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Chapter 2

Ryan Taylor's pov.

Waking up at stupid o'clock again to a screaming baby is getting tiresome. 4 weeks now it's been the same every bloody day.

4 weeks ago I was the total player who had nothing to worry about. I have my own house thanks to my grandmother who was loaded of course and brought it me for my 21st birthday 3 years ago. I have my own car, I'm currently with the local high school teaching English. Then boom all changed when a girl came knocking my door. I hadn't seen Racheal for nearly a year. We had a one night stand and that was it I never heard or saw her again till she showed up on my door step. She then decided to ruin my life by letting me know I was a dad to a week old baby girl who she named Ruby May Taylor and I was to be taking care of her from now on as she didnt want her and was leaving for Australia the same day. I was shocked to hell and had my brother Adam who is a doctor come straight away to do a DNA test on the baby girl. I was livid she hadn't told me about the baby to begin with. Racheal had unload box after box of baby stuff into my house then said she was going to call her father to come over to explain. That's all we got ahead didnt come back in after she stepped out to make her phone call she vanished and I haven't heard anything since.
The DNA results cam back that Ruby was actually my child so I had an obligation to look after her. Bonding is still ongoing and as you can imagine it's not going too well.
Luckily iv hired a company called Amber Rose child facilities to take car of Ruby while I at work and theh also supplie baby sitters for when I would like to go out. A little like tonight it's my best mates stag do and I'm all over that. Not being with another women in 4 weeks since Ruby arrived im a little stressed and in need of a release.

After dropping Ruby off to the day care centre I called at the local coffee shop, while waiting for my order a women with that most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. Soft full pouty lips and the most perfect curvy slim body you could imagine was ordering her drink. I was amazed by her silky hair and energy radiating off of her. After she finished working at me I gave her a cheeky smirk and told Jake the lad from the coffee shop to put it on my account. Yeah yeah I know I'm here at least 2 times a day so they gave me an account so I only have to pay monthly instead of each vist. After the sexy women left I couldn't help but watch her walk away with her hips swaying and noticing how fabulous her ass looked in them tight jeans. Gotta say my trousers felt tight immediately. Grabbing my drink I headed out and got myself to work before I was late but all the drove there and my first 3 periods I couldn't get the sexy little bitch out my head. She was banging and the thoughts of what I would do to her if she were here now was out of this world...

Anyways back to 4th period and another group of students started slowly coming into the room. First day back to school sucks when you have all new students and have to get to know them all and try to remember there names.
As the room filled up it was the same as last year all the cheerleader think there hot types came to sit at the front of the class, start flirting and flicking ther hair at me. This is just something I had to get used to I wasnt affected by there girls in the least I just wanted to get work out the way and get out of here. As tonight I was gonna go out for the first time in weeks.

As the last couple of students came in I was looking towards the door when there she stood the sexy little bitch from this morning came swanning into my class and took a seat at the back. Not once did she look my way so she obviously didnt realise that i was here new English teacher. But fuck me she was only a student in high school how could this be she looked so much older than the little girls sitting in front of me trying to get my attention.
All I could think was I am totally screwed.

I welcomed the class and as I did her eyes shot straight to mine with her beautiful eyes open wide and her eye brows raised.
Yeah she had noticed who I was. So i had to send her my killer cheeky smirk.
I started calling out all the names I had on a welcome sheet that had been give to me as I got nearer the end of the list and most people had already raised there hands to let me know who they were I finally got the name I wanted, Emily Tate. She raised her hand not even looking my way. So now I knew the sexy little bitch was Emily.

After continuing with the lessons and coming to an end i called out 3 names to stay behind 2 of which I just couldn't stand as they had been playing on a mobile during my lesson which I let slide this time as it was first day back but they would not get away with that shit with me again.

"Josh, Callum and Emily please stay behind after class" both Josh and Callum knew what the problem was while Emily just rolled her eyes and started packing her stuff up.

After callum and Josh had stood in front of the desk and I'll told them never to pull that shit with there phones in my lesson again as I.wasnt gonna take that shit they left and after I looked back to where Emily was still sat in her seat leaning back staring at me with disinterest.

So I made my way over and perched on the dest on front of her then looked down at her. God she was beautiful and sexy but how could I still be thinking this when she was my student.

"So Emily... of a shit 4 days in the USA. Hows your first day of school going?"

" fine I guess not that your really interested in how my day is going"

" Not really no. But i was wondering why you were having a really bad 4 days of only being in the area surely can't be that bad as you made out this morning"

" not that it's any of your business but how would you feel after being took from your home country by your selfish mother, moved half way around the world to somewhere you know no one and then made to redo your last year at school for her pulling you out when you were about to take exams.... huh nothing to say no well let me tell you It fucking sucks being a year older than everyone in your year being 3 weeks away from 18 years old and having to come back to school which I hated the first time of doing it..... goodbye Mr Taylor" she stood up Immediately and stormed out the room.

Well that shut me up and obviously explained alot about her looking older than all the other students which are only 16 going on 17. Looks like I also gotta apologise which I hate doing cuz I really feel bad now.
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