was that dazzled my him I didnt hear the dorky looking guy behind the counter asking what I wanted. The god like man beside me then smirked and pointed to the dorky coffee shop worker.

Snapping out of my daze I sent him an apologetic smile.

" Sorry please can I have a caramel latte to go please no sugar or sweeteners thankyou"

Before I got chance to pay the hottie next to me said " please add that to my account Jake"

Both me and Jake stare at mr hottie with shocked expressions
" oh that's ok I can get my own thanks"

" no please Jake add it to my account. So how long have you been in the USA?"

Was this guy actually talking to me must just be my accent hot guys like this never talk to plain simple Jane's like me.

" 4 days. A long ass 4 days" I couldn't help the last bit I added didnt mean for it to come out but oh well I'm never gonna see this guy again so I dont really care. At that minute Jake put my latte on the counter so I picked it up held it up to mr hottie said "thanks" sounds on my heel and walked back out to my car to head off to school. So here goes. This is gonna be a long ass year of doing the same shit as last year except this time I have no friends to do it with.....

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